People were confused how a Chinese couple managed to run a busy restaurant 21 hours a day without getting tired. Turns out the restaurant is run by two couples, both the men and women are identical twins! 

Locals had nicknamed the eatery the “robot couple restaurant” as they couldn’t understand how the same couple seemed to be on duty from 6am through to 3am. However, a journalist from Today Morning Post interviewed the restaurant owner and found out the truth. It turned out that the twin brothers, 32, married a set of twin sisters from the same township three years ago and moved to Yiwu to run the restaurant together. (Source)


Living the Weaboo Dream [Japan Tour 2015]

The next stage in our Japan trip! This time we weabed out in Akihabara, JoJo posed at @Home Maid Cafe, became confused at the Robot Restaurant, got escorted to the bathroom at Swallowtail Butler Cafe, and caught them all at the Mega Pokemon Centre. Watch the video here!


Tokyo Robot Restaurant - giant robots vs. dancing bikini girls, taiko drummers, neon tanks, golden toilets, intestines & more. Awesome!


HYPERREALITY by Tokyo-based Fashion Designer Josiah Chua


Robots aren’t coming for your restaurant job, because they suck at it

Robots with artificial intelligence — they’re just like us! They get canned if they suck at their job. That’s what’s happening in restaurants in China, whose owners have fired about 10 robots because they weren’t able to properly execute their duties, South China Morning Post reported, citing Xiamen Daily. The reasons why are so obvious.

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#ロボットレストラン でNU'ESTの取材をしました!かな〜り華やかな場所での撮影でしたが、さすがは王子様たち!空間に負けることなく見事に輝いていましたよ〜*\(^o^)/* キラキラ異空間に舞い降りた5人の姿をお楽しみに♪ 掲載は6/30発売のリバリバ Vol.07です! #NUEST #ニューイースト #RobotRestaurant #RIVERIVER #リバリバ
We interview NU'EST at the robot restaurant, a new attraction of Tokyo!Princes who wandered into a different space♪ Will be released on 6/30 RIVERIVER Vol.07 post, look forward to it ~(^ ^)
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