I watch the best series ♡.

So @hucklebooby and I have this headcannon that lopez has a major crush on donut. Like, he’s just naturally affectionate and will kiss people on the cheeks on occassion. Well at some point he does this to Lopez and BOOM, he is smitten. Further into the headcannon, Lopez brings donut little “gifts” all the time and they mostly consist of wrenches and canyon flowers. He will set them in front of Donut’s door and run. Meanwhile, Donut isn’t really sure where these little treasures are coming from but he keeps them none the less. Anytime Donut is even slightly affecionate towards Lopez, he just blue screens and starts overheating and dial up noises can be heard. Eventually, he starts reciting Spanish love poems to Donut knowing he wouldn’t understand them anyway. At some point he says “Te Amo” and waits for Donut to “pretend to understand”, but instead Donut smiles, boops Lopez’s helmet/nose and says, “Awww, Lopez, I love you too ^u^” and frolicks away. Blue screen and screechy windows shut down music. I dunno I like to call it nuts and bolts because I’m lame.

I dunno maybe it’s a lot cuter in my head but I decided to doodle it ehheheh. So here’s a doodle that I did on my brief break from commissions. (yeah it’s messy but like I said, DOODLE)

Can someone please set up an organisation that just exists to make sure that Zachary Quinto is happy and eating well and sleeping alright and surrounded by adorable puppies because he is precious.

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