courier 6 is basically florida man
  • Nevada Man survives two bullets, beds the shooter
  • Nevada Man doesn’t know what fish are
  • Nevada Man fights army of roman empire cosplayers
  • Nevada Man sends zombies into space
  • Nevada Man fights giant mantises to the death in an arena
  • Nevada Man gets his brains scooped out, doesn’t die
  • Nevada Man gets fisted by robot prostitute
  • Nevada Man hates Johnny Guitar
  • Nevada Man serves faithful companion as dinner
  • Nevada Man gets mistaken for grandchild by giant blue lady
  • Nevada Man wishes he had spurs that jingle jangle jingle
  • Nevada Man kills the president, walks away wearing pajamas
  • Nevada Man gets his shit wrecked by giant wasps
  • Nevada Man breaks world record sarsaparilla soda consumed/minute
  • Nevada Man murders person(s) for their cool outfit
  • Nevada Man sells his house doctor into slavery
  • Nevada Man has no idea how to play card game
  • Nevada Man kicked out of casino for being too lucky
  • Nevada Man debates philosophy in front of nuke
  • Nevada Man says fuck you, attacks with robot army

For the army of Estonia has developed minitank with remote control!
Nowadays, more and more armies want to help minitank with remote or fully automatic control. Recently a tank was developed for the army of Estonia. A small armored vehicle on tracks equipped with a heavy machine gun, CIS 50MG, capable of hitting targets at distances over 1.5 km the Tank is able to move with a maximum speed of 35 km/h and carry loads of up to tonnes.

So the FBI and Homeland Security just released a report saying Russian spy agencies were responsible for hacking all those internal emails from the Democratic National Committee. Julian Assange, on the other hand, is 1,000 percent sure Russia had nothing to do with that. Other smart people without cotton candy hair and pending rape charges also doubt Russian involvement. It’s one of those confusing debates that even the beardiest of computer nerds disagree on. So what’s going on here? Did Russia hack the 2016 election?

I struggle to work my smartphone’s alarm some mornings, so no, I don’t know if Russia “hacked” the election. But they sure as hell found a backdoor entrance to hack our democracy. They didn’t need an army of Mr. Robots – just an army of writers who knew how to generate clickable content. See, almost half of us get our news from links we see shared on Facebook. Which is why, during the election, articles like this flooded our social media like the banks of the Ganges.

That screengrab is from Russia Today, a Kremlin-run news agency. The Kremlin is basically Russia’s White House, which makes RT a Putin-run news agency. He’s using RT and a family of similar sites as the stage for a gritty reboot of Soviet-era tactics.

Russia’s Most Insidious Hack Is Still Happening Right Now


Character posters: Clint Barton from The Avengers
“The city is flying and we’re fighting an army of robots. And I have a bow and arrow. Nothing makes sense.”

Laura Barton tho.

Laura “Clint please stop the home renovations” Barton.

Laura “I know you work for SHIELD Clint, stop giving me that guilty school boy look and just go on your secret mission already” Barton.

Laura “Clint I will tolerate most of your shit but if you so much as think of giving Lila sugar before asking me Nick’s gonna have to look for a new secret agent” Barton.

Laura “get your ass down here Maria, I haven’t seen you ages” Barton.

Laura “you are not allowed to tell Lila and Cooper mission stories, jfc Maria you should know better, even Natasha doesn’t do that” Barton.

Laura “kids uncle Nick cannot play with your because he’s going to be busy explaining why he hasn’t come around for dinner in four months, and he better have a good excuse” Barton

Laura “Clint, please honey no more home renovations, go play on the farm” Barton.

Laura “you’re family too Nick so come back alive to us all right” Barton.

Laura “Natasha I realised you were part cat years ago, don’t bother about it put your head down” Barton.

Laura “Nick please send my husband on a secret mission, he’s got out the tool box, NICK PLEASE” Barton.

Laura “Nat this kid is going to be named after you shut up and get me some good celebratory vodka when you’re done with this mission” Barton.

Laura “Clint those cookies are for Melinda and Nick, Nat you can’t eat them either” Barton.

Laura “come on guys don’t you think you’ve all had enough maybe we should call it a — WAIT DID THOSE AGENTS REALLY SAY THAT ABOUT NICK WHAT FUCKING ASSMUNCHING SHITBAG MOTHERFUCKING BASTARDS” Barton.

Laura “and you call yourselves secret agents, you can’t even get out from under the blankets while hungover, what am I going to do with you bunch” Barton.