art teacher: okay yall need to make abstract art
me, rubbing my grubby, filthy, portal-loving hands together: my time to shine

2007: Your robotic catgirl girlfriend will satisfy your every whim in her adorable cuteness.

2017: Your robotic genderqueer trap catgirl waifu will harvest information in order to target advertisements deep into your soul, sponsored by Woke Brands such as Target, Starbucks and refreshing Coca-Cola™, as well as providing information to the loyal, pro-diversity, freedom-loving patriots of the Deep State.


‘ghlgahgg nier automata is bad because you play a robot maid waifu!!’


‘nier automata is just metal gear revengeance but you’re a less sexy robot.’

It has been fun watching the two types of reactions to Stephen Russell getting cast as Corvo.

Us old folk are shouting happily about our memories of the snarky asshole thief while you young folk are excited about seeing your noir robot waifu again soon.