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Some more anime's in a nutshell.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Fullmetal Alchemist:</b> *Claps Hands*<p/><b>Soul Eater:</b> We still can't decide on a gender for Crona.<p/><b>Angel Beats:</b> Its all fun and games until someone dIES- wait wait, no we mean like, die, as in actu<p/><b>Naruto:</b> SasuuuukkkKKEEEe E !<p/><b>Black Lagoon:</b> Guns? No, wait, nuns. Nuns and guns? Nuns with guns!?!!?<p/><b>Fruits Basket:</b> The people in this <I>are</I> pretty fruity.<p/><b>Ouran Highschool Host Club:</b> Kouhai please notice the senpai, twins with homosexual tendencies, and Kiss kiss fALL IN L<p/><b>Attack On Titan:</b> Uh mah guh nekkid cennibulls<p/><b>Chobits:</b> Robots and ch-ch-chia pets! What? Wrong thing? What do you m<p/><b>Gintama:</b> Again- what the fuck is going on here<p/><b>Clannad, After Story(Dear You came on when I was wrITINF THIS):</b> no<p/><b>Wolf Children:</b> Furries<p/><b>Love Stage!!:</b> Gay, gay, gay, and gay.<p/></p><p/></p>
Reasons to read Willful Machines by Tim Floreen
  • gay
  • awesome plot
  • robots
  • badass old lady in a wheelchair
  • boys obsessed with Shakespeare
  • POC main characters
  • literally starts with a cliffhanger??
  • gAY
  • shakespearian pickup lines
  • main character is the closeted son of an ultra-conservative president and it’s just rlly emotional
  • but lots of cutesy feel-good stuff
  • pining dorks
  • the secret service are p cool
  • the statue of liberty got blown up?
  • the main character is just a huge nerd
  • more ravens
  • why is ya literature so obsessed with ravens????
  • feminism
  • main character’s best friend is just rlly passionate about social justice
  • she may also be kinda emo
  • there’s a plot-twist about the principle at the end and it’s not what u think
  • there’s robots
  • and gays
  • *whispers* gay robots
  • “Hamlet was pretty much the poster boy for clinical depression, right?”
  • really realistic look on depression and suicidal thoughts like fuck bro
  • but lots of fluff so that’s good
  • I’m like 83% sure Singh is a lesbian
  • this book will make you question the very concept of free will and i’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not but i couldn’t sleep for like 4 days so
  • did i mention gay boys quoting shakespeare as pick-up lines?
  • cuz that happens
When the Angel came to end the world

the robots did not look up for a long time. They toiled in the fields or spun in the cities or hummed along empty roads. They held the earth like a newborn calf in their hands, fragile and stumbling, and their steady, metal fingers were ready to clamp it up and carry it to the mother for milk, or break its neck if it proved too weak. When the Angel came to end the world, the robots didn’t notice; it had ended in fire twice over already.

The Angel came to a field of wheat. It was several thousand acres, far and away over the horizon; wheat and wheat filled the eye, and nothing touched the stalks but the wind. Somewhere in the center of the field was a single robot, its tarnished body bent over, checking the furrows for weeds and pulling them up if it found any. It put the weeds into a hole in its stomach, where there was a small glow, a rush of fire, and the invasive plant was incinerated.

The Angel came before the robot and spoke:

“Do not be afraid.”

Hearing a voice when it thought it was alone, the robot lifted its head, gears whirring quietly behind its visual processors. It looked up at the celestial being floating above the ground, robed in white, wings beating the air, yet creating no wind, as the stalks of wheat remained still. The robot studied the wheat, then turned again to the Angel.

“Are you a human?” Its voice was thin with disuse, and it coughed and spluttered, and tried again. “Are you a master?”

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Number Game- Beast Boy- 88

Requested by: Anonymous

(I’m not sure which Beast Boy you had in mind so I used the only version I know and that universe of that version)

You barreled down the street, your feet barely hitting the ground as you tried to outrun the androids behind you. They were Slade’s you knew that entirely too well.

The Titans were out, dealing with another mission across town, but you hoped that they would answer your call, and someone would come to help you. There were too many robots to turn and fight on your own.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” You heard Beast Boy ask through your ear piece as you turned the corner and slid under a car, holding your breath for a moment as the robots ran past, looking for you.

