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Just some Cuphead headcannons - Boss Souls

Goopy - Sold his soul to live beyond the grave. Literally.

Ribby and Croaks - Bet the devil they could win a fight with his best boxer. Both lost and were put in dept.

Hilda Berg - Unable to fly after a terrible crash landing. Sold her soul to fly again.

The Root Pack - Sold their souls to win ‘Largest Carrot/Potato/Onion’ prize at the county fair.

Cagney - Taken advantage of for looking like a cute wimp. Sold his soul to become scary. When he wants.

Baroness Von Bon Bon - Beheaded by rebels. Sould her soul to get her castle back.

Djimmi the Great - Sould his soul to no longer be bound by his lamp.

Beppi the Clown - Didn’t make the devil laugh at his brithday party. The Devil took his soul as payment.

Grim Matchstick - Devil made him guard a hoard. Didn’t want to hurt the looters, and gave the devil his soul instead.

Wally Warbles - Originally a sentient clock. Sold his soul to become a real bird.

Captain Brinebeard - Stole a living ship from the Devil. Payed with his soul.

Phantom Express - A train owned by the Devil in general to house lost souls. Eventually went off the rails, so to speak.

Rumor Honeybottoms - Originally a bee under an evil queen. Sold her soul to usurp her and modernize the colony.

Cala Maria - Sold her soul to become beautiful and not petrify people.

Sally Stageplay - Sold her soul for fame.

Dr. Kahl’s Robot - Wanted a soul. Devil let him have one that was to be returned to him at a later date.

Werner Werman - Sold his sould to defeat his arch enemy, and turn him into a robot.

King Dice - Amassed Gambling Depts at a young age. Sould his soul to turn the depts around and buy the Casino.

Society on female rock/metal artists:

Hayley Williams is nothing but hair dye

Maria Brink is a whore/sex metal barbie

Taylor Momsen is satanic and a slut and needs a sandwich

carah Faye’s too inked and so is LIGHTS

Amy Lee’s too fat

Lzzy Hale’s too bitchy

Avril’s a bad girl and is a attention whore

Lynn Gunn and Alexa San Roman should not exist cuz they’re gay

Jenna Mcdougall and Tay Jardine are ugly(?)

Cherri Bomb is pop band because their name sounds poppish

Joan Jett’s too old

Jen Ledger and Korey Cooper weren’t meant to play drums and guitar

Now you ask why girls suicide due to fucking stereotypes and always being lower than men.

This is the reason.

Our society is so fucked up for women.And it’s fucked up for men too.

These women here,who are classified into categories,are Saviors of a million people.People put down razors,put back pills,got a life because of these amazing women.Give them the chances they deserve.

.All girls can rock.

Note: this post is not meant to defame the opposite sex in any way.

Laura Barton tho.

Laura “Clint please stop the home renovations” Barton.

Laura “I know you work for SHIELD Clint, stop giving me that guilty school boy look and just go on your secret mission already” Barton.

Laura “Clint I will tolerate most of your shit but if you so much as think of giving Lila sugar before asking me Nick’s gonna have to look for a new secret agent” Barton.

Laura “get your ass down here Maria, I haven’t seen you ages” Barton.

Laura “you are not allowed to tell Lila and Cooper mission stories, jfc Maria you should know better, even Natasha doesn’t do that” Barton.

Laura “kids uncle Nick cannot play with your because he’s going to be busy explaining why he hasn’t come around for dinner in four months, and he better have a good excuse” Barton

Laura “Clint, please honey no more home renovations, go play on the farm” Barton.

Laura “you’re family too Nick so come back alive to us all right” Barton.

Laura “Natasha I realised you were part cat years ago, don’t bother about it put your head down” Barton.

Laura “Nick please send my husband on a secret mission, he’s got out the tool box, NICK PLEASE” Barton.

Laura “Nat this kid is going to be named after you shut up and get me some good celebratory vodka when you’re done with this mission” Barton.

Laura “Clint those cookies are for Melinda and Nick, Nat you can’t eat them either” Barton.

Laura “come on guys don’t you think you’ve all had enough maybe we should call it a — WAIT DID THOSE AGENTS REALLY SAY THAT ABOUT NICK WHAT FUCKING ASSMUNCHING SHITBAG MOTHERFUCKING BASTARDS” Barton.

