trans!peter parker

hello i have seen homecoming three times now and i’m obsessed and in love with everything about the movie and the trans!peter headcanon

The first thing i heard about trans!peter was a post talking about how being bullied for being a nerd in school really isnt a common thing anymore, at least in america, and, if anything, in my experience, it tends to be the smartest kids that are actually the most popular. And the post raised the question: So what if peter is actually bullied because he’s trans? And that makes so much sense. And being a trans boy in high school myself and absolutely on board with the headcanon i thought i’d join in and add some things. Some of these other people may have talked about also.

  • “I am not a GIRL. IM A BOY. I mEAN IM A MAN.” peter gets very upset when donald glover’s character calls him a girl. his voice breaks and he gets visibly flustered.
  • Flash calls him “Penis Parker”. speaking from experience, high school bullies are not very creative with nicknames and will always go straight for the deepest insecurity they know. I personally think this is a dig at peter being trans.
  • Peter has proportionally quite small hands and feet. 
  • He enjoys playing with things like Legos and Star Wars action figures. possibly because he didn’t get to when he was little.
  • He has quite a high pitched voice which he has difficulty controlling the depth of.
  • May’s comment about his body changing and him not feeling like he can fit in at a classmate’s party makes much more sense if you think of peter as trans.
  • Ned asks Peter if the spider venom gave him the ability to lay eggs, which is a bizarre question to begin with, but even stranger if being asked of an amab person. but this likely doesn’t have any substance as it was obviously just meant to be a funny moment, which it was, i laughed out loud all three times i heard it.
  • Peter doesn’t have much in the way of sideburns.
  • He’s pretty short.
  • I personally never saw a spidey bulge. now it’s possible it was toned down or edited out but it was definitely visible on the last two versions of spiderman and i don’t know why this one would be any more edited than them.
  • He doesn’t know how to tie a tie. Now this seems unimportant at first, but i actually think it could mean a lot, so hear me out. Considering how many clubs and extra curriculars he’s in (robotics, marching band, decathlon, etc.) he should have been to many recitals, concerts, competitions, etc that would require him to wear a tie throughout his intermediate and high school years. It’s weird that neither him nor may would know how to tie one. unless- he’s never done it before because he’d always worn the traditionally feminine uniform or formal wear. 
  • Now, there’s those two shirtless scenes that some people have been using to discredit the headcanon where he’s clearly muscular and flat chested with no visible scars. Well, my doubtful friends, there’s the possibility of a keyhole surgery which leaves minimal scarring. Also, the spider venom increases muscle growth and metabolism, and also gives peter a mild healing factor. This could have caused any scars he had to heal and fade completely. 

now obviously i realize not all of this inherently means he’s trans. cis guys can be short or have small hands and feet or high pitched voices or rounder hairlines, especially when they’re only 15 years old and everyone is growing at a different rate. These things just flesh out the headcanon a bit more. 

tl;dr: Peter Parker is an endlessly adorable trans boy and the hero we all need.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Imagine: Savior

Summary: Peter saves you when Flash begins to get a little bit too handsy

Requested: Yes
–> “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” And “You can’t leave without letting me hug you first.” combined into one with Peter Parker please? Btw I love your writing!

A/N: fucking pissed cause tumblr deleted all of this and so now I’m writing it again

Warnings: none


To say that Peter Parker had a crush on you was a complete understatement. The boy was head over heels in love with you. He thought he had it bad with Liz, but with you it was a whole other level. In fact, his infatuation with you was the sole reason he dragged Ned to this party with him.

Peter had over heard some fellow classmates talking in the hallway about how Flash was planning on asking you out tonight. And Peter simply couldn’t just stand by and let that happen.

His soft brown eyes scanned over the crowds of people hoping to find the one angel that stood out above all of them, but to his dismay all he saw were strangers.

Apparently Flash has many friends from other schools cause Peter only knew a handful of the kids that he could see.

“Do you see her anywhere, Ned?”

“No. Maybe we should split up. Cover more ground, you know?”

“Yeah, good idea.”

Ned headed off in one direction, and Peter in the other. Peter wondered off through the different crowds of people searching for the girl of his dreams.

He said a few hellos to some people he knew from the robotics club, the school band and the academic decathlon team.

He was just about to give up on finding you when he suddenly heard the beautiful sound of your laugh.

Peter jerked his head around and saw you leaning against a wall surrounded by a group of your friends, one of them which was obviously telling a funny story.