“Beast Boy, Slade’s robots are everywhere.” You whispered softly. “I need help fighting them I can’t do it alone.” You looked up as two feet stopped in front of the car, and held your breath again, trying to stay as quiet as possible.

Suddenly the robot was gone, and you could hear some sort of animal roar. You poked your head out, spotting Beast Boy in the form of a tyrannosaurus.

It was mere minutes before the robots were crush, causing you to come out from under the car as Beast Boy shifted back to his regular form, looking over towards you.

“Hey.” You said, dusting off your shirt, Beast Boy sighed, walking over to you and pulled you in for a hug.

“I’ll never leave you alone like that again.”

14 New Summer Shows You Should (maybe) Be Watching

I’m going to start this off with some of the currently airing new summer shows that I’m watching and enjoying. Cut for length - no major spoilers.

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Love is when you no longer consider home a place. Love is when you find home in a person.
—  Raven
Can We Keep It?  (Part 3/?) (Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes x young!reader)

Part 2

Your small hand reached up to touch Steve’s cheek, wiping a tear away before you threw your arms around his neck and squeezed as hard as you could.  It was your first day of kindergarten, and no one was taking it very well.  Everyone was gathered together to send you off, but there was an obvious reluctance to let you actually leave.

“Do you have all of your supplies?  Let me check one more time.”

“Did you put your lunch money in your bag?”

“Where’s your jacket? I’ll go find it.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to wear your other dress, (Y/N)?”

The questions came faster and faster as the time grew nearer to your first experience at life away from your family, even if it was only five blocks from home.  Bucky moved behind you and put his hand on your back, kneeling down to talk to you quietly.  “Baby, it’s time to go.  Let’s say goodbye to everyone, okay?”

“No,” you sniffled, burying your face in Steve’s neck.  “I don’t want to.”

“But you were so excited just yesterday, (Y/N),” Steve whispered, “you’re going to have so much fun and make so many new friends.”

“I don’t need any more friends.”

Steve glanced at Bucky with a sad expression, knowing that your friends were the people around you right now.  They had been so protective of you, being the child of Avengers, that you hadn’t had much experience with kids your age.  They were so concerned that you might ever be in harms way that they didn’t allow you to be a five-year-old.

“You’re going to meet kids your own age, honey.  And hey,” Steve said reassuringly as he gently pushed you back to look at you, holding you at arms’ length, “Uncle Tony picked out this school for you, remember? It’s a whole school full of really, really smart kids just like you.  We would never send you somewhere that we didn’t trust to be good for you, okay?”

You sniffled again and nodded without saying any more, moving away from him and pulling your backpack onto your shoulders.  Turning around to the look at your aunts and uncles gathered around you, you made your way through the group, saying goodbye one by one.  The sounds of quiet laughter and holding back tears were the only sounds in the room until you had finally reached your final and favorite Uncle Tony, running to him and wrapping your arms around his leg.

“When I get home can we work on my robot some more?” you whispered, “I have some new ideas.”

“We can do anything you want, kiddo.”  He knelt down next to you and kissed your cheek, which you quickly returned, “as long as you promise to tell me three new things that you learned today when you get back.”

You nodded and grabbed Bucky’s hand, making your way to the front door to begin your walk to school. Steve was close behind, snapping picture after picture of every moment from the morning.  

Once the three of you cleared the door and were out of sight, Natasha wiped her eyes and sighed loudly, “so how many school days are in a year?  I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”


“Buck, she’s only been gone an hour.”


“And you haven’t sat down once.  You’re gonna wear a hole in the floor.”  Steve was trying to distract himself so time would move faster for him, but he was only barely succeeding any better than Bucky.  He jumped a bit at the sound of his phone ringing and sat up at a quick attention when he saw that it was your school calling.

“Hello?  Yes, this is Steve.  Yes.  Is she okay? Good.  Yes, we can come in right away.”

Bucky was at Steve’s side within seconds, anxiously waiting to hear what was said on the other end of the line; his metal hand was all but crushing the back of the chair.  He looked at Steve with wide eyes that begged for an answer.

