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5 things you didn’t know about...robot skin

Credit: Cornell University

1.  A technology has been developed allowing robots to feel their surroundings internally – similar to how humans do.

2. The core and the outer surface of the waveguide, which houses the LED and the photodiode, were produced through a four-step lithography process

3. The photodiode detects loss of light through the core as the robot hand moves. This variable amount of light allows the hand to feel its surroundings.

4. The hand is able to grasp objects and sense shape and texture. The team used it to scan three tomatoes and decide which was the ripest based on softness.

5. It has potential uses in prosthetics and orthotics.

Find out more about this on page 9 of the February issue of Materials World, or go to the Materials World website.



I usually am not that into movies that based on Japanese manga but this is something different, the atmosphere, art direction in this just trigger my interest. I’ve watched Scarlett performance in Under the skin before which is creepy AF but mesmerizing at the same time. Hope this movie will make me love SCI-FI and Manga more.

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This stretchy robot “skin” could create robots that can feel your vibe

Scientists in Ithaca, New York, have designed robotic skin that could allow robots to change the color of their skin to accurately reflect the mood of the person it’s with.

The material has two main features: “It allows robots to change their color, and it also allows displays to change their shape,” says Cornell University assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering Rob Shepherd. In addition to being able to change color, the robot skin is also extremely pliable, enabling even more lifelike features.

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5 things you didn’t know about...a flexible sensor

Credit: University of British Columbia

1. Made of layers of inexpensive silicon and a highly conductive gel, the sensor can be folded and bent while retaining its ability to detect touch.

2. Researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, developed the flexible sensor, with funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

3. The prototype measures just 5 x 5cm, but the sensor can be scaled up. Mirza Saquib Sarwar, PhD student at the University of British Columbia (UBC), claims, ‘It’s entirely possible to make a room-sized version of this sensor for just dollars per square metre, and then put sensors on the wall, on the floor, or over the surface of the body – almost anything that requires a transparent, stretchable touch screen.’

4. Saquib Sarwar also pointed out that because it’s cheap to manufacture it could be incorporated in disposable wearables like health monitors.

5. The sensor could also be used in robotic skins to make interactions between humans and robots safer, according to Professor John Madden, of the university’s Faculty of Applied Science.

To find out more see page 4 of the upcoming May issue of Materials World.

New flexible sensor holds potential for foldable touch screens

Picture a tablet that you can fold into the size of a phone and put away in your pocket, or an artificial skin that can sense your body’s movements and vital signs. A new, inexpensive sensor developed at the University of British Columbia could help make advanced devices like these a reality.

The sensor uses a highly conductive gel sandwiched between layers of silicone that can detect different types of touch, including swiping and tapping, even when it is stretched, folded or bent. This feature makes it suited for foldable devices of the future.

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Alec Hardison's Superpower is Defying Stereotypes

Leverage showrunner John Rogers was pretty open about the fact that the show’s scriptwriters utilized plenty of tropes in their stories. In his blog, he often wrote, “You say trope, I say well-honed narrative tool.” However much they used those tools in the writer room, Leverage somehow managed to escape being a showcase of stereotypes, and no example is more obvious or satisfying than the character of Alec Hardison, the team’s expert hacker with a plethora of other talents, one of which is avoiding  becoming a walking, talking cliché.

Can I just say how very much I enjoy the fact that the black male member of the cast is the least physically aggressive man on the crew?  Dear god, Hardison, you know I love you, but you are the most hilariously unconvincing hoodlum I have ever seen, and it is glorious. I loved this exchange, right after a confrontation with a street gang in The Miracle Job:

HARDISON: How about that, man? Did you see me?

He was injured.

HARDISON: Well, somebody gotta fight the injured. Shoot, that’s my niche!