Peter admired the way your soft curls perfectly framed your face and how the crop top and high waisted jeans you were wearing hugged your body in all the best ways.

Peter felt his heart begin to beat rapidly when his eyes connected with yours from across the room. You gave him a soft smile and a small wave and Peter is still not quite sure how his brain got the message to the rest of his body to return the gesture.

But the beautiful moment was quickly cut short by Flash pushing through the wall of your friends and placing an arm above your head.

Peter didn’t have to be near to know what Flash was saying when he saw his mouth begin to move. He knew he was asking you out.

Peter heard his heart pounding in his ears as he watched the horrific scene unfold before him. It wasn’t until he saw you flip Flash off that he was able to breathe again.

But soon the relief disappeared once again as he watch Flash grab your wrist and pull you into his chest. Peter realized all your friends had scattered once Flash walked up and there was no one to come to your rescue.

Now, Peter knew you were a tough girl that could fend for herself, but he also knew how relentless Flash could be. And the thought of anything happening to you was enough to send him across the room in a matter of seconds until he was standing between you and Flash.

Peter felt your fingers grip the back of his shirt and it was the fear in them that caused the sanity in his brain to blur. Peter no longer cared if he used his Spidey strength to harm the ass hole that threatened the girl he loved.

Peter sent Flash flying across the room into a glass door that lead into his backyard.

Peter felt the eyes of everyone at the party on him. He knew everyone was wondering how the scrawny kid from gym class that could barely do a pull up managed to send a man flying across the room.

Peter was about to panic when he heard your soft voice pull him back to reality.

“Peter? Can we please get out of here?”

There was no hesitation. Peter had grabbed your hand and was leading you out of the house.

Once you two had safely exited, Peter began to lead you down the street.

“Where are we headed?”

“I-I can’t go home. Not like this.”

It was then that Peter saw the tears in your eyes which only angered him more. He pulled you into his side and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“We can go back to my apartment. It isn’t far, and May won’t mind if you stay over.”

Peter felt the girl nod and began to lead her in the direction of his home.

The two fell into a comfortable silence until you finally spoke up.

“Please don’t think I’m a baby for crying… I’m used to guys hitting on me and I’ve gotten quite good at shutting them down. I’m just not used to them beginning to get physical with me and it freighted me. Thank you, Peter, for saving me.”

The fear in the your voice when you spoke of Flash’s actions was almost enough to send Peter back into the house to end the bully for good.

“I’ll always protect you, Y/N. No matter what.”

Peter was too focused on getting the two home safely to notice the smile that crossed your face, but he did notice the way your small fingers gripped his shirt tighter.

After a short while of walking, you and Peter had finally reached his apartment.

Peter lead you quietly into his room, careful not to wake his aunt up.

Although he knew May wouldn’t mind the girl staying over, he also knew she would never stop teasing him about having a girl sleep in his room. Especially one as pretty as you.

Peter opened up one of his drawers and pulled out some clothes for you to change into.

“Here you go. I’ll sleep on the couch and you can take the be-”

“No! I um… sorry. Can you, um, sleep in here? With me?”

Peter didn’t think he’d ever hear such beautiful words leave someone’s mouth.

Peter nodded his head and turned around to give you privacy to change. He stared at his poster of the periodic table until he heard you clear your voice, signaling to him that he could turn around.

Peter felt his cheeks grow red as he looked over your attire.

His t-shirt hung loosely off your body and his sweatpants were bunched up at the bottom due to him being a few inches taller than you. You looked completely adorable.

You shifter your eyes to the floor under his intense gaze.

“Do I look bad or something?”

“No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.“

A smile grew across your face as Peter crossed the room and took your hand in his to lead you to his small twin sized bed.

Peter laid down on his back and pulled you to lay on top of him. You laid your head on his chest and Peter began to run his fingers through your hair.

The soothing gesture and the sound of his heart beat was enough to send you to sleep in a matter of minutes.

—The Next Morning—

You were pulled from your dreaming state as the sunlight crept in through Peter’s window.

You lifted your head up and couldn’t help but smile at how adorable Peter looked as he slept.

His brown curls were scattered in different directions. His soft pink lips were slightly parted and a soft blush was spread across his cheeks.

You reached your hand up to push a loose curl out of his face and Peter’s eyes began to flutter open at the soft touch.

A smile spread across his face as he leaned into your touch.

"Good morning, sleepy head.” You whispered.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Peter replied in his husky morning voice.

His eyes widened as he realized what he said but the soft giggle that escaped your lips calmed him in a matter of seconds.

