robotic companions

Things that are Known and Accepted in the ARMS universe but never Questioned:

  • There are ninjas and a Ninja College/University
  • One ninja decides to join an international sports competition as his Senior Project
  • People aren’t born with ARMS but instead just ‘wake up’ one day and have them
  • One boy decides to join an international sports competition after he wakes up with them and says “I was shocked at first, but they’re pretty rad.”
  • Nobody knows where ARMS originated or why people get them and any attempts at trying to figure it out are thwarted by an invisible force
  • An international corporation accidentally creates a synthetic being while trying to solve this mystery
  • The synthetic being decides to join an international sports competition
  • A long dead man wakes up as a un-dead mummy
  • The un-dead mummy decides to join an international sports competition to try and find his lost (and assumed also dead) family
  • There are security bots that have robot dog companions
  • A security bot and his robot dog companion decide to join an international sports competition as a single fighter and it’s allowed
  • An A-List actress decides to join an international sports competition using her hair as ARMS
  • Snakeboarding
  •  A Snakeboarder decides to join an international sports competition that isn’t Snakeboarding to increase the viewership of his live-streams
  •  Snakeboarding live-streams
  • A young girl genius builds a mech-suit for the purpose of joining an international sports competition like her favorite pop-star idol
  • One of the competitors in an international sports competition is a pop idol singer
  • A girl with noodle ARMS decides join an international sports competition to promote her parents’ ramen shop 

Introducing three new fighters entering the ARMS arena!

  • Twintelle: An A-list movie star, Twintelle utilizes her signature curls that are long enough to be weaponized!
  • Byte & Barq: The 2-in-1 tag team! The security robot, Byte, and his robotic canine companion, Barq, fight together as a pair! 
  • Kid Cobra: The charismatic Snakeboarder, Kid Cobra is battling to help increase viewership of his livestreams!

Hello, Adventurers! It’s been awhile, and you may have noticed some changes, including the title of this comic. Yes, the subtext has become text, and I’ve decided to move away from the strip-form to a longer, memoirish format - for now anyway, we’ll see how long this experiment lasts! (It took an annoyingly long time to put this particular comic together, so it might not be long…) And part of the shift includes giving my comic project the name I had saved for my half-written memoir.

I’m still talking about asexuality, still making jokes about my hopeless romanticism, still drawing anthropomorphic representations of my virginity - just with a monochromatic color scheme and a bit more truth.

I hope those of you who have enjoyed my comics so far will still like what’s to come for YOU’LL NEVER SEE ME NAKED.

Podcast rec list

My old podcast rec/request list is still getting notes so I figured I’d make a new list with everything I’ve downloaded since then. Favourites are italicized*.

For updates, please check @insomniac-podcaster.

Audio drama (Fantasy)

  • Alba Salix, Royal Physician* - Follows trials and tribulations of Farloria’s head witch of the House of Healing, Alba Salix. It is a 6-part mini-series (+ bonuses) with no future episodes currently planned.
  • The Behemoth -  15-year-old Madyson tells the story of the Behemoth, a large, lumbering beast that has emerged from the waters off of Cape Cod. It will be a 20-part mini-series.
  • Hello From the Magic Tavern - An improv comedy podcast hosted by Arnie, a man who accidentally passed through a portal into the land of “Foon”. Every week Arnie interviews patrons of the Vermilion Minotaur tavern including monsters, wizard, and adventurers.

Audio drama (Horror)

  • Alice Isn’t Dead* - A truck driver searches across America for the wife she had long assumed was dead, encountering not-quite-human serial murderers, towns literally lost in time, and a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman along the way. This podcast is produced by the same people who brought you Welcome to Night Vale.
  • Archive 81 - These are the recovered tapes of missing archivist Daniel Powell, posted by a well-meaning friend hoping to locate him.
  • Help Me - Nicole investigates the mysterious death of her friend Olivia and possible link to a dangerous entity. It is a 15-part mini-series with no future episodes currently planned.
  • Limetown* - Radio host Lia Haddock investigates the sudden disappearance of the residents of Limetown. It is a 7-part mini-series (+ bonuses) with future seasons (and possibly a TV show) in the works.
  • Return Home - Jonathan Baker returns to his home town after being contacted by a mysterious entity. Episodes are broken up into multiple parts aired every week, with breaks between episodes.