Laura “and you call yourselves secret agents, you can’t even get out from under the blankets while hungover, what am I going to do with you bunch” Barton.



Random Celestial Navigation Easter eggs that I had fun with:

All of the Neil Degrasse Tyson quotes that float up on Tony’s computer screen are actually relevant to whatever it is he is dealing with, not random.  Tony actually does need to listen to Neil!  As do we all. 

In the chapter with the visit to the parents, there is a mention of Howard and Obie visiting The 800 Club in Vegas…in the Greek numeric system, the Omega symbol has a value of 800, so…yeah.  Ew, right?  

The story of The Little Prince features in Tony’s narrative.  In that book, a pilot crashes in the desert and meets a young prince who has fallen from an asteroid. The pilot originally wanted to be an artist, but was discouraged from this by adults who didn’t understand his potential.  The author of The Little Prince was a WW2 pilot in France.  Parallels, did you say????

I mentioned it in the end notes, but the Army is actually working on adaptive armor under its TALOS program, which is described as developing “Iron Man armor,” so there you go. 

In the fic, Frank Capra is mentioned as having done Captain America films during WW2.  Capra did actually make WW2 propaganda films.

The Iron Man that Steve recalls from B movies of his childhood was a real thing.  I liked the whole idea of these random bits, Maria from Metropolis, the power loader from Aliens, the adaptive armor, etc. sort of leading into Tony building the armor.  Like, the armor idea didn’t just pop up out of nowhere.  There was a basis for it in what Tony had already been doing and been exposed to. 

Watership Down also features in the fic, and it, too, was written by a WW2 soldier.  It has been criticized for sort of treating the female rabbits as prizes to be won without giving them any agency, even as it comments on leadership and war, which I thought made it a great way to contrast Steve and Tony’s perspectives.  There is also some interesting scholarship on the Metropolis movie from a feminist perspective about the dual Marias (the real Maria, who gets her man and is “saved,” and the robot Maria, who turns out to be less controllable than they thought and they end up burning at the stake).  Kind of a neat parallel to Tony and his mom, I thought. 

anonymous asked:

I have been meaning to ask this for a long time. Because I see you talk about it being your favorite movie. Whats Metropolis and is it silent 'cause 1927 was before talking right? What's it about? Can I see it online somewhere?


Oh, you didn’t just ask me about Metropolis.

Buckle up, my friend.

Metropolis is only the most brilliant film in the history of film. If you haven’t seen it, you MUST see it. First of all, they have the restored version on Netflix watch instantly. If you don’t have Netflix, here’s part 1 of the restored version on youtube. And part 2. And part 3.

Do try to watch the restored version. A lot of times people prefer the “original” when it comes to things like this, but the restored version is actually restored. Not just “made better for modern audiences” like a lot of this stuff usually is when they say “restored”. 

What happened was when the film first came out in theaters, it was very long because the director Fritz Lang and his wife screenwriter Thea von Harbou (the author of the book the film was based off of) wanted to be true to the text. After pressure from their German peers/audience post-premiere who thought it was much too long, Metropolis was heavily edited and abridged, meaning they took a lot of symbolism and important scenes out of the film. So much so that the plot had quite a few holes and scenes that were very out of place without context. I think they took an entire quarter of the film out or something and it was lost forever when WWII broke out. Quite a few German films were destroyed during the war. 

In the late 2000s (I wanna say 2007 or 2008), they found a copy of Metropolis in what was thought to be its complete form in Buenos Aires, Argentina. UNABRIDGED, if you will. Unfortunately, it was tore up, in really bad condition. (Probably it wasn’t taken care of as it should have been/maybe the war got it before it was taken by some German/maybe Nazi citizen fleeing war-torn Germany to Argentina, like many Germans did after WWII. This is me guessing.) But basically they did the best they could to restore it, using the original version that had been shown for over 80 years and adding in their own Intertitles to summarize missing scenes and to better piece together the plot for viewers. And voila! A restored version which is SO stunning, and so much better. I always say don’t eff with the director’s cut. And usually I have Metropolis in the back of my mind when I say that.


