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shinovii  asked:

I feel like I should ask this. Do you feel that some of the bosses in SA1 (except Chaos 4 cause he's already tedious enough) should've had longer health or more aggressive A.I?

  • Egg Walker probably could’ve done better if it didn’t wait so long after slamming its legs into the ground when you get under it, but that’s about it!
  • The Egg Carrier’s cannon should not defeat itself out of boredom if you wait too long fighting it. I’m not kidding, this actually happens.
  • Egg Hornet could definitely do without the bug that lets you to drain the entirity of its health by spamming the homing attack on it.
  • Chaos 2/6 can go on for a pretty long time if you don’t know the tricks to beating them. 6 with Big could do with a little more action, but I’m not sure what could actually be done considering Big’s moveset.
  • E-series robots (aside from E101Mk.II) are too easy to stun lock.

There’s no problem with Chaos 0 - he’s pretty much just there as target practice while you get used to the basic controls. You even get a Ring at the start incase you get caught off-guard by the boss just walking up and punching you.

Egg Viper is great and the only boss in the entire game that switches up when its weak point appears. It’s pretty fun to fight that thing, especially with that real sense of danger when it starts destroying platforms.

Also, judging by unused Tikal lines, Chaos 4, 6 and 7 weren’t even what Sonic Team originally planned them to be:

  • Chaos 4 was supposed to attack Tails if he started flying, keeping him out of the air. I think he does do a certain attack when Tails flies, but it’s very easy to avoid.
  • The Chaos 6 fight was supposed to make use of the cannons that appear around the outside of the arena in the adventure field.
  • Perfect Chaos was supposed to be encased in a barrier that prevented you attacking him until you defeated a number of tentacles surrounding him. There was also planned to be a point where you had to escape a pool of contaminated water.

“The Japanese Transformers Animated Intro Theme Goes With All Other Transformers Intros”



First JetHead piece for my TankHead project. 

The Warhawk is a balanced fighter capable of both dogfighting and air to land/sea combat.

Pinup girl wing art by Janet Kim
Only realised it looks more like a Spitfire than a Warhawk but I’m already done with it sowhateverzzz.

sweet talker by sushiepidemics
those venomous words are sugar coated. a playlist inspired by darkiplier

1.Crossfire Stephen 2. Who Are You, Really? Mikky Ekko 3. Reepers Muse 4. You Are Now Poison Prefuse 73 5. Nocturne EDEN 6. No Grey The Neighborhood 7. for him. Troye Sivan, Allday 8. What Kind Of Man Florence + The Machine 9. Dark Doo Wop MS MR 10. Interlude 2 Rivers & Robots 11. II. No Exit Childish Gambino 12. Timeless James Blake 13. Prince Deftones 14. You’re So Dark Arctic Monkeys 15. Friction Imagine Dragons 16. Control Halsey 17. Seven Devils Florence + The Machine 18. Run Boy Run Woodkid 19. If I Had A Heart Fever Ray