Steve hung up and looked at him, shaking his head.  “She’s fine. They need both of us, though.”  He stood up and rubbed his hand on his cheek, looking frustrated and confused at the same time.  “We might have a problem on our hands, Buck.”


When they entered the school the first thing they saw was a mother and her son, who looked to be the size of a second- or third-grader, sitting inside the nurse’s office and looking back at them with judgmental eyes.  The principal’s office was next, but before entering they stopped at the door to peek in at you; you were sitting next to the secretary, quietly reading one of your books.

“Okay, try to not overreact, alright?”  

“Back at ya, Rogers.” Bucky opened the door to wave Steve in, “after you.”

“Chicken,” he mumbled, passing by and walking towards the desk as Bucky sat next to you.  “Ma’am, I’m Steve Rogers, and this is James Barnes. We were called in to talk about (Y/N) and some incident that occurred this morning?”

You leaned over to Bucky with a curious look, “that’s not your name, daddy.”

“It’s my other name, honey,” he chuckled quietly, “for important stuff like this.”

“Right this way, gentlemen,” the woman said, holding her hand out to direct them to the principal’s office.  “(Y/N), you can wait here with me for just a little longer.”

Bucky winked at you and stood, messing your hair a bit before walking away with Steve.  You returned to your book, but were nearly finished; a few minutes later you grabbed another, and you would be close to done with that one as well before you saw the two of them again.  You had promised your Uncle Tony that you would learn three new things today, and since you weren’t in class, you had to find something new in your books.

“Let’s go, (Y/N).”

You startled at Steve’s voice and jumped up out of your chair, not used to hearing the deep resonance that it had now.  His face was very serious, looking down at you with an expression that made it obvious that you were in a lot of trouble.

“Daddy, it wasn’t my fault!”

“I said, let’s go,” he commanded, “we’ll talk about this when we get home.”

“Ugh,” you groaned, angrily shoving your books into your backpack and dragging it behind you as you walked out in front of them.

“That’s about enough of that, young lady.  Pick up your bag right now.”

“Steve…” Bucky said quietly, “come on.”

“If this is too much for you Buck, tell me now, because I’m going to handle it.”


The doors to the tower flew open and you raced inside, making your way to your room and away from Steve as fast as you could.  You knew he was going to follow you, but all you wanted right now was to beat him there.

“You don’t understand!” you yelled as you ran away.  “You won’t listen to me!  I hate you!”

Steve stopped in his tracks as if you had sucker punched him in the gut; as you ran full-speed up the stairs, Bucky could only watch, not knowing what to say.  Clint passed you on the stairs and heard your outburst, looking at Steve with a sympathetic grin.  “Wow, Cap.  She’s only five and you already got the ‘I hate you’ line?  That’s impressive.”

“Thanks, Barton.”

Bucky stayed behind, watching Steve square his shoulders and resolve to hold it together as he made is way to your room.  He knew that he wouldn’t be able to get away with this forever, allowing Steve to take over so he could avoid the hurt feelings that came with things like this. He also knew that he wasn’t in a hurry to change places with him anytime soon.

When you got to your room you threw your bag on the ground, spilling the contents across the bright pink carpet.  You dove headfirst onto your bed, angrily smashing your face into your pillow and screaming as loud as you could until your throat burned and hot tears wet the fabric.


“Go away!”

“(Y/N), I’m coming in.”

You jumped up and ran to the door, leaning back against it and pushing with all of the strength in your tiny body to hold it closed.  “I don’t wanna talk to you!”  You planted your feet into the ground but you were clearly no match for your superhero father.

“You need to calm down,” he said as he pushed the door open and you along with it.  “(Y/N), that’s enough.”

“You won’t even let me tell you what happened!  You tell me to always be honest daddy, and now you won’t let me!”

He opened his mouth to answer you, but your words shocked him into silence.  You were right; you were completely right and he couldn’t help but have a moment of pride in how smart you were for such a young girl. “You’re right, baby,” he sighed, sitting down on the edge of your bed, “you’re right.  I’m sorry.”  He tapped his hand on the bed next to him, “come on then, tell me.”

