robot with human hair part 4

I decided to do regular commissions rather than an auction. please help me get a new phone ;3;

PAYPAL ONLY - contact me at

You must have an ART ref. no text description or multi-part patchwork (ei: i want this hair [pic 1], with this skin [pic 2], with this shirt [pic 3] with this body [pic 4]…)


  • Humans and humanoids
  • anthro/furries (not my forte but ready to try)
  • simple robots/androids/cyborgs
  • general NSFW stuff


  • feral animals
  • complex mecha
  • NSFW of underadged characters
  • certain fetishes

I also have a special offer for expression sets!

12 expressions for 100$!(less then 10$ per headshot!)

Back to sloth, and sleeping binges
Self defeating outburst, cringes
Thoughts gets rusty, creaky hinges
Lost that box of clean syringes

Stuck to the ceiling, I’m in view
Can’t shake the notion, I’m becoming you
The look from above, same as below
Sign up for high, free dose of low

—  Dance Gavin Dance // The Robot With Human Hair Part 4