Oh my, people are now complaining about the cultural skins in overwatch and calling blizzard racist? Let me just play as all the diverse castmembers and thank blizzard, whom employees are made up of people from all walks of life for the hard work and dedication they have given for the sake of their player base

Real racist mhmm.

“A Matter of Caring” is so frickin good I’m still not over that, it’s like is was blessed by some muse when writing it

I had a dream where I was dating a robot/replicant and they were pretty recently activated so we were hanging out and they were slowly learning what it is to be human and how to interface with people and we went to a bookstore so they could read and we talked and hugged and by the end of my dream they were deciding on permanent names for them selves and deciding on what gender they wanted to be I miss them and hope they’re doing well in dream land