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voltron fic recs

does anyone have any recs for voltron fic with 

  • interesting worldbuilding (altea! lions! blade of marmora! earth!)
  • more than just two characters (i.e. the main pairing) have significant roles/speaking parts
  • relationship development isn’t solely focused on romantic love (not necessarily gen, but stories where “but are they in love?” isn’t the only problem to be resolved)

whenever i try to read voltron fic, i can’t seem to get past the layer of romcom that rises to the top. (great if it’s your thing! :/ it is not my thing.)

since it’s not fair to ask for recs without sharing some, so here are a few voltron fics I have enjoyed:

occluding junction (and other incidences of biology) by Kieron_ODuibhir (33k, gen + fantastic character observations + pre-S2 galra!Keith)

Keith’s solution to his steadily escalating problem is to hide it and hope it goes away. So instead of noticing what’s the matter with Keith, everyone notices the steady escalation of his hiding.

It’s only marginally an improvement. (It’s not an improvement at all.)

for what binds us by amillionsmiles (7k, keith/shiro + daemon AU)

This is who you are, Lupa had told him during his first medal ceremony, nose nudging the fist clenched at his side. Own it. Let them stare.

And people do. It’s impossible not to stare at Lupa, with the proud tilt of her head, that fierce canine intelligence and the way her black fur catches the light. Shiro’s loved her all his life, and the day she settled was one of his happiest moments.

He just wishes that it didn’t always feel like when people look at him, they’re seeing only his daemon.

It’s Confusing These Days by torch (55k, keith/lance + world building about the lions and the mice)

Lance definitely doesn’t like Keith. Like that. At all. No, really.

Meanwhile, there are shenanigans involving robots, fruit, knitting, and traditional Altean medicine. Also, the space mice are the true heroes of the story.

Nor Are We Forgiven by lokery (6k, Keith-centric so far, tragically unfinshed but it’s exactly the character-driven plotty world-building long fic I long for so I’m reccing it anyway)

Nineteen years ago, Emperor Zarkon’s most trusted general fell in love with a human woman. When the general and his lover were killed, Zarkon took in their infant son Kyryx and placed him with eager young soldier Sendak to be raised and trained in the ways of the Galran Empire.


Reporter Mettaton Photoshoot at UChi-Con 2017

Cosplayer: MylCreates

Photographer: (Myl’s Blooky friend Aoiasahinas)

Editing by: MylCreates 

Video of Myl (MTT) & Aoiasahinas (Blooky) at UChi-Con 2017: 

anonymous asked:

I had no idea you were a published author until that "Carrie love" post started circulating. OMG. Can i buy your books somewhere? Because I love your writing and I need them PRONTO.

oh gosh! i just saw that post, oh SHUCKS!!  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

and thank you so much! there are two YA books that are out now! if you like fantasy and selkies, you can check out seven tears at high tide, and if you like superheroes, not your sidekick is the first in a series w adventure and romance and shenanigans. also robots! 


*sees two men in suits in our hotel*
Nooo we are not able to function in society

Jester boy! Sing me a dance!

Barbeque chicken in the closet!!

Oh you can tighten these?!?!? OH!! I have made a discovery! THEY ARENT SLIPPING ANYMORE!


Here comes a robot! And an EXISTENTIAL CRISIS!

Software captain: I’m like a seventy year old man. I can’t make the things work. I have trouble with tech sometimes … nah I’m actually like a fourty year old man who grew up in an Amish community.

*sniffs pockets* it’s smelling less and less like hotdog…

*team smells shirt from Mentor’s backpack*

-There was probably shelves in there.
-I don’t think so. There were people sleeping in there.

What? I’m not even that white and I’m the captain!

And then there were seven…well actually nine. But that sounded better.

Oh Goddamn coota’s running under my truck!

He doesn’t have facts. He just shouts at me.

*bob the builder theme* I’m a failing alcoholic! Can you fix it?

Why is the water coming from the air?

I have a built in selfie stick.

You never know if its gonna move. Quantum mechanics. You gotta keep an eye on that shit.

Not a bomb. Just balls.

Maybe your dad looked at my butt.

Do you want am extra ranking point? Because I have 40 balls.

Sunburn free my dude.

I don’t think I’d smash you, I’d be too intimidated.

-You were on the ground too!
-That’s because I tripped over your dead body.

I dont want that. I just want the spoon once it’s washed.

It’s bread fruit and it’s filled with hummus.

It turns into Lord of the Rings and Star Wars plus segways and Dean Kamen.

I’m the software captain. I don’t do long words.

I look like I’m wearing a chip on my head!

-Why didn’t you stay with the group?!?!

*small innocent voice* we’re like the mafia.

Hey look at those idiots throwing fuel on the roof…oh wait that’s our team…

I’m not having an existential crisis, I am quite faliliar with those. This is just me being cold.

1-Flashback to Idaho.
2-Snap back to reality. Oh, there goes gravity.
3-Manifest destiny!

Second robotics!

I just want you to smell me man! Stop enjoying the experience!

-I used to think you were a nornal person before you joined this team.
-I think I was a normal person before I joined this team…

*troubleshooting with the team*
-Sometimes the muscle just doesnt work.
-Have you tried poking it?
-Have you tried turning it off and back on?
-Have you checked the color values?
-Are you using labview?
-Is there a new update?

-The f is not for fantastic.
-The f is for FUCK.

-Keep your moistness to yourself!
-You just gotta spread the moist love!

*software captain kicks chair across room* The answer is arcsine!!

The velcro sticks to the wrong side of  the velcro!

-Are you an extra large boy?
-For Doctor Who sleepy pants!

When you take robot nerds to prom

Unicycle riding is just the sexist form of movement.

*tries to sit in an upside down seat*

*just starts screaming at random teens in italian accent *

*puts a spoonful of butter into half a loaf of french bread*

I have nested. No one can move me.

I brought consolation glitter.

*everyone spends 45 minutes in a neat old bookstore*


Practice gifs to find my groove when I FINALLY OFFICIALLY start on AOI. The format will be in timed out animatics. These are two test “mini sequences” to try out two brushes and practicing Isaac’s acting. These are not official, and I will most likely change these when it comes to the final product. Genre-wise I want to balance the action/comedy/and drama similar to Chuck, since it inspired AOI and is my all time favorite show (seriously check it out it’s on Netflix now :) it has fantastic character arcs and the overall journey of the characters is so much fun) Get ready for robots, garlic bread, feels, mad scientists, and artificial intelligence that all have a sense of humor. :D (when I finally get to this…. :P)