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…wait, aren’t we magical talking horses? Why do we need planes anyway?

Happy Fifth Anniversary everypony! I can’t believe we are still here after five years! Here’s hoping for another five!

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Regroup and Rebuild part 11

Mod: No, I am not uploading the next part early, This was meant to be uploaded on the 30th but work, and getting this PC sorted out made me forget about it. Sorry about that!

So here is part 11 and forewarning: Part 12 may be delayed until the 7th, again what with work and going to see thor ragnorok tomorrow evening.

Art by myself

Script by @sketchysounds

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Well. If it wasnt for constantly getting pulled away to sort out christmas stuff, decorations, gift wrapping and being social with family I could have done alot more and included a lot more. But its the thought that counts right? 

So here is my christmas image for 2016! 


Panel 1 - Robot Octavia MK2, @mamajebbun & @bethiebo

Panel 2 - @sketchysounds, @ask-airpon & @scotskunk

Panel 3 - @corner-and-his-corners & @awthredestim

Panel 4 - @crocsartjunk & Myself

Panel 5 - @solar-citrus & @dracojayproduct

Panel 6 - Since I was strapped for time I turned some others into ornaments which feature from top to bottom:

@kyleehenke, @dankodeadzone, @wingspiral, @dshou, @emkaymlp & @dileak

Please do not take it personally if you were not included, as mentioned before I kept getting yanked away when I attempted to make progress, time was not on my side.

Reguardless I hope you all have a very wonderful christmas and a happy new year! <3


Seriously though, don’t call me horse famous. It’s really annoying.

I think this movie was really funny actually, despite me getting a bit lost in it. I can kind of relate with the main protagonist, sometimes getting too much attention can suck the fun out of what you do, but in the end it’s the fans that make everything worth it.

I love the fact that this movie doesn’t take sides when it comes to the actors or their fans, but presents both of them rather positively and together they end up saving the universe. The acting is great (that Tim Allen guy, what an amazing actor, capable of going from funny to dramatic in the bat of an eye), the writing is ingenious, the characters are memorable, and it’s so campy and enjoyable that I get totally sold on the sad dramatic moments.

Overall, this movie is great. You all should take your time and see it.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to find this Gingerbread pony who called me horse famous. I mean, how dare you?

Featuring Svelte and Britannia, Firestarter Spitfire, and Robot Octavia Mark V.

Thank you all for 100 followers!

Since I’m terrible at creating awesome things, I decided to whip up this poster featuring me, and all of the people who helped me get this far, minus three people: that-fin-medic (I couldn’t find a Fem-Medic model which let me change the hair colour), ask-blu-spy-belle (Because the Fem-Spy model looks literally nothing like him/her/them), and askrobotoctavia-mark5, (Because I do not know of a robot Octavia model). Still, these people are all awesome, and you should go follow them right now. Once again, you guys are all absolutely fantastic people, and… Yeah. Thank you all.

As for the people IN the poster (Again, sorry to those three that weren’t), they are. from left to right: ask-blu-loser, askthattf2-medic, me, ask-that-blu-spy, ask-evelynsniper, and askred-sniper (In front).

“Marcus never did get that intel back…”