Audio drama (Pseudo-radio show)

  • The Black Tapes* - (horror) A weekly radio show hosted by Alex Reagan that investigates unsolved paranormal phenomenon documented by the Strand Institute. They also produce TANIS.
  • The Message* - (sci-fi) Nicky Tomalin documents the work of a team of cryptologists as the attempt to decipher an alien message. It is an 8-part mini-series.
  • Good Morning Zakera Ward - (sci-fi, Mass Effect) A morning radio show set in the Mass Effect universe. It is an 11-part series that appears to have ended abruptly, but is still worth a listen if you’re a fan of the games.
  • King Falls AM - (sci-fi/fantasy) A late-night talk show from quaint town of King Falls that is frequently interrupted by peculiar happenings and paranormal events.
  • TANIS - (horror) A docu-drama series hosted by Nic Silver exploring the myth and conspiracy of Tanis. They also produce The Black Tapes.
  • Welcome to Night Vale - (cosmic horror)  Community radio updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events.

Audio drama (Sci-Fi)

  • ars PARADOXICA* - A journey through spacetime and the Cold War with Dr. Sally Grissom, a physicist send back in time when an experiment goes awry.
  • The Bright Sessions* - The recorded therapy sessions of Dr. Bright, who provides support for patients with unusual talents. ((It’s more of a paranormal drama that a true sci-fi)).
  • The Bunker - A breakfast radio show broadcast back in time to us from the post-apocalyptic year 2414. It’s a 12-part mini-series, and the developers are currently working on another sci-fi series that will be titled Mars Corp.
  • EOS 10* - The adventures of two maladjusted doctors, their medical team, and a hypochondriac ex-prince aboard an intergalactic travel hub.
  • Kakos Industries - Corporate announcements for Kakos Industries, a corporation dedicated to helping you ‘do evil better’.
  • Liberty - Tales from Atrius, a colony cut off from humanity and racked by civil war, and the surrounding lawless expanse known as the Fringe. It consists of multiple mini-series.
  • Sayer - Acclimate to life on Earth’s man-made second moon, Typhon, with the assistance of the self-aware AI SAYER.
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour - A podcast in the style of an old-timey radio show consisting of the regular sub-series ‘Sparks Nevada: Marshall on Mars’ and ‘Beyond Belief’ as well as other segments.
  • Wolf 359*** - Follows the crew of the U.S.S. Hephaestus Research Station as they orbit around the red dwarf Wolf 359. This is my all-time favourite series - you should be downloading it right now… unless you’ve already heard it in which case you should definitely treat yourself and listen to it again.


  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History - As the title implies, this is really hardcore history. Episodes are exceedingly well-researched and is surprisingly easy to listen to considering the density of the subject matter.
  • Lore - A podcast examining myths and folktales alongside the true dark stories that either inspired or arose from them. A chilling listen that also has a TV show in the works.
  • Myths and Legends - Re-tellings of both popular and obscure legends that make them very accessible to a modern audience (i.e. people like me who DON’T read Beowulf in it’s original Old English for fun in their free time).
  • Sleep With Me* - Honestly, I have no idea what this podcast is actually about because Ackerman’s ramblings are so soothing I’m usually asleep shortly after turning it on. If you have insomnia and problems falling asleep to silence (like myself), this is a must-download - it’s more engaging that rain/wave/whale noises but you don’t have to worry about missing anything.


  • Escape Pod - Every episode consists of a sci-fi short story from a variety of sub-genres, and they are generally 30-60 minutes in length. If you enjoy Escape Pod, also check out their fantasy (PodCastle) and horror (PseudoPod) podcasts.
  • The NoSleep Podcast - Narrations of short horror stories posted to the NoSleep reddit board. It’s featured horror stories for every squick and trigger imaginable so be careful with this one if you aren’t into hardcore horror, and definitely heed the warnings at the beginnings of episodes.

True Crime

  • Serial - I don’t think it’s possible to be a podcast fan and not have (at the very least) heard about Serial. If you haven’t listened to it yet, definitely give it a go - there’s a reason it was at the top of the (Canadian) iTunes store for close to a year. It’s produced by ‘This American Life’, which is another professionally-produced podcast worthy of downloading.
  • Someone Knows Something - A series produced by CBC that examines unsolved cases of missing or murdered individuals.
  • Thin Air Podcast - Two English majors investigate cold cases by examining evidence and interviewing people involved with the original investigation.

Pending - I either haven’t started these or haven’t listened to enough to categorize them, but most have been rec’d by multiple sources so check them out!