The film is about a futuristic society called Metropolis in which citizens enjoy wealth to the point of waste. This city of brilliant minds, industry, and gluttony is powered by a massive machine buried underneath. And that machine is powered by the underclasses 24/7, men and women who slave all day and night to feed the dystopian machine and make sure those who live in the glorious Metropolis above ground have all of their needs fulfilled. Those who live in Metropolis and those who live and work in the dystopian caverns below it never cross paths.

The spoiled son of the Master of Metropolis follows Maria, a beautiful woman who cares for the children of the underground workers, down into the belly of the caverns that house the machine, where he discovers the horrors and cruelty that exist beneath his city.

It continues from there, and wow if it isn’t the most stunning film. So innovative. So terrifying in parts. And just creepy in other parts. But the message and moral of it is so clear, so universally understandable and relatable…that it has stood the test of time now for over 85 years.

So watch it! I hope you enjoy it! I know hearing that it’s a silent film tends to turn off a lot of modern movie lovers. And you really do have to pay attention. But it is that one singular film that I believe everyone needs to see before they die. More so than any other film. 

It’s just plain magic.

Oh and this bit of madness happens, too:

Robot Maria, you creepy freakin’ bitty. Get outta here.


Brigitte Helm in “Mistress of Atlantis,” (1932), which placed Atlantis as a lost city in the center of the Sahara Desert. It’s in a now-dead genre, the “H. Rider Haggard’s She-rip off” about a powerful sorceress queen of a lost city who falls in love with explorers.

Brigitte Helm is best known as Maria/the Robot from Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” (1927).

Because sound movies were so new, “Mistress of Atlantis” was filmed three times: in English, French, and German.

Fun fact: Brigitte Helm was in a serious traffic accident and was accused of manslaughter. However, Adolf Hitler, a big fan of her movies, personally signed her pardon.

Retail (Bucky x Reader) (Part 2)

Based on true events…

[Retail AU]

(Part one)

word count: 1170

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As Bucky witnessed his boss fling herself into the restroom he also watched as Maria sadly shuffled onto the floor out front to greet the dreaded four and a half lady. Frantically, he didn’t know whether to hang around towards the back or follow the poor old lady out front. He chose the latter, tailing Maria quietly to see just how scary the small footed lady was that made his boss jump a mile into the toilet. “Hello, how are you doing?” Maria greeted with a forced smile on her face, muttering under her breath to Bucky, but he couldn’t hear a single word she breathed out.

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Femslash Sharon Carter AU ideas

If anyone likes any of these ideas, you are free to use them for your fics too. I’d love a mention/credit though :)

Sharon Carter/Pepper Potts:

  1. Cousins Sharon and Tony have a bet on who will succeed in charming the new transfer to their high school. It turns out, impressing the fiery and smart Pepper Potts is a Carter gal’s cup of tea.
  2. When architect Sharon Carter was given the assignment of remodelling the Potts Tower, she didn’t really think through the possibility of falling for the owner of the home.
  3. Pepper Potts was the forensics expert who was also one of the best friends of  Freelance Consultant Tony Stark. When his childhood friend, Sharon Carter, joins the bureau there is a chemical reaction that Potts wasn’t expecting.
  4. Burned out businesswoman Pepper Potts met punk biker Sharon Carter in a bar and began the longest, most complicated and exhilarating journey of her life.
  5. Pepper is biggest fan of crime and mystery novelist Thirteen, who has never been identified by the world. In an attempt to catch the elusive author for a journalistic piece, Pepper seeks the help of her ex-girlfriend and detective Sharon Carter.
  6. Lady Virginia hates magic ever since a warlock killed her fiance. Crowned the Queen in his stead, she vows to erase the land of magic. Mage Sharon is sent in guise to try and change her mind, to save the magic folk of New Yorkland.

Sharon Carter/Maria Hill:

  1. Maria Hill is the best dog trainer available in town and Sharon Carter has the world’s most mischievous dog to train. 
  2. A broke and desperate Maria Hill becomes the surrogate for Sharon’s cousin Tony Stark and his husband. In the middle of all the baby drama, Sharon falls in love with the woman who might just break her heart.
  3. Maria Hill is the new popstar in town in need of a good lyricist. Enter Sharon Carter, a small time greeting card writer.
  4. Maria and Sharon are good friends outside the ring, but in it they are the worst rivals in robotic boxing.
  5. Broadway director Maria Hill meets the young and talented Sharon Carter, niece of yesteryear star Peggy Carter, and decides to make her a star.
  6. Sharon Carter never expected to meet a barista she would hate, but as always Maria Hill manages to accomplish the impossible.

