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Muslim representation on tv 

From the Top Left to Right: Sana Bakkoush (SKAM), Salim (American Gods), Alison Abdullah (Orange is the New Black), Anwar Kharral (Skins), Shama “Trenton” Biswas (Mr. Robot), Elias, Adam, Mutta and Mikael (SKAM), Dev Shah (Master of None), Adena El-Amin (The Bold Type)


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Highlights from Lucie Pohl’s AMA

(These are all in non-linear order, so you’ll have to go up and down the AMA to find them)

  • She’s good friends with Jen Cohn

  • She loves Pharmercy and thinks the ship is ‘awesome’!

  • She says that the writing team are ‘always open’ to the VAs sugggestions

  • And that she might try to ask for more voice lines between Pharah and Mercy (!)

  • She said she would love to meet Ana’s VA, and pretty much confirmed she is going to Blizzcon

  • She’s also working on going to GamesCom, and will be at FanaticExpo in September

  • Lucie also says she’s a ‘Mercy main’

  • She also says she’d love to cosplay Mercy someday

  • And that she’d love to see a Steampunk skin for Mercy, and a ‘Futuristic Robot Skin’ for Angela

  • Her favorite projects that she’s worked on:  “The comedy shows I write are always my favorite projects because they come from me, the biggest projects I have worked on have been Overwatch, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Red Dwarf. All of them were incredible experiences!”

  • “If you could have any ability from any hero in Overwatch, what would it be and why?” Lucie: ‘I’d love to have some of Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier because it’s so badass!’

  • She loves The Wire (!)

  • The best dessert ever? Cheesecake. And her favorite flavor?  Salted caramel

  • ‘What is harder to save… heroes or cupcakes?’ Lucie: ‘Definitely cupcakes. They get eaten so quickly.’

  • When she first moved to the US, the first thing that ‘intensely fascinated’ her was spray cheese

  • What Mercy does in her spare time: “Mercy plays soccer and eats chocolate in her free time! She looks for honesty, kindness and loyalty in a friend!“

  • She can speak German, English, and can understand French, Spanish, Italian and Greek!

  • Her favorite character in the game, aside from Mercy? Soldier 76. No scratch that, she says she ‘loves them all’.

  • As for how much of an influence Lucie herself has on Mercy: “I think a lot of my personality influences Mercy because the emotions have to be real and have to come from somewhere!”

  • Lucie’s favorite type of music? “I like soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, classical music, flamenco….a lot of different kinds of music!”

  • She’d also love to visit Iceland and Sweden, and the Philippines too. 

  • Lucie lost a few of her family members during the Holocaust, and that ‘her grandmother had to wear the yellow star, was held hostage and was not allowed to continue studying’.

  • She says she’d love to turn ‘Hi! Hitler’ into a TV show. Or a film

  • And the best part about voicing Mercy? Getting introduced to the ‘wonderful gaming community’. And the fans!
5 things you didn’t know about...robot skin

Credit: Cornell University

1.  A technology has been developed allowing robots to feel their surroundings internally – similar to how humans do.

2. The core and the outer surface of the waveguide, which houses the LED and the photodiode, were produced through a four-step lithography process

3. The photodiode detects loss of light through the core as the robot hand moves. This variable amount of light allows the hand to feel its surroundings.

4. The hand is able to grasp objects and sense shape and texture. The team used it to scan three tomatoes and decide which was the ripest based on softness.

5. It has potential uses in prosthetics and orthotics.

Find out more about this on page 9 of the February issue of Materials World, or go to the Materials World website.



I usually am not that into movies that based on Japanese manga but this is something different, the atmosphere, art direction in this just trigger my interest. I’ve watched Scarlett performance in Under the skin before which is creepy AF but mesmerizing at the same time. Hope this movie will make me love SCI-FI and Manga more.

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