Frank Langellatells Dave Davies about what the film Robot and Frank made him think about:

I know I’m closer to the end than the beginning, so I’m trying to be far more conscious of any time wasted, which I still waste, as everybody does. But because it’s inevitable and because there’s nothing I can do about it, and I was taught at a fairly young age — not young enough, I wish I had learned earlier — that to waste any time on the inevitable or the thing you cannot control or fix is absolute nonsense. …

What the film has done for me is made me much more keenly aware — even though it’s a cliché these days that machines are taking over our lives — [it] made me much more keenly aware of how we all miss contact with each other.“


Robot and Frank (2012) - dir. Jake Schreier

A buddy comedy like so many others before it… but it’s a refreshing twist. Written by Christopher D. Ford, Robot and Frank is a joyous tale of a retired jewel thief  (Frank Langella) who, in his old age, has lost more than a couple steps. Frank’s son Hunter (James Marsden) surprises him with a Robot (Peter Sarsgaard) butler. As one would expect… the old man resists at first… until he decides to use the robot as his new partner in crime.

A smart comedy, with more heart than expected… but ultimately it’s not overly interesting. The premise alone is worth the price of admission… and there’s something brilliant about watching an old man teach a robot how to pick a lock. It’s not a particularly great film, but it does take all the necessary turns.



Frank Langella: Robot and Frank - Sundance 2012

In association with Filmmaker Magazine, the National Film Society interviews actor Frank Langella about Robot and Frank, which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.