Your breaths were still a pant as you sat next to him, trying to slow down and trying to stop the tears that just kept coming.  “He said that I thought I was special because I lived with the Avengers, and that I’m nothing special at all.  Then he said that I was a freak because I have two daddies.  Then he said that Captain America was stupid.  So…I punched him in the nose.”

You were certain that you heard him chuckle under his breath, but when you looked at him he was still as serious as when he came in.  “You do know why that’s wrong, don’t you?  No matter what he said, you should’ve found a better way to handle it.”

“I know,” you agreed quietly, “but I don’t like bullies.”

Now Steve was completely shocked by you; he sat motionless with his mouth open, staring at the little girl that may not have been biologically his, but was his through and through.  “What did you say?” he whispered.

“I said I don’t like bullies.  I’m not gonna run away, daddy.”

He picked you up and set you on his lap, pulling you into a tight hug.  Now you were sure that you heard him laughing, and it was a relief to know that he wasn’t going to yell at you anymore, and that maybe he wasn’t so mad now.  “Oh, honey,” he said, now openly laughing out loud, “I understood that reference.”  

Part 4

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Hunted. Chapter Seven

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five 

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven: 

The Star Killer base was eerily quiet, but through the silence I could hear the sound of blood curdling screams. But the sound didn’t come from my surroundings, they came from inside someone’s mind… The screams echoed on a loop, each loop growing more and more manic. The sounds seemed erratic, and drawn out. The sounds seemed to be haunting the mind next to me. He would never admit it, but the sounds were driving him mad… the past mingling with his own burning rage.

I laid in bed, my mind sound and at ease until I feel his mind through the force. Kylo Ren lays next to me, his mind uneasy… his acts of terror pulling a part his mind with each flicker of memory. His discomfort was what woke me from my dream filled sleep, my warmth and comfort fleeing the moment his emotions become mine. My eyes flick up and my chest immediately filling with dread. Without moving my eyes dart to his sleeping form, catching his uneasy expression. His brow is furrowed, his head turning from side to side as his body jerks. Whatever nightmare he was suffering from was deeply affecting him and I didn’t know what to do.

My body slowly stirs next to him, my right hand lightly snaking its way through the sheets until I find him. With caution I guide my hands to his chest and try to carefully wake him. The sensation of my hands on his bare chest make him stir ever so slightly, but it’s not enough to break him out of his slumber. Instead a pained groan passes his lips as they part and his head makes another violent turn from one side to the other.

“Come on Ben…”

I whisper as I close my eyes. It had been a long time since I’d used the force in any way. I’d been able to feel his emotions through the force, but now as I closed my eyes I could see everything he saw within his mind. I could see fire, chaos, death and darkness, but out of all the things that tormented his mind; his overwhelming feeling of pain was what really stuck out to me. He felt fear… and pain from all that he’d left behind. His family, friends, who he used to be, all of it plagued his nightmares.

From inside of his mind a collection of memories, mistakes, orders and horror mix together as his nightmare continue. Within his nightmare I see a pale figure, taller in stature who sits upon a chair. The figure is a man, a man with a deformed face and a cruel expression. The moment I see him I feel fear and dread fill my chest… I knew this face… It was the face of the man who’d been watching Ben since we were children. When we were kids he’d told me about his nightmares… the ones that consisted of a man watching him from the shadows. This man from his old nightmares was clearly present in his new ones, only this time I could see that the man was real. The man from his old nightmares was Supreme Leader Snoke… a sith lord.

Even under his leader his training, Kylo Ren was afraid of him and I could sense it. My eyes open at the realization as my hands dare to move to his face. The pads of my thumbs rub along his face, slowly coaxing him into waking up.

“… Kylo. Please wake up, you’re having a nightmare.”

My words come out in a faint whisper as I run my fingers through his hair, my fingers lacing themselves in his dark black curls. My gesture causes him to stir under me, his brow furrowing ever so slightly.


He rasps, his throat dry as the sensation of his nightmares falling back into his unconscious move through the force.

“… Emilia?”

My name falls from his lips in a confused hiss, and for a moment it’s clear to me that he’d forgotten that I was there. A look of relief seems to overtake his facial expression the longer he looks at me, his conscious mind taking over. But even after relief finds him there are traces of trouble etched into his face. On his forehead are beads of sweat, and in his eyes are hints of his nightmare haunting him still.

