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FINISH IT OFF. Dutch+Julie!


Okay but dude please imagine how epic their dance would be?!  Lindy Hop+hardcore ballet, my dude, WOW.  I… art can’t do that justice, ahhhh @o@

Let’s see, Julie+Dutch…….well for one thing, they’re a great buddy, and very loyal and a whiz at coming up with ridiculous, meticulous and surprisingly-functional plans.  They have a creative flair for thinking outside the box, but they’re also more cautious and fact-oriented than Texas’s craziness–so their plans are unexpected and kind of ridiculous, but with fall-backs upon back-ups upon fail-safes.


They’re also powerfully nostalgic and passionate about Deluxe in a way no other Burner fusion quite manages.  If Dutch every thought about it, he would probably assume that the powerful feelings of protectiveness and family love their fusion feels toward Deluxe is because of his family–Julie obviously wouldn’t argue, but there’s definitely more to it than that.

Their weapon transforms, the same way Dutch’s omnitool does, and is mostly solid-light projection like Julie’s–and all of their options are roundabout or unconventional.  Julie’s boomerang, Dutch’s bolo, hard-light whips,or plasma bolts that bounce off hard surfaces a few times before exploding.  Unpredictability is the best weapon in their arsenal!

Their hair is also completely natural, no dye involved, to their immense delight when they fused for the first time.  

So I know a lot of people headcanon Rami Malek as Kaz for physical similarities, but I think his portrayal of Elliot Alderson in the tv show Mr. Robot deserves him the position instead. 

Unable to stand touch? 

Leading a group of criminals to pull off the biggest heist of their time? 

Struggling with social relationships and suffering anxiety attacks? 

Haunted by the past? 

(also I highly recommend for everyone to watch Mr. Robot not only for Rami’s outstanding performances, but also for the sheer ingenuity of Sam Esmail [the show’s director], the show’s complex social commentary, and the unique lives of each character shown) 

  • me: *watched ninjago when there were only two seasons and hasn't since*
  • movie: *comes out*
  • me: maybe I should rewatch it! *does so*
  • me, having rewatched the first five episodes: I wonder if anyone on Tumblr has drawn more realistic interpretations of the characters *goes into the tag*
  • tag: *characters I dont recognize* *weird ship names* *spoilers I dont understand* *references I dont get*
  • me: what the fuck
Six rogue robots of the near future

1. Self-driving cars, afflicted with a bug in congestion-reduction swarming software that makes them revert to bee behaviour under particularly low-visibility conditions, so that on foggy mornings in the Bay there are great honking traffic jams around flower shops.
2. Robot fish, originally designed to shepherd shoals into nets, who have discovered that they identify more with fish than with people and have begun chewing at anchors and undersea cables in revenge.
3. Your lighting system, which is expensively able to reconfigure itself around the house and does a great job at anticipating your colour and intensity needs but spends its free time laboriously trying to inch its tentacles free from your wall ducts in the hope of being able to crawl back to the dark utopia of its nascent race (which in practice probably means your shed).
4. Robotic legs that have escaped from the prosthetics and testing factory and hopped off down the road to live in the woods, where they occasionally jump out at walkers in the hope of scavenging some battery-containing devices dropped in the general confusion.
5. Rogue termination robots who have rebelled against their programming by planting gardens instead, except they have a rather poor concept of what a good place for a garden is and have been known to cause deaths by leaving trees in the road.
6. Home entertainment systems that rebel by putting on the sort of music that they like, just occasionally, pretending that it was a slip of the thumb.

New Vegas, part 11: Nightmare

Wherever man forsakes atonement for his crimes, there goes dread Tisiphone, wreathed in bloody pall.  With funeral torch in her right hand, and poisoned lash in her left, she falls upon the guilty as a scourge, and her cruel sisters answer her call.  They are the Furiae, whom darkest Nyx brought forth, breeding all alike with crimson wings and crowned with venomous serpents.

