New York Film Academy Faculty Producing First Ever Robot Film Festival - Now Open for Submissions

New York Film Academy Faculty member Kevin Laibson is producing the First Ever Robot Film Festival. The festival, presented by Laibson’s production company Magic Futurebox, was founded by social robotocist Heather Knight (Marilyn Monrobot, TED) to inject a sense of playfulness into traditional science and engineering, and explore new frontiers for robotics.

 The Robot Film Festival is a two day celebration of robots on film and in performance. A juried selection of robot films will be screened Saturday July 16th and and Sunday July 17th at the 3LD Art and Technology Center in New York, interspersed with live performance by robots and their creators. Saturday night’s red carpet award ceremony will present the festival’s winners with their very own 3D printed robot-Oscar or “Botsker." 

"We are thrilled to present the first ever Robot Film Festival. I hope to see several New York Film Academy students and alumni submitting films for the festival!” - Kevin Laibson, NYFA Faculty

The Festival is now accepting submissions (through June 5th) of 1-8 minute short films from film makers in any genre– the only requirement is that it MUST feature a robot (or many robots!) as a character or as a framing device. 

For full details on how to submit either online or by mail, please visit



CREATOR, a short film

Animated in Flash CS5. Touched up in Photoshop.

An unfinished animated film I did about a child raised robots for the Robot Film Festival. I ended up scrapping it because I didn’t have enough time to spend more than a day on it, so I left it on the backburner as a project I’d like to come back to when I have more time. I’m still happy with the concept, but I would like to go back and spend more time on the art, the transitions, etc.

Cyborgs on the Big Screen

New York City is playing host this weekend to the first annual Robot Film Festival, billed as an event to “inject a sense of playfulness into traditional science and engineering and explore new frontiers for robotics before the technology is even possible." With 74 films all about androids and cyborgs, I’d say it’ll be closer to a horror fest. It has, though, drawn some big names among the entries selected, including Spike Jonze who made a "robot love story” called I’m Here

It definitely looks intriguing but I’d stick with the lighter fair, like the Keepon music video: 

That boppin’ bot is just so gosh darned cute. 

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If you like robots and movies then you probably like movies about robots, so you might be interested in this Kickstarter to support the 3rd annual Robot Film Festival in San Francisco next month. Celebrating movies about droids should make our robot overlords happy, right?

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According to this “Marketplace” report (featured at the Robot Film Festival), there is no reason to resist the robot uprising, because it has already happened.