robot tears


Joonyoung’s dance rehearsal is my new favorite thing in the whole world : he looks like a robot trying to practise his breathing to pass for a human hahaha!

onwardmotley  asked:

Julie's magic tattoos look nice! How do they work?

Chuck and Julie are the kind of super-prepared, careful mages who go the full mile and get their most important spells tattooed/scarred into their skin (the hands/arms are traditional and convenient, so they’re usually the first place to get scarred.  

Julie has illusion spells immediately ready to pre-cast, in case she might need them.  Chuck was instated as king during a very dangerous, war-torn time, and he has the magical equivalent of his slingshot scarred into his arms because even now that things are peaceful there are still people who want him off the throne and are very willing to aggressively make that happen.

Anonymous said to livelivefastfree:

So if Texas has the stone that grants fire breathing, what do the other three stones do? They have to relate to an ability dragons can do right? I’m guessing Julie’s gives her either a magic boost or grants her illusion magic, but Chuck’s and Dutch’s are still up in the air. (Any hints or is it still a work in progress?)

x-i-l-verify said to livelivefastfree:

So besides Rayon (poor guy), who are the other dragons the Duke has locked away? Are all the leaders of the other car gangs in Motorcity dragons in this AU, perhaps?

Well as for the other gang leaders/the Duke’s prisoners:

Hit the nail on the head!  (fwiw the gemstone names were come up with by humans, the dragons don’t really make the color distinction amongst themselves)  Re: the other Burners,

As previously mentioned, Julie’s illusions are actually a pre-made spell and don’t need dragon powers to use, so hers actually gives her scrying/visions and insight through illusions.  Dragon eyes, haha.  Texas’s is pretty straightforward, as is Dutch’s.

Chuck’s is….

……..a mystery.  >:3c

I drew Mike having that one when he was a kid but I am retconning the SHIT out of that haha I just realized I could have him make another one in the story and there’s NO way I’m passing that up


instead of working on gifs and edits like i’m suppose to be focusing on, i made new robot dads on a gmod server. 

found them randomly playing music in the disco; they both rush up to me (is tron boi) and both implored me to be their robot son.

they keep talking with a french accent and i’m dying. i haven’t been this happy in forever

thomas: “and this is our adopted son, uhhhh what was your name again mon cherie?”

me: *can’t muster words and just giggles into mic*

guy: “do you think he’s malfuntioning?”

thomas: “non non! he’s just shy is all. say hello son!”

please help, who are these guys. i can’t stop smiling

Enjoy the Show (pt. 5)

(Part 4)

Mark emerges into a hallway outside of one of the party rooms. A strangely swirling mist has descended and seems almost to reach towards him as he steps carefully down the hall. “Chica is in the kitchen,” Wilford reports quietly, and Mark tries not to jump when he hears the voice suddenly in his ear. “Not the dog… the ah… duck… chicken… thing.”

“I know,” Mark bites back. “Any sign of Freddy or Foxy, yet?”

“Nothing,” Wilford glances through the cameras again. “Oh, wait. The Fox one is peeking out of the curtains now.”

“Keep an eye on it,” Mark says, going back to walking slowly but carefully down the hall. He checks in each room, quickly flicking on a pen light and searching for any signs of Nate or Matthew. So far, nothing.

Wilford makes a noise, and Mark freezes. “Hey, Mark. How bad would it be if Freddy were right outside the office?”

Mark stops in his tracks. “Well, it’s certainly not good.”

“Right.” There are more noises as Wilford runs to the door and closes it. “We’re on 76% power and it’s only 1:45.” After a few minutes, Wilford checks the cameras again. That stupid bear has disappeared, but at least he can open the door now.

Mark hears something coming for him, “Crap,” and ducks into an unlit party room, locking the door. The sounds of heavy, clanking feet come closer and closer. The animatronic stops right outside the door, pausing for a long moment before walking away in the other direction. Mark breathes a sigh of relief just as a cold hand traces down his spine.

“Who’s there?” Mark scrambles away from the icy fingers and struggles to find the light switch, but it’s nowhere within reach.

“Oh, Mark. Don’t you know me well enough yet?” Dark’s voice hisses. The figment reaches out from the darkness and pulls at Mark’s flannel before disappearing out of reach. “Did you miss me?” A jab at his right side, a swift kick to his gut. Mark is wheeling trying to catch Dark, but the Ego evades him. Only his voice seems to exist in this black room. “Once I let the robots tear you to pieces, I’ll have Amy all to myself, and I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun together…” Dark is right in Mark’s ear, and he tries to drive his elbow into Dark’s stomach. But the Ego disappears yet again.

“Enough!” Mark swings wildly with the gun, not wanting to waste ammo until he finds the wall once again. Tracing his hands along the smooth surface, he finally finds the light switch. Once the room is lit, he whirls around to face his attacker only to find a room full of party balloons and curling, purple mist. Dark is gone.

Finally Wilford is able to get through to Mark again. “Mark? Mark? Can you hear me now? What’s happening?”

Mark gasps for breath, a heavy feeling of dread settling like a thick, woolen coat over his shoulders. “H-he was here. I-I swear he was here!” Mark collapses against a wall and slides to the floor. “He was just taunting me.”

Wilford glances to the side as a bubbling purple mist begins to crawl into the room. He glares at it for a moment before realization dawns on him. “Mark! We might have a problem. The mist is…”

The audio cuts out, and Mark is left in silence, shivering and trying to control his breathing. “Wilford? Will?” He staggers to his feet, head swaying as the mist seems to thicken, curling around him and reaching for his eyes. Mark blinks.

Dark is there.

Then he isn’t.

He switches off the light, and Dark chuckles in the shadows. Lights back on, and Dark disappears. “He’s no really here…” Mark breathes a sigh of relief, and the mist begins to recede from the room, slipping out underneath the door. “Wilford! The mist makes you see your greatest fears, but they aren’t really there!”

Wilford doesn’t answer. Mark chews on the inside of his cheek and goes to the door. He’s got to get back to the office, no matter what Wilford says. Mark swings open the door, and comes eye to chest with a very real Freddy Fazbear.

The lights go out, and Mark screams.