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voltron fic recs

does anyone have any recs for voltron fic with 

  • interesting worldbuilding (altea! lions! blade of marmora! earth!)
  • more than just two characters (i.e. the main pairing) have significant roles/speaking parts
  • relationship development isn’t solely focused on romantic love (not necessarily gen, but stories where “but are they in love?” isn’t the only problem to be resolved)

whenever i try to read voltron fic, i can’t seem to get past the layer of romcom that rises to the top. (great if it’s your thing! :/ it is not my thing.)

since it’s not fair to ask for recs without sharing some, so here are a few voltron fics I have enjoyed:

occluding junction (and other incidences of biology) by Kieron_ODuibhir (33k, gen + fantastic character observations + pre-S2 galra!Keith)

Keith’s solution to his steadily escalating problem is to hide it and hope it goes away. So instead of noticing what’s the matter with Keith, everyone notices the steady escalation of his hiding.

It’s only marginally an improvement. (It’s not an improvement at all.)

for what binds us by amillionsmiles (7k, keith/shiro + daemon AU)

This is who you are, Lupa had told him during his first medal ceremony, nose nudging the fist clenched at his side. Own it. Let them stare.

And people do. It’s impossible not to stare at Lupa, with the proud tilt of her head, that fierce canine intelligence and the way her black fur catches the light. Shiro’s loved her all his life, and the day she settled was one of his happiest moments.

He just wishes that it didn’t always feel like when people look at him, they’re seeing only his daemon.

It’s Confusing These Days by torch (55k, keith/lance + world building about the lions and the mice)

Lance definitely doesn’t like Keith. Like that. At all. No, really.

Meanwhile, there are shenanigans involving robots, fruit, knitting, and traditional Altean medicine. Also, the space mice are the true heroes of the story.

Nor Are We Forgiven by lokery (6k, Keith-centric so far, tragically unfinshed but it’s exactly the character-driven plotty world-building long fic I long for so I’m reccing it anyway)

Nineteen years ago, Emperor Zarkon’s most trusted general fell in love with a human woman. When the general and his lover were killed, Zarkon took in their infant son Kyryx and placed him with eager young soldier Sendak to be raised and trained in the ways of the Galran Empire.

The Angry Machine…

He is Adorable… an adorable murderous little machine…

Say Hi to Metal Sonic- who is one of my favorite villains and actually one of my favorite characters in the Sonic Series.

6 year old me would be so PROUD of 30 year old me drawing this. She would be chattering non stop about this. Yes, that tells you how old I am- the year Sonic CD came out, I was 6 years old. I was hooked long before that though… My love for the series has never really died. Its been tested at some points, but has not died. At this point- I don’t think it will.

The sketch for this came about in a shenanigan art drawpile stream thing with @madmadcat who has been super awesome about going “JUST DRAW WHATEVER YOU WANT!” And I fully admit to having way too much fun drawing  this… I then brought it into Clip Studio to finish after the stream ended, cause why not.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I, for one, am ready to kneel before my Metal Overlord… XDDDDD!

anonymous asked:

I had no idea you were a published author until that "Carrie love" post started circulating. OMG. Can i buy your books somewhere? Because I love your writing and I need them PRONTO.

oh gosh! i just saw that post, oh SHUCKS!!  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

and thank you so much! there are two YA books that are out now! if you like fantasy and selkies, you can check out seven tears at high tide, and if you like superheroes, not your sidekick is the first in a series w adventure and romance and shenanigans. also robots! 

Some of the best comments I got were “Thank you, your Highness,” “Please don’t kill me,” “Hey man, gettin some in Sextillion!”, and “I’m sorry about your wife.”
Drunk lady coming up and kissing the screen was interesting, too. But I personally enjoyed the photo with Anna and Elsa when another friend tried to get in the photo and one of them yelled, “Not you, royalty only!”

Voltron and Beatles Music

Shiro – soft, meaningful lyrics, ballads. He can’t handle rock to save his life. 

  • Hey Jude, 
  • Let it Be
  • Something
  • And I Love Her
  • (All those sentimental loves songs)
  • Blackbird
  • Oh! Darling
  • All You Need is Love
  • Here There and Everywhere
  • Anna
  • The Long and Winding Road (the one that Keith dubbed as the Fucking Long-ass road that never ends)
  • I Will (I’ll wait a thousand years until you wake up, Allura. He always loves the descending guitar line. Without it, his life’s incomplete)
  • Paperback Writer (just imagine Shiro dawning upon the idea of how much paper they’re wasting)
  • I’ll Follow the Sun (Everyone else – the sun is light years away. Shiro – hey, we’re closer than when we were on earth! Pidge – actually, we’re probably even further away from the sun than we were on earth because we haven’t even seen any of our own solar system’s planets and we’ve probably traveled over multiple galaxies during our time in space, so it’s highly- Shiro – Pidge! I’m trying to be positive!)

