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Fae Bulkhead and Wheeljack totally adopted Miko when she got lost in the forrest after running away from home as a child. Shes immidiently attatched to Bulkhead, and is always climbing on him to ride on the top of his head. He loves his tiny human daughter, and bonds with her greatly over some Fae like sport. Wheeljack meanwhile just smirks at the way his child is behaving, and has started to train Miko to wield some dangerous weapons. Bulkhead is not so amused xD

Oh my gosh!  I love this idea!  Thank you for giving me the excuse to design fae Bulkhead and Wheeljack!  XD  

I can see Miko being in an orphanage as a kid and eventually having to run away into the woods because she finally picked one fight too many.  Luckily Wheeljack has no problem teaching her how to channel her aggression in the form of close quarters combat.  She’s also very creative so Bulkhead will often provide her with with different materials for her craft projects or teach her how to play fae instruments.