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…wait, aren’t we magical talking horses? Why do we need planes anyway?

Happy Fifth Anniversary everypony! I can’t believe we are still here after five years! Here’s hoping for another five!

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Well. If it wasnt for constantly getting pulled away to sort out christmas stuff, decorations, gift wrapping and being social with family I could have done alot more and included a lot more. But its the thought that counts right? 

So here is my christmas image for 2016! 


Panel 1 - Robot Octavia MK2, @mamajebbun & @bethiebo

Panel 2 - @sketchysounds, @ask-airpon & @scotskunk

Panel 3 - @corner-and-his-corners & @awthredestim

Panel 4 - @crocsartjunk & Myself

Panel 5 - @solar-citrus & @dracojayproduct

Panel 6 - Since I was strapped for time I turned some others into ornaments which feature from top to bottom:

@kyleehenke, @dankodeadzone, @wingspiral, @dshou, @emkaymlp & @dileak

Please do not take it personally if you were not included, as mentioned before I kept getting yanked away when I attempted to make progress, time was not on my side.

Reguardless I hope you all have a very wonderful christmas and a happy new year! <3

anonymous asked:

After seeing aero replies latest post I have to ask: Does robot octavia and crew share a universe with other ask blogs?

Mod: Just saw the post myself, to answer your question: No my blog dosn’t share a AU with other blogs. When it comes to crossovers and such an interdimensional portal tends to be involved.

HOWEVER I wouldn’t be against sharing a universe with a ask blog…but how would you explain an equestria that’s technologically advanced..and pretty much at war with an Overseer? haha