robot ii

sweet talker by sushiepidemics
those venomous words are sugar coated. a playlist inspired by darkiplier

1.Crossfire Stephen 2. Who Are You, Really? Mikky Ekko 3. Reepers Muse 4. You Are Now Poison Prefuse 73 5. Nocturne EDEN 6. No Grey The Neighborhood 7. for him. Troye Sivan, Allday 8. What Kind Of Man Florence + The Machine 9. Dark Doo Wop MS MR 10. Interlude 2 Rivers & Robots 11. II. No Exit Childish Gambino 12. Timeless James Blake 13. Prince Deftones 14. You’re So Dark Arctic Monkeys 15. Friction Imagine Dragons 16. Control Halsey 17. Seven Devils Florence + The Machine 18. Run Boy Run Woodkid 19. If I Had A Heart Fever Ray

Lean Frizzera - Giuseppe Dynamo, Series 3. (11/16).
3 color serigraph print on metallic paper. Limited edition of 120.
Printed by Ignacio Alo Fraga at Rio Rosadito.

Can’t help but think of Audrey II and Little Shop of Horrors when looking Dynamo’s bicycle passenger.


i. i am not a robot // marina & the diamonds ii. fall in love // phantogram iii. radioactive vs gasoline // imagine dragons vs halsey iv. pilot // amber run v. like real people do // hozier vi. staying up // the neighbourhood vii. bleeding out // imagine dragons viii. handsome // the vaccines ix. afraid // the neighbourhood x. human // daughter xi. is there somewhere // halsey

I wanted to experiment in style and see if I could do that cool thing with flat colors and shapes that a lot of you people do that I’ve never quite been able to do. I’ve also been watching a lot of Mobile Suit Gundam, so I made this homage to my favorite pink robot: Char Aznable’s Zaku II. 

So what do you think? Like? If so, I might make a set of these (with some other mobile suits from the series) and sell them as fancy-dan prints.