  • A New Winter - A first-hand account of the unsolved murders and disappearances of 25 people in a small UK village.
  • The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga - (audio drama - sci-fi) An epic post-apocalyptic saga set in a world ravaged by fossil fuel scarcity.
  • Greater Boston - An audio drama set in Boston that blends the real and the unreal, the historical and the fantastical.
  • Hadron Gospel Hour - (audio drama - sci-fi)A sci-fi comedy/adventure following a duo of scientists stranded ouside of spacetime in the Hadron Bunker.
  • Jim Robbie and the Wanderers - (audio drama - sci-fi) Follows two female musicians travelling surreal America with their robot companion, Jim Robbie.
  • Monster Talk - (informational) Examines the science behind cryptozoological and legendary monsters. 
  • The Night Blogger - (audio drama - paranormal) It appears to follow blogger Brian Foster’s encounters with the paranormal.
  • Our Fair City - (audio drama - sci-fi) A campy (their words), post-apocalyptic audio drama.
  • Pete’s Paranormal Chronicles -  (audio drama) In 1996, Pete Schwartz began work on a documentary series called Pete’s Paranormal Chronicles, but his sanity began to unravel during the production of the program and he became completely immersed in a nationwide conspiracy.
  • The Twilight World of Ultimate Smoothness - A podcast chronicling the decline and fall of radio veteran Greg Willis. It is a 6-part mini-series.
  • Ruby: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe -  (audio drama) Ruby is a hip, tough-talking detective hired to track down the malefactors who are manipulating the media on the planet Summa Nulla (the “high point of nothing”).
  • Unexplained - (informational) A podcast about strange and mysterious real-life events that continue to evade explanation.

As always, if there’s a podcast you like that’s missing from this list, please drop me a line (message, ask, fan mail, raven, etc. etc.) and I’ll check it out! I’ll also be adding a podcast link to my blog featuring this list with updates. Enjoy~

Unit 01@lizsketch

Unit 01, formerly known as Takehiko, is a city ward defense unit featuring the first illegal human consciousness AI. His oil type is unleaded O. He likes long walks on the waterfront, skipping boulder-sized stones on the ocean, and keeping his ward free from invading warfare units. Unit 01 would like to adopt a pet dog he would then name BFF Unit 02. His ideal night out would involve a successful neighborhood defense mission, hanging koinobori like he did as a child, and a tune-up from his best friend and pilot, Izumi.

Legit Tip #192

or - “Developing Friendships in Fiction”

Regardless of the genre that you write in, and the type of main character that you have, it’s likely that your main character is going to have friends. Or allies of some kind, even if they’re not the type of have “friends.” 

Writing realistic friendships can be surprisingly tough, though. That’s especially true if you’re writing about a character who’s quite different from yourself. Not everybody has the same needs when it comes to friendships, so the type of friends and friendships your character has may be very different than the type you have in your life. 

Your character may be a social butterfly with a wide network of friends. They may be a political figure whose friends are also the people they work with and network with on a regular basis. They may be a loner who only has one or two close friends. You may be writing a cyberpunk story with a character whose only friend is their robot companion. 

What’s the First Thing to Think About?

First - what is available to that when it comes to friendships? Not every character is capable of easily making friends - perhaps due to mental illness, or isolation, or other circumstances. 

Or, if they can easily make friends or socialize with a lot of people, are they the type to forge deep friendships with these people? Or do they keep people at a distance? Do they “put on a mask” and not show their “true self” to the people they come in contact with? If so, they may know a lot of people but not feel that they have any true or close friends at all. 

What is their situation regarding friendships as your story begins?

As your story starts out, think about the people around your character and their social circle. If you are starting them out with a social circle and friends, then you’re going to have to establish their relationship with these friends right out of the gate - which can be a difficult task.

It’s really not enough to just say Character A and Character B are friends and to leave it at that, especially if the friend character is going to play a significant role in the story. This is where a lot of novels in the romance genres and chick lit genres fail. (This isn’t to say I dislike those genres at all. Just that I’ve read a fair few and found this to be an issue.)

We need to see how these characters became friends. More importantly, we need to see why these characters are friends. All too often, friendships come across as fairly unbelievable, especially when characters have conflicting personalities, which leads me to my next point - 

Friends Need to Have Reasons to Be Friends

Just as in romantic relationships, friends fulfill needs in each others lives. It’s all well and good to create a character that’s interesting and dynamic, but if that character doesn’t fulfill some role for the main character - provide something for them beyond simply being comic relief, or someone for them to talk to like a brick wall for dialogue, then that character can feel very flat for readers. 