Sharon Carter/Jane Foster:

  1. Sharon Carter is the athletics star and Jane is the science champion of the school. Away from school they are the neighbors who know the real person behind their tags.
  2. Jane is an Immortal who seeks the help of mortal Sharon Carter to save her King who has fallen.
  3. A recently divorced Dr. Jane Foster and unhappily engaged DJ Sharon Carter mistakenly take each other’s bags at the airport and begin communicating in the pretext of returning the other’s items.

Since Sharon/Natasha has already been done in the previous Natasha based AU ideas post, I’m omitting that pair here.

Let me know your favorite AU idea? More femslash AU ideas to come for other characters.

Retail Sneak Peek/Drabble Request

98. “Hold me back!’ - 3 anons and @namay 

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As Bucky witnessed his boss fling herself into the restroom he also watched as Maria sadly shuffled onto the floor out front to greet the dreaded four and a half lady. Frantically, he didn’t know whether to hang around towards the back or follow the poor old lady out front. He chose the latter, tailing Maria quietly to see just how scary the small footed lady was that made his boss jump a mile into the toilet. “Hello, how are you doing?” Maria greeted with a forced smile on her face, muttering under her breath to Bucky, but he couldn’t hear a single word she breathed out.

“Uh huh,” the lady acknowledged as she looked among the shelves of shoes. “Do you have these in a four and a half?” she held up a taupe colored strappy sandal to Maria.

“I’ll check,” Maria replied, turning her back towards the floor as she moved back into the shelves. “This woman never buys and she always asks us to pull out a million different shoes.”

“Do you even have anything in a four and a half?” Bucky leaned against the wall as he stared at the small woman looking into the shelves.

“Nope,” she answered, walking back out to where the lady stood. She let out a heavy sigh as soon as she saw her, a sigh that only Bucky heard as he followed her again. In the customer’s arms were about eight shoes, waiting to ask poor Maria for more sizes. “No, smallest is a seven.”

“Well, let me try it on, just so I can get the feel of it.”

“Oh my God,” a quiet voice sounded behind Bucky, making him jump slightly in reaction. He turned to see (Y/N) standing behind him with her arms crossed. “Why am I not surprised?”

“How was your escape to the restroom?” Bucky joked, chuckling at her reaction towards the customer as he observed Maria getting more agitated by the second.

“How kind of you to ask, Bucky,” you laughed.

“Do you have any of these in a four and a half?”

“I’ll check,” Maria said robotically. Before she could turn around, a small smile shined on her face as she greeted the FedEx delivery brightly. “Steven, good morning!”

The tall, blonde haired man, parking his shipment cart right outside the store window before walking in with a smile on his face. “Hello, ladies. How many do we have today?”

“Just ten, not that bad,” (Y/N) replied in a high pitched voice as she gestured towards the pile of bagged shoes, making Bucky crinkle his eyebrows in curiosity at her reaction towards the FedEx guy.

“New guy?” the man by the name of Steven questioned (Y/N) with a nod.

“Yeah, Bucky meet Steve. Steve, Bucky,” she introduced them to each other as Maria squeezed past them to the back to grab the customer her shoes.

Before Bucky or Steve could utter a word in greeting to each other, the lady sitting on the couch annoyingly complained. “Are you the manager? Because what you’re doing is very rude and you can expect me to never come back here again,” she said as she threw her purse over her shoulder and stormed out of the store.

(Y/N) scoffed as soon as she left, yelling at Maria to stop looking. “I was about to ask you boys to hold me back because I was going to rip that bitch apart,” she joked, whispering out a quiet “shit” as she realized that she had cursed.

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I want to see this today. Metropolis by Fritz Lang. German Expressionism. 1927. First Sci -Fi film. First Android Robot film. Influenced Blade Runner, Star Wars, and the like.

Robot Maria is great.