Hardison can do any number of incredible things: he can disarm a bomb on a plane while he’s miles away on the ground, he can forge an antique artifact in less than a week, he can even manipulate a mark’s perception of reality to a truly astonishing degree. And he’ll try really, really hard to be intimidating when the job needs it, but more often than not he’ll end up shooting a car engine while aiming for the enemy, or needing a rescue after his tough guy act gets him kidnapped. And that’s more than okay.  I’m happy that Hardison escapes the racist stereotype of black guys as hardened gangsters, that he tells Nate when he has to pretend to rob a grocery store that he has “no frame of reference” for that kind of violence. It’s great that Hardison portrays a different kind of masculinity than Eliot’s, that he’s allowed to express fear and panic without being declared a coward or somehow less than a man. Who the hell cares how hard this hacker genius can throw a punch? He certainly doesn’t need that skill set to overthrow a president.

Another stereotype that Hardison definitively rejects is the image of the shy, socially awkward nerd. Hardison is charming, witty, and self-assured–he can smooth talk his way in and out of most situations as long as he doesn’t get overly cocky, which is the opposite problem of being shy. Also, next to Sophie, he’s the most stylish member of the group, with his scarves, vests, and bowties–and dear god, the man looks stunning in a suit. And for all of these, he is proudly and unapologetically a geek, with passionate opinions about Star Wars and a healthy obsession with fantasy RPGs. Also, his artistic, creative gifts are shown to be as much a part of his genius as his more “masculine” engineering skills. He paints, he sculpts, he plays the violin, he mixes his own music–he’s a goddamn Renaissance man, and nobody ever questions it.

One more facet of this character that doesn’t play according to formula is Hardison’s history as a kid in the foster system. While Parker shows how very, very badly this situation can go wrong, Hardison’s story proves that not all foster kids end up traumatized. He was raised by a foster mom who cared, his Nana, who instilled in Hardison not only his convictions but the healthy self-image of a child who grew up knowing he was loved. Of everyone in the group, Hardison seems the most emotionally secure, the one who sleeps peacefully through the night. He has his own inescapable issues, sure, but his life as a foster kid is no cause for pity. He had Nana. He was loved.

Basically, Alec Hardison is a foster kid, a geek, and a black man, and he owns the hell out of these identities while rejecting the tired clichés associated with them. What’s more, he does it all with a sexy, confident flair, and we can’t help but fall in love with him for it. After all, it’s the age of the geek, baby. Age of the geek.


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honestly my character design has gotten better since ive made the regular bots u see but i havent changed them cause im just rly attached to them but these girls are the result of my new character design

left to right (on the top picture): belle, cyrus (goes by cy), raleigh, tami, lime

the signs as tv characters

aries - wolfgang (sense8), nathan (misfits), samantha (sex and the city), violet (downton abbey), red (orange is the new black)
taurus - elliot (mr. robot), chloe (don’t trust the bitch in apartment 23), matt (daredevil), grace (will and grace), carlton (fresh prince of bel-air)
gemini - ilana (broad city), glenn (the walking dead), stephanie (fuller house), jess (new girl), elaine (seinfield)
cancer - zeke (the get down), ricky (my so-called life), norman (bates motel), george michael (arrested development), chris (everybody hates chris)
leo - cuddy (house, md), cookie (the empire), titus (unbreakable kimmy schmidt) buffy (buffy, the vampire slayer), annalise (how to get away with murder)
virgo - cersei (game of thrones), angela (the office), ben (parks and recreation), megan (drake & josh), rachel (glee)
libra - mitchell (modern family), emily (pretty little liars), jackie (that 70s show), hiro (heroes), laura (twin peaks)
scorpio - tate (ahs murder house), jesse (breaking bad), george (dead like me), nick (freaks and geeks), kalinda (the good wife)
sagittarius - jake (brooklyn 99), stiles (teen wolf), max (2 broke girls), penny (the big bang theory), axl (the middle)
capricorn - jessica (fresh off the boat), blair (gossip girl), cristina (grey’s anatomy), malcolm (malcolm in the middle), sherlock (sherlock)
aquarius - cosima (orphan black), jonathan (stranger things), shania (the new normal), silver (90210), abed (community)
pisces - phoebe (friends), rory (gilmore girls), mulder (the x-files), cassie (skins), kel (kenan & kel)