Imagine if you will two characters as friends for Character A. Character A is going on a quest to save the kingdom from an evil wizard. She has two companions. 

Her first companion is a drunken dwarf. Her second companion is a beautiful elf. The drunken dwarf is revealed over time to have lost his wife to the evil wizard during a raid on his tribe, something which he reveals to her over several conversations with Character A. This helps her to realize the full extent of the evil wizard’s power and motivates her to continue on with her task. Their friendship is also cemented by the fact that she lost her parents to the evil wizard. 

The beautiful elf has several conversations with her about good and evil. We learn a lot about his life with his clan, and he’s a well developed character by all accounts. And yet, even though he travels with her through the entire story and they have several conversations, they never really “feel” like friends or companions. He doesn’t fulfill any role for Character A as he doesn’t tell her anything she wouldn’t already know.

Remember - Friends Fight Sometimes

One of the great things about Harry Potter is that J. K. Rowling remembered that friends fight sometimes. It may be a little annoying to read about, but that’s only because it’s a little too real for people who’ve been there. Letting your characters disagree, fight, and get pissed off at each other adds to the realism of their friendship (and also helps them become stronger friends in the long run). 

Don’t Be Afraid to End Friendships

I rarely see it happen in fiction, which is surprising. But in real life, sometimes friendships end and people realize they have to part ways. Maybe that’s because you suddenly figure out that being together has become unhealthy or toxic for the two of you, or because other things get in the way and you reach a point where you know you just can’t continue on the way things were.

But it happens. And it could make for some interesting, poignant moments for your characters to deal with, especially if those friendships have made a big impact on their lives up to this point. Just a little something to think about. 

LWA lore from Trigger’s AX Panel

Amanda: Comes from a long family line of questionable or dirty fortune tellers who are forcing her to attend Luna Nova in order to become a fortune teller. This is why she acts like an aloof delinquent, she is actively trying to get kicked out of school in order to rebel against her parents.

Sucy: Abandoned by her parents in a basket along with only a single bottle of ruthlessly lethal poison. Supposedly all of Sucy’s experiments with poison are actually her trying to discover the original formula to this poison and track down her parents. They showed some concept art for an alternate backstory where instead of Sucy performing experiments on Akko… she herself was a horrific product of grotesque experiments. They even showed a nasty creature form of Sucy crawling across the ground. This is where her actual appearance is rooted from.

Yasminka: Is constantly eating snacks and staying fat because she has the unfortunate burden of thousands of starved ukrainian/hungarian souls trapped within her body. She is always eating in order to satiate the spirits, if she stopped they would erupt from her body and terrorize humanity. 

Constanze: Was diagnosed with a terminal disease at a young age, therefor transferred a piece of her soul (ala Voldemort) into her tiny robot companion. This caused her body to stop aging and left her in her tiny/young form.

(from /r/anime)

Just how serious any of these are we can only guess until they’re confirmed or denied in a future season (hopefully there will be one). They’re pretty grim. 

anonymous asked:

can we get some boyfriend/girlfriend!paladin + allura hc's please!?

a/n: omg i’ve always wanted to write something like this!! thank you for allowing me to fulfill my dreams :’ )


  • he doesn’t show it, but he loves teasing you
    • but of course, the moment you show discomfort in something he’s already adding it to his ‘do not do’ list.
  • loves good morning and good night kisses
    • he seriously lives off of these, also, the more the merrier for him
  • he may act like he doesn’t like it when you steal them, but seeing you in his t-shirts and jackets makes his life so much better
  • he really likes going on new dates with you on different planets when and if you have the time
    • seriously there’s so many places out there for you two to experience together so every time you touch down at a new place, trust me, he’s already thinking about where you two could go
  • loves talking about your future together, like if he’s in a bad mood just bring it up and taa-daa he’s all good
    • he gets sappy when talking about marriage and children, fyi
    • you swear you could even see tears well up in his eyes when talking about getting married
    • he just loves you a lot, okay?
  • when he gets an opportunity to, he’ll brag about you to the other paladins or anyone in general
    • “oh really? well the other day (y/n) kicked ass in the training arena, i didn’t even know they were that good.”
    • “(y/n) can literally bake anything, even using the castle’s resources.”