“I should go. My parents are probably worried sick.”

Peter frowned at the loss of warmth as your body left his.

He watched as you picked up your clothes from the floor. You turned and gave him one last smile before your hand reach out to grab the door handle but his voice stopped you from opening it.

“You can’t leave without letting me hug you first.”

You bit your lip and turned around to see Peter already standing behind you smirking.

“I can do you one better.”

Confusion crossed his face as you gripped the front of his shirt and pulled his lips into yours.

The kiss lasted a few short seconds but they were the best seconds of his life.

Peter watched you walk out of his apartment with a goofy, lovestruck grin on his face.

He had finally got the girl of his dreams.

y'all ever just get fuckn pissed at young k like … we GET it ur bilingual, amazing at singing rapping playing bass and guitar and song writing, you are balancing college and a full time musical career maintaining all As and B+s while writing recording 2 and filming a mv for one of the brand new songs every month & all of that while being absolutely gorgeous and having an amazing personality? smh okay lol

Michelle totally knows Peter’s Spider-Man. It’s established she’s one of the smartest people in the school, that she is extremely observant when it comes to Peter, and knows that he’s been acting oddly (quitting marching band and robotics team, etc.) Additionally, I’ll bet the screenwriters put Michelle on the outside of the Washington Monument in order to see Spider-Man in action and connect the dots.

Her “What are you hiding, Peter?” at the end was a way of trying to A) let him know she’s on to him, and B) a shot in the dark to see if he divulges any info. 

I wouldn’t be surprised in the next movie if Peter gets all ready to do a dramatic reveal and she’s like “Oh, the Spider-Man thing? I knew about that three weeks into the school year.” 

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Headcanon that Peter is (almost) always hungry. He's a growing boy plus doing all that fighting and swinging must ramp up his metabolism.

i have many thoughts bc peter is a growing boy and needs to eat!!!!! let’s discuss

  • peter’s always been able to eat a lot like he’s never been one to hold back
  • but like after the bite???? he eats SO MUCH
  • like when he was first bitten he was sick for a while and didn’t eat anything and couldn’t hold anything down and may was so so worried
  • and then one day he just. got better
  • except along with all these new abilities there’s this new hunger
  • bc he does so much physical activity that he never did before and he burns through so fast now
  • add that to his normal teenage boy hunger and you’ve got someone who is constantly eating
  • him picking up a sandwich after school from that bodega???? and the candy???? he also has a sandwich in his bag that may packed for him to eat at decathlon meeting/robotics club/band/stark internship/any other lie he’s told her to keep her calm
  • (the bodega sandwiches are better but he won’t tell may that)
  • he’s definitely gotten detention from eating in class before
  • breakfast??? do you mean a huge bowl of cereal, an apple, two eggs, and a bagel from a corner deli on his way to the subway???
  • may has definitely noticed how he can eat a family sized thai dish in like ten minutes
  • and on one hand she’s concerned bc like. is that normal??? 
  • but on the other she doesn’t wanna comment on peter’s eating habits bc he needs to eat and he’s been bulking up lately so maybe this is a new thing with the teens???
  • mj just stares at him at lunch bc “peter seriously where does it all go???”
  • movie nights with ned “dude the diameter of that pizza is as long as your arm there’s no way you can eat it in fifteen minutes and not puke” leeds and peter “fucking watch me” parker
  • (peter is ten bucks richer at the end of those fifteen minutes)
  • only person that can eat as much as him???? thor
  • when peter starts hanging out at the avengers tower there are speed eating contests
  • bets are set. sides taken. feelings hurt on thor’s side when he realizes that he’s bitten off more than he can chew (food puns!) and this midgardian teen beats him
  • (thor doesn’t speak to him for the rest of the night)

basically peter needs to eat a lot and i wanna cook for him bc i love my spider son


Steam Powered Giraffe being wonderful between songs at the Great Midwestern Ballyhoo - Lockport, IL - 09.24.16

Anything’s possible with your imagination ❤

67 Chevy Impala

A/N: So I’ve finally written my first fanfic (I’m so nervous rn), hope you like it! Constructive criticism is fine, but no hate please:) Please send in requests! School is starting soon so I may not do them right away, but I will as soon as possible. I’d love feedback, even an emoji to see if you liked it or not, thanks:) One more thing and I’ll stop rambling, please no reposts, ok I’m done now. Enjoy!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Winchester!Reader

Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming, Supernatural

Summary: When a new family rolls into town, one member catches Peter Parker’s eye. But something’s off about them.

