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+1 to the robot army

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So, as some of you may know, I am forming a robot army. It’s basically a collection of the various narration voices I am able to come up with.

Just so we’re clear, here is the current lineup:

LitterBot - The Clean Machine

The original and primary voice of my Channel. He is also my persona. Voice

S.E.B. - Sentient Enigmatic Biotech

Seb’s primary role was to add some poetic flare to key narrations. Of course I’m currently expanding his library of narrations to more than just poems. Voice

Engineer - The inventor

The Engi is the inventor of the robots. His role is to be the voice of a human male in more personalized and humany stories. Voice

Based on this concept:

Nano - The one that lives.

The newest addition to the Robot Army. He has the most readable expressions in the group. Voice

I am unsure how many more additions will be made, but you can always expect there to be new narrations.

8 x, x

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