  • he’s a shy and precious little boyfriend who is too scared to do pda
    • if you initiate it, of course he’ll gladly let you, but for he most part he’s too much of a scaredy cat to actually hold your hand first
    • don’t get him wrong, he would love to actually show pda with you, not too much though, but he’s just too shy when it comes to you
    • all of his affection is saved for when you two are alone and i mean, alone, with not a soul around
  • unsurprisingly he’s semi-possessive over you, but it’s not overbearingly bad
    • he’s just hyper-conscious of everyone’s eyes and where they are and if they’re somewhere they shouldn’t be, you can bet that they’re being served some looks
  • when he can’t sleep he watches you sleep.
    • not in a creepy way, don’t get me wrong– but it just soothes him back to sleep to see you in such a peaceful state
  • needs a lot of reassurance that he’s doing his job as a boyfriend well, poor bub doesn’t want to disappoint you
  • he’s kind of like a baby who needs at least an hour every day of your cuddles
    • it’s like how babies need naps, he just needs your cuddles and he’s golden
  • he really believes your good luck kisses before every mission are truly good luck and won’t leave without them


  • when you agree to being hunk’s s/o, you also agree to being his official guinea pig when it comes to tasting his food
    • especially in space. no one else would agree so that leaves you
    • please sample his space cuisine, he needs a second opinion
  • loves bringing you breakfast in bed
    • it’s not often due to scheduling but when he does have time, he’s giddy while making the food
  • when cuddling he prides himself on being the big spoon, regardless your size
    • at first he used to ask to be the big spoon but now he just goes for the spot
    • only on your birthday and on christmas will you maybe get to be the big spoon, if you ask nicely
  • he’s too embarrassed to admit it, but your kisses automatically instill a good mood in him
  • talks to you about everything, and i mean everything so i hope you’re a good listener
    • he loves it when you talk to him about everything as well, he doesn’t like it when he feels like he’s talking your ear off
  • literally always happy to see you, even if you two are fighting, on the outside he’s sulking but on the inside his heart is wagging it’s little tail


  • probably the clingiest boyfriend you’ll ever encounter
    • not ‘where are you’ and ‘what are you doing’ clingy
    • but literally he’s a spider monkey and you’re his tree
    • he’ll probably try to sit in your lap, regardless your size
    • lowkey asks allura if you get annoyed with him sometimes because of his clinginess
  • he loves matching clothes with you
    • not the head-ass couple shirts like ‘i’m his’ and ‘i’m theirs’ but just colors or even patterns and such
    • though i’m sure if you were to present him with one of those shirts he would complain but put it on in a heart beat if you asked him to
  • always tells you how much he thinks his family will love you, he’s too excited to actually introduce you and blow them away
  • what? there’s a cute alien girl literally five feet in front of lance and he’s not hitting on her?
    • yeah you heard that right, he’s a loyal lance pants
  • always tells you how he’s feeling
    • even when he has to… y’know… number two
  • got comfortable with you reeeally quick


  • she really enjoys the times when you two can sit in a comfortable silence and she can work on/with technology
    • it kind of tells her that you two can still enjoy each others presence without speaking
  • “do you like me? like… do you like like me?”
    • this is pidge. please give this girl some closure
  • secretly wants you to love technology and robots as much as she does
    • will be even willing to teach you about it if you ask her
    • it would make her day and or life
  • she’s not the best at cuddling and she knows it, but really appreciates it when you do cuddle her regardless.
  • throws you surprise birthday and anniversary parties every year
    • they’re not much of a surprise anymore but she still does it
  • is currently building you your own little robot companion to keep you company when she’s on a mission
    • it was supposed to be a secret but she spoiled it herself


  • allura has a lot on her plate so she kind of turns to you to rant to
    • feel free to stop her though, she just really wants someone to lend an ear for her to talk
    • when you do listen, she repays with many many kisses and cuddles
  • please play with her hair, it’s long and has your name written all over it
  • she likes playing with your hair too, regardless of the length.
  • she’s always holding your hand when she can
    • even if you two are only holding pinkies, her hand is on yours somehow
  • talks about you when you’re not around more than she would like to admit
    • no one tells her to stop because why not let her have her moment of happiness
    • the others know more about you than you know, all because of her little chats
  • tries to act like she can live without you but when she’s gone or you’re gone she’s noticeably sulky