Words: Idk but it’s sorta long sooooo

Warnings: Overprotective brothers, vampires, cutting off heads

Part 2

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spideychelle headcanons

ok i’ve read a lot of them and yet I want to add my  two cents because i really want to talk about pining™ Michelle Jones:

> Michelle Jones has always known she had a thing for Peter ok. Like when they met in fourth grade, she find him very cute, but didn’t want to admit it. Obvisouly, their first contact ended by MJ throwing a punch in Peter’s left arm.

> now in High School, MJ is kind of resigned, because the boy is visibly head over hills for Liz, and, you know, who can blame him? If she didn’t fell so hard for this nerd, she probably woulds have a crush on Liz too, because Liz is amazing. 

> so instead, she represses it. She thinks about the future, about how she’s going to be president someday, how the world sucks, how she can work to make it a better place. She may have a seemlingly cold exterior, but MJ loves one thing, and it’s making the world better. But MJ also likes one thing, and it’s Peter.

> and let’s get something clear: MJ has never crushed that hard before, she doesn’t even remember really crushing at all, and Peter is really really nice (not particularly to her but in general) and adorable. She can’t handle it. So she’s mean to him and to ned whenever she can, because oh my god, nobody should ever know. She’s not Peter’s type of girl. She’s the antithesis of Liz. But again, it’s not like she’ll sob about this. She’s MJ, doing thing, going places, she’s an independent woman and she doesn’t have the time for a boyfriend, right????

> she may have not the time for a boyfriend, but she sure does for worrying about Peter constantly. Even though she tries really hard to not think about it, she can’t help but notice. She notices everytime Peter skips class. She notes when he’s quits marching band and robotics lab, sees when he’s very distracted in decathlon practice. She looks for him at every corner, and she sits at his table at lunch. She calls him whenever he doesn’t show up to class or to decathlon practice. Oh god does she calls. One day, she left like 3 vocals messages and Peter’s phone marked 6 missed call

> she shrugs to herself whenever she thinks she should be embarrassed, and she keeps thinking that goDDAMNIT SHE IS MICHELLE JONES, and that she shouldn’t be. Peter is the irresponsible person here. That’s why she’s very angry and she wants to cry when he doesn’t reply to a text or to her missed calls. MJ tries to not think about the day when she was waiting for him to reply, and when she threw her phone across her room when she saw his name on the screen. It happened only one time (it happened many times)

> at the decathlon competition, in Washington DC, she wasn’t expecting very much. She hated how her heart skipped a bit when Peter finally showed up. She was just happy because with him on the team, they would probably win, right ? But Peter was even more distracted than usual. He seemed tensed, stressed, making callsShe wondered if maybe he had a girlfriend no one knew about, because damn, was this guy mysterious. Her stomach flipped at the thought, and she chose to believe that he was probaby living a double-life.

> when Liz knocked at her door, in a swimsuit, whispering something about a midnight bath, her first move was to say no. But then her heartbeat started to go crazy. Midnight bath? Her brain hit one single thought Peter Parker in a swimsuit. She said yes to Liz. Like that, she could see how Peter looked in a swimsuit. For observation and scientific purposes.

> but this time again, he didn’t show up. She spent the night reading on a chair near the swimming pool, imagining if things were different. If she hadn’t a reputation. If peter actually liked her compagny. If Liz wasn’t that gorgeous.

> the next weeks, she heard that Peter finally asked Liz out. Good. That was a good thing. If she saw him with her, she’d finally move on, forget all the ridiculous things she thought about him. She decides to go to prom even if it’s against her standards, because Liz asked, and because she wants to see her and Peter, as a couple. A part of her hopes that Peter will be ridiculous and that she’ll laugh at him. Another part waits impatiently to see him, because jesus, should he be cute in a suit. And the last part of her is so freaking afraid, because, jesus, he’ll be sure really cute in a suit, holding hands with Liz.

> Liz comes inside first. She’s gorgeous. She’s so so so gorgeous. But where’s Peter ? God, Liz is so gorgeous, and MJ wants to cry a little. She stays with Ned, because this nerd makes her laugh. He’s nice. He could be her friend. Maybe once everything is finished, she could be friend with Peter. Like real friends.