“I’m here…”

I whisper as his hands guide me to rest on top of his chest. He holds onto me tightly and I rest my head on his chest. He breathes in and out in a steady pattern of anxiety.

“… I’ll always be here.”

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Title: Rescue
Fandom: The Avenger: Age of Ultron
Character(s): Pietro and [civilian] Reader
Warning(s): None
Requested by:Anon-Love your writing!! Can you write a aou fanfic where the reader is a civilian and quicksilver saves her from Ultrons robots?
A/N: I hope you like it, sorry it’s so short.

When things started to go bad and robots started popping up everywhere, you decided to hide, that was more or less the thought most people would have, after all murderous robots popping up out of no where? Who-apart from the Avengers and two people none of you have heard of, up until now- wouldn’t want to hide from them?.

You had hidden in your closet, mainly because everywhere else would leave you out in the open and the robots would most definatley be able to find you and kill you, you didn’t fancy dying today, so the closet was the best place for you to hide.

It had been hours since the whole invasion started, you hadn’t known if it was safe to come out, there always some kind of explosion, yelling or close call with the robots, but you needed to get out of here, to get to your friends, if they were alive that is, you hoped that they were alive, other wise the thing you were going to do next was going to be a waste of time.

You pushed your closet door open, your bare feet touching the cold floor of your room, the coldness sent a jolt of shivers through your body, you closed the door as quietly as possible and grabbed the nearest thing closest to you for a weapon, which was a floor lamp, not one of the best things to use against killer robots it’ll do.

Well that’s what you hoped, you gripped the slightly heavy floor lamp in your hands and slowly crept your way through the house, stopping and looking around every time you heard a noise, you jumped behind a few walls whenever you saw a robot run passed, your heart was beating ten to the dozen.

The front door creaked open and you sucked in a deep breath, trying not to breathe, praying to whatever god there was, if there was a god that is, that the thing entering your home wasn’t a robot, you closed your eyes and opened them again quickly, you could hear the metal clanking against the floor and something metal scraping along the wall behind you. 

“Please just let that be someone with a metal arm and legs and not a robot” you whispered to yourself, your legs were shaking and you felt as if your heart was going to pump out of your chest as it moved closer to where you were, you slowly inched along the wall, the lamp raised in your hands, you quickly turned the corner and waked the robot around the head hard enough to give you chance to run out the house, after dropping the lamp obviously.

You stumbled out of your house and pressed your hand against the wall in front of you and quickly ran the opposite direction, when the robot behind you stumbled after you. 

You stopped dead in your tracks as two more robots walked your way, you backed up, your hands were out in  front of yourself, as if you were trying to keep them at bay, kept looking behind yourself at the robot that you hit around the head and back into a corner.

You had nothing to protect yourself with, their red beady eyes sent chills down your spine, you pressed your back against the wall, hands shaking, you weren’t a fighter, this was all new territory for you, you didn’t know anything about fighting, so you cowered in the corner, your hands were raised to your face and your eyes were closed. 

The feeling of them getting closer was unnerving, but you felt it, you heard it, you felt a metal hand firmly grasp your wrist and roughly jerk your hand away from your face, you cried out from the pain and the robot pulled you to your feet, not giving you enough chance to get your balance you nearly fell over.

The key were was nearly, someone’s strong arms wrapped around your waist, the robot that was stood up gripping your arm was now in pieces on the floor, it’s hand still wrapped firmly around your wrist “are you okay?” he asked putting you into more of a standing position.

“I-I’m fine” you stuttered in response, your breathing was uneven and you were red faced “good” he said, slowly prying the metal hand from your wrist, you looked passed him to see the other three robots laying on the floor, sparks flying from them and their hands twitching ever so slightly “h-how did you do that so fast?” you asked him.

“Fast is kind of my thing” he winked at you, you blushed a little “okay, i’m going to get you out of here and to the carriers” he told you, wrapping an arm under you knees and around your back you quickly wrapped your arms around his neck.

Before you could say anything he was off towards the carriers. For safety.