robot shenanigans


Practice gifs to find my groove when I FINALLY OFFICIALLY start on AOI. The format will be in timed out animatics. These are two test “mini sequences” to try out two brushes and practicing Isaac’s acting. These are not official, and I will most likely change these when it comes to the final product. Genre-wise I want to balance the action/comedy/and drama similar to Chuck, since it inspired AOI and is my all time favorite show (seriously check it out it’s on Netflix now :) it has fantastic character arcs and the overall journey of the characters is so much fun) Get ready for robots, garlic bread, feels, mad scientists, and artificial intelligence that all have a sense of humor. :D (when I finally get to this…. :P)


I thought it was best to organize this experience into shorter segments because I took A LOT of video. But this was so much fun! Here’s part one of the Steampunk World’s Fair Dinner with SPG with starshine-robotics, @fidget-the-magnificent, giraffesonparade, derpywhalez, katherinemorag, adu101, and my friend Casey whom I will update when and if she gets a tumblr. Hatchworth (samhears) and Rabbit (bunnybennett) are the two we chatted with in this video, Spine, Steve, Camille, Chelsea, Beth, and James are in the next parts :)