> and finally, he arrives. And MJ stomach does a flip, because good god, is he cute. He looks across the room, searching for Liz, and sees Ned. After Ned, her. They share a glance, and MJ doesn’t even have the time to think that she’s already giving him the finger. Fuck, she thinks. It’s not like that that he’ll like you. And it’s so sudden that she’s a little suprised at herself. Usually, she beats herself way to hard to really articulate what she wants. She wants Peter Parker to like her. Like like her. But he rushes to Liz, and god, there’s like a stone in her stomach, and it’s horrible, she wants to cry so bad this time.

> but then he leaves Liz, like that, without what seems like any good word of explanation. The girl seems so choked, and MJ wants to be angry with her, because this goddamn nerd of Peter Parker, this freaking loser of all the losers, the as the nerve to leave a goddess like Liz ?? How dare he??? She thinks it, she really thinks it hard, but somewhere, a little MJ is doing backflip in her head. And she thinks that, maybe, just maybe, he didn’t like Liz enough to stay with her at prom. And that maybe leaves just a little place for her. After homecoming, in her room, MJ smiles to herself. She acnowledges that she’ll do nothing for it but, damn, she would really like to fit into this place. She falls asleep with a smile on her face.

> and then she’s named team captain of the decathlon team. Liz isn’t there anymore, and this nerd of Peter Parker, is there, in front of her, slowly clapping at her promotion. He has this smug look spread across his face and MJ wants to smash his head against the table (she wants to kiss him). But then he receives a call, thant unlike hers, Peter actually seems to want to answer. For once, she says what she thinks. She warns him. She’s not like Liz. She sees right through his bullshit (ok maybe not all through but….she’s working on it). She’s not the type of girl you can leave to prom like he did. But then she’s remember that she’s Michelle Jones, and she adds something to make her indifferent, because good god, now, everyone is looking at her. Looking at her like when she did those comments about Peter skipping marching band and everything. Good god, what if someone notices??

> But Peter goes, and everyone starts discussing decathlon matters. Michelle watches him go, and the sight is so good, and oh my god, he’s so dreamy, she wants to put her hands on her face and squeeze like she did when she was a little kid. But then she remembers that she is Michelle Jones, and she goes back to snapping snarky comments at her teammates.

Seriously tho being apart of the Christian Slater fandom is such a gift because we’re not a huge big group. Instead, we’re just a small collection of people who know that this cute lil man isn’t perfect and has made some mistakes (and some bad films) but understand that he’s come a long way in his career and is genuinely a good guy as well as a very talented actor. He’s spent his whole life trying to make something of himself while dealing with his own personal shit and now here he is in one of the biggest television shows on the air doing what he loves with people that he loves. Whether we found him in Heathers, True Romance, or Mr. Robot, we all band together and love him through every bump in the road, every bad haircut, every trashy movie. No matter what, we stand with the five-head through thick and thin. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting so many awesome people because of this dude

@blood-of-the-rose @alabama-spivey @ilkkavilli

I honestly and truly love Christian Slater so very very much and his films have helped me more than I could possibly say in these last few months and I couldn’t ask for anything less from an amazing man. 

 Side note: he’s also a sexy piece of ass who’s made expectations in guys waayyy too high but it’s okay that’s what masturbation is for 😉

I love him so much <3

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This may have been asked before but I remember specifically an episode of Arthur where there's a one hit wonder band that the gang is all obsessed with, and by the end they find out the band is just a bunch of robots

holograms, actually! the band binky is made up entirely of holograms. that double episode is called Binky Rules/Meet Binky!


Here’s day two of AMKE! I went as The Jon: a little curly-haired golden robot from the pantomime band Steam Powered Giraffe, and went with my bro @cutpursetwistedfate, who went as The Spine (he was beautiful). I also went with my little sister, and my best friend @loveloveydoveystuff. My little sis went as her fanbot, Pepper! This was my sister’s first con, and we went to some great panels, so she had a really good time!

I SAW SO MANY BEAUTIFUL COSPLAYERS. I know for a fact that the Rose Quartz is @maphix, but I wasn’t sure about the other cosplayers…? If you see yourself please shoot me a message and I’ll tag you!

I also met two wonderful people: @simons-saying and @meap27. Go check them out they’re really nice!!

(To my pals from my RP blog who wanted pics, I love you~ @lucylovesbeasts @miss-aurora-redfern, @ask-a-newt-scamander, @timidly-credence, @jeanmarcoanddestielareotls)


Here’s a clip of me roughing out an ash bowl last summer. Sped up x2 with robot sounds from the band Fartbarf. #woodworking #lathe #wood #ash #handmade #craft #dowoodworking #woodturning (at Andover (village), New York)

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