Today is my birthday! and to celebrate this occasion I started this new Tumblr. I will be posting personal art work and fun things that I like from around the webz.

I’ve recently came back from an amazing trip to France and the bande dessinée d'Angoulême. I gained a great amount of experiences, met new wonderful people and got to visit some inspiring places, all this resulting in a great impact on my decision to open this site and push my artwork.

Thanks to all of my friends who supported and pushed me, hope it’s a great year.



The Bit-52’s Robot Band cover Private Idaho (by bd594)



After finding this adorable vlog, I must remark something: It’s not cool to show up the people behind the members of bands such as Daft Punk, Gorillaz, or Studio Killers. Finding out who’s the one behind the microphone doesn’t show you are clever, but that you don’t get the point and therefore you are ruining it.


Ace of Spades Played by Robots!


The Trons. An all-robot garage band.


summers-yet-to-come replied to your post: have I told you guys about Robot Band

Not that I’m aware of but you should

omg okay so

robot band was something i came up with when i was listening to Down the Road ( and well i got this picture in my head of this future where like robots were a common thing

like just. robots. not human looking synthetic whatever, like just straight up metal and rubber and plastic and they were like humans, artists and workers and friends, just also robots. and also “owned” by people bc technically theyre objects

so i got this girl in my head, black girl with poofy ponytail afro, in goggles and overalls, makin robots for other people bc thats her job, when she gets it in her head that she wants robots too, so she designs and builds three robots for this band. she plays the harmonica and shes great.

long story short theres three robots, Guitar/Vocals Bot, Bass Bot, and Drum Kit Bot. none of these characters have names yet. GVB is kinda shy and sweet and the most human-shaped (but still def robot classic), BB is MASSIVE and SQUISHY and SARCASTIC (hes like all circles and he has neat lightup “tattoos”, its great), DKB is enthusiastic and like 9, hes the team baby.

and basically i think about them when im listening to music and/or sad and it makes me feel better