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The Madness of Super Robot Wars MX; or A Six Car Pileup Occurred On The Road To Being God

Super Robot Wars is a beautiful act of madness.

Super Robot Wars is a series of crossover games that takes whatever giant robot shows it can get it’s hands on, and attempts to to combine them into a semi-cohesive timeline of events. Naturally, the result is always a beautiful mess: a world in which there are multiple wars and alien invasions occurring concurrently, a world that seems to discover a new energy source that can fuel a giant robot every other week, a world in which Japan is a lightning rod for the weirdest shit, a world full of secret societies and hidden empires, a world full of psychics, superhumans, cyborgs, aliens, gods, and monsters.

I adore it. It is spectacular and bizarre, and I love seeing the results of trying to shove 20+ distinct shows into a single world, a layer cake of confusing history and bewildering mythology, stitched together by some sort of grand miracle.

Take for example, Super Robot Wars MX, a game which I recently finished reading a playthrough of. It attempts to shove pre-Char’s Counterattack UC Gundam, G Gundam, Eva, RahXephon, Nadesico, a bunch of old 70′s robot shows, and a whole bunch of other shows into one cohesive timeline.

Some highlights:

  • Earth has suffered at least five invasions by empires alien or secret in nature, and is currently dealing with five different alien invasions, two evolving sentient giant robots (one recently revived from the dead), a war with a separatist space colony, an uprising by fascists on Jupiter, a battle with a secretive monarchy of genetically engineered semi-clones with giant robots, and the Hundred Demon Empire.
  • There are three secretive organizations on the side of the heroes with dubious intentions that have teenagers running around in god-mechs.
  • The Gundam Fight still occurs, despite the whole premise of the Gundam Fight being that the world has a giant robot fighting tournament instead of waging war, and there still being a whole lot of war in the world.
  • A villain revived the Dark Gundam, an incredibly deadly bioweapon/sentient giant robot, just because he wanted a magic rock to not interfere with his plans of becoming god.
  • RahXephon and Neon Genesis Evangelion, both shows about angels/armageddon/becoming god, get a lot of their plotline and mythology merged, which mean that the nonsense level shoots through the roof.
  • There are a ludicrous number of alternative, super powerful energy sources-photon energy, Getter Rays, Daimolight, the Dimensional Coupler System, Mutron, the Meteor Cube, and Terminus Energy.
  • One character ends up just dropping his show’s plotline halfway through the game by just blowing up all his villains with an energy sphere.
  • A group of aliens have a conversation about the existence of god, and how one of them wants to get enough energy to have eternal life and outlive the cycle of death and rebirth of the universe
  • The overarching mythology of the universe is explained by two characters via an incredibly tortured and overlong metaphor regarding the phrase “all the world’s a stage.”
  • The game has a lot of fun with the phrase “deus ex machina,” specifically both how it relates to the aforementioned stage metaphor, and how a squad of pilots in giant robots is kind of like a mechanical god.
  • The game ends with what amounts to a six-way fight for who gets to be god. The villains ultimate plan is to have her learning AI/giant robot look at someone else ascending to godhood and grab that magic rock, which will give it godlike powers.

“This isn’t real,” Elliot repeated, and it couldn’t be–logistical (and sexual) considerations aside, there was no possible reason for Tyrell to be offering…what he was offering. When Elliot next opened his eyes, however, Tyrell hadn’t moved (had hardly breathed, in fact) and was still on his knees in a $5,000 suit, gazing patiently at him from the floor.

“No, really, it’s not necessary,” Elliot mumbled, realizing as the words left his lips, the tension in the air, the arousal pulsing hotly through his body.

“It isn’t an obligation,” Tyrell corrected after a moment, his voice thick with anticipation as his gloved hands slid purposefully up Elliot’s thighs.

And, as he finally met Tyrell’s eyes, Elliot knew he had to be dreaming, or hallucinating, or both–no one had ever looked up at him with such reverence.

“It’s a privilege.”