Keith – classic rock, sometimes heavy metal, sad. The typical emo kid songs choices 

  • Yesterday
  • Revolution
  • Eleanor Rigby
  • Ticket to Ride (Keith thinking why he couldn’t have her ticket)
  • If I Fell (listening to this as he’s having his most confused moment in his life when he falls in love with Lance)
  • Michelle (this isn’t a sad one, but he just really likes the minor in this)
  • I Want You (Keith singing this to Lance when he’s confessing is my ultimate wish)
  • Words of Love (he really likes this one ballad because of how simple the lyrics are)
  • Helter Skelter (Keith’s inner rockstar coming to life. You know he’s the type to listen to ACDC, Queen and Sum 41. Or he’s just grown attached to this song because he read too much TG)
  • Girl (the relationship of Keith and his spiraling depression), I’ve Got a Feeling (that he’s part Galra), For No One, Rain (Keith just really likes rain), Mr. Moonlight (Keith absolutely loves the beginning)

Lance – groovy, pop, something he can dance to. As long as he can feel the music, he’ll dance and jam to anything

  • Hello
  • Goodbye (this is so Keith and Lance Imagine Keith saying bye and Lance singing this)
  • We Can Work it Out
  • I Saw Her Standing There (Lance singing this to flirt with Keith)
  • Do You Want to Know a Secret
  • Roll Over Beethoven (Do you even know any classical musicians? Lance – I know Beethoven. The Beatles taught me.)
  • From Me to You
  • Day Tripper (he has so much fun singing the chorus ‘she was a daaaaaaayyy tripper!’)
  • Eight Days a Week (the typical flirt saying to Keith that every week lasts eight days with him)
  • Lady Madonna (just Lance being sassy af)
  • Back in the USSR (literally Lance in the song)
  • All Together Now (Lance learned his basic grade one vocab through this song. He put this song on for all his siblings)
  • Bad to Me

Hunk – i don’t know. Just something that makes him happy 

  • Yellow Submarine (If he’s happy listening to this, you betcha he’ll be happy listening to Bicycle by Queen)
  • Penny Lane
  • Blackbird
  • Oh-Bla-Di Oh-Bla-Da (watch him sing this as he’s baking and Pidge thinking he’s singing in a different language)
  • Free as a Bird
  • Till There Was You
  • Why Don’t We Do it in the Road (I don’t know why but I thought of Hunk listening to this)
  • Back in the USSR (he just likes it because of the multicultural-ness)
  • Please Please Me (he puts this song on as he bakes he really wants to please everyone with his cookies, that are actually edible this time)
  • I’ve Just Seen a Face (Hunk believing in soul mates is cute)

Pidge – techno, chillstep (Beatles doesn’t really have much techno, but eh), not really a sensitive topic, cool, chic 

  • A Day in the Life (favorite part is the suspense sound)
  • Here Comes the Sun
  • I Am the Walrus (thinks this song is a meme itself)
  • Octopus’ Garden (this is Pidge’s Little Mermaid)
  • I Feel Fine
  • You Can’t Do That (what Pidge says about people touching her work)
  • Hey! Bulldog (she just thinks this song is so completely random)
  • Please Mr. Postman (smol Pidge waiting for her sciency parcel to arrive watching the postman pass her house everyday)
  • Two of Us (I bet she thinks of Matt and her doing their science/robotics shenanigans listening to this)

Allura – similar to Shiro’s taste, can handle a little rock unlike Shiro

  • I Want to Hold Your Hand (she thinks of her father while listening to this)
  • In My Life (imagine her thinking about Altea listening to this)
  • Across the Universe (why not. She’s in space)
  • I Need You (she just really misses her father)
  • Things We Said Today (She just thinks this song is mystical)

Coran – full out Elvis Presley rock, old timey 

  • Don’t Let Me Down
  • Twist and Shout (his inner Elvis Presley is displayed to the whole universe)
  • Love Me Do
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • When I’m Sixty-Four
  • A Hard Day’s Night
  • Long Tall Sally
  • Lady Madonna (He jams out to this with Lance)
  • Drive My Car (whenever Coran puts this song on, Lance just goes to Keith and says you can drive my car. You totally pushing my buttons *beep beep beep beep* sound effects)

Everyone’s Jam 

  • Help (They all need help. For god’s sake, they’re all freaking paladins of the world.)
  • I’m a Loser (Losers? = Voltron nerds)
  • She Loves You (their spread the love song)


As I established in this post, writing a graphic novel of Undertale, a complex game that can be incredibly meta at times, is a challenge. This is especially true when it comes to the graphic novel’s second volume, which about 70% consists of the Genocide route… a favorite for toxic discourse in the fandom, specifically considering my favorite kiddo-of-bad-intentions.

No matter which run we take in Undertale, it is up to us as the player where we’re going and what we decide to do.
It turns out there is hefty evidence that Chara is also heavily responsible for what happens in the Genocide run, and therefore I came to the conclusion that in the second book Chara would stand in both the shoes of themself AND the player, since it’s not a leap of logic to place the blame on them for the run.
(Don’t believe me? Go check out @nochocolate. They compile all the evidence and several different points, and explain it much better than I ever could.)
This IS a graphic novel, after all, the closest thing to the player is the reader, and as I stated before you as the reader have no say in anything that’s happening. So, enter Chara, a character already responsible for plenty of the damage and who can easily fill the role of a character standing for the actions of the player.

Now, if you read the first blurb you already know all of this.
So… Why am I repeating it? Well! Some time to think, a bit of noodling around on the wikis and blogs with good hard facts PLUS some anon hate from some time ago made me realize… this character-filling-player-role business happens BEFORE the second book. Yes, my friends, it’s happening in part one as well.
We don’t actually learn Frisk’s name unless we play the True Pacifist run, and we hear from Flowey if we try to come back after completing the ending that this is a good, happy ending for them that we shouldn’t mess with. Therefore, it would appear that Frisk can adequately stand for the player as well as their own self in the True Pacifist route. When you choose to make friends and spare everybody, you are also going with what Frisk would like as well (this is speculation, of course, but it’s my hunch).
So… in conclusion to all of this, Frisk and Chara BOTH stand for the player and their run in the graphic novel, they are character representations that could logically be pulled and used to represent the player’s experience as they run through True Pacifist and Genocide.

That’s what we’re gonna be working with, and I’m quite happy to have put this in place.
Now, if you will excuse me, I need to return to scripting strange robot shenanigans.