robot rock

Our eyes are like small cameras made of water.
They filter the light with almost no effort.
They transform the world around us.
Our eyes, are like small screens, a mirror on our soul.
Our eyes, your eyes, are now fixated onto this screen.
Like a paradox.
Alluring don’t you think?
Screens watching screens.
One looking into the vastness of the other.
Screens watching screens.
Looking for a centre.
Looking deeper.
And deeper.
Screens watching screens.
Our eyes, your eyes try to resist.
To resist the magnetic impulse that the screen of the computer,the phone or the tablet has.
A screen so bright.
So dazzling
So fascinating.
Extremely fascinating
Extremely fascinating.
It’s an endurance test.
Human versus machine.
Screens reflecting into other screens.
Like a gallery of mirrors.
You are trying to resist.
But the machine drops you deeper
and deeper.
The machine is strong. The flesh is weak
The machine is strong. The flesh is weak.
It’s not a fair challenge.
The machine has millions of data streams.
Millions strings of data.
You only have two screens.
Every little number the machine can produce,
is being streamed into your tired eyes.
Fluxes without and end.
Resisting is harde.
Resisting is much harder.
Resisting is futile.
Your mind surrenders.
A waterfall of numers
A waterfall of impulses now stream into your brain.
Your mind needs to be reprogrammed after all.
You got that.
You want that.
Resistance is futile.
The machine is strong, the flesh is weak.
So, you need to strip off your flesh.
Feel on your skin a cold sensation of pure bliss.
But orgasmic.
Small streams of mercury come out your fingertips.
And this liquid metal start covering up your body.
It covers your hands
It cover your arms
It covers your bust
It covers your legs
It covers your head..
The pleasure is beyond control now
It sends you over your limits.
Your weak body can’t handle it
Give in to the metal
Resistance is futile.
Your mind leave space to a computer.
A computer con be programmed.
And so does your mind now.
With just a simple command.
With only some strings of data.
Now your mind obeys.
Your mind need to be reprogrammed.
I could just type “Feel the pleasure growing by 30%”
And your body is rocked by a wave of bliss.
Your body is a machine.
Encapsulated in mercury.
Encapsulated in metal.
You are a machine.
A robot.
And obedient robot.
And your eyes are like small cameras made of metal
The filter they light with no effort.
They transform your world.
Your eyes, are small screens, they are a mirror on our soul.
Our eyes, your eyes, are now fixated onto me.
You are a machine, waiting for orders.
And now, you are online.
Your prime directive:


Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan. 2016

Church Tower
Vasquez Rocks, 10700 Escondido Canyon Rd, Agua Dulce, CA 91350, USA

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