robot waifus

The true test of how much i love something is based on if I draw anything for it or not. (Although there’s exceptions since half of the time i don’t feel good enough to draw said thing/or embarrased).

Anyhoo i love @hernyart art

and especially the gals he draws (his main ones up there) on his sideblog (with one HELL of a lewd name). Featuring these ghouls (geddit?…no?….i’ll show my way out) who are super awesome….and lewd….yet sweet at the same time?

Funny thing about this is that I have never seen ANY of the shows these characters belong to. That’s what happens when you don’t have cable or got to rent cartoons from the kids section at blockbuster when you were a kid, (as I faintly remember seeing the box art for the ghouls school one)

Anyhoo, if I wasn’t totally broke I’d patron the hell out of a lotta artists like this guy.


art teacher: okay yall need to make abstract art
me, rubbing my grubby, filthy, portal-loving hands together: my time to shine

Yesterday at the library a kid about thirteen or fourteen asked where the Sword Art: Online books were. I started showing him the way to the teen books and because I try to be a friendly guy I mentioned that I had read some of them.

The kid seemed a little pleased at this and asked “Yeah? What’s your favorite…”

And immediately my mind started racing ‘Don’t say girl, don’t say girl, don’t say girl…’

fortunately he said book. Crisis averted.