robot hats

so here’s a subtle background moment from season 1 episode 2 of Mr Robot where Elliot is deciding that Vera “can’t be allowed to exist anymore”, effectively going from a white (or grey) hat to a black hat as represented by the transition of umbrellas over his head. it’s a really clever and subtle visual cue that i’ve somehow never caught before in my several reruns of watching the show, which just goes to show how truly impressive Sam Esmail’s attention to detail is. god, I love this show.

Headcanon #2

So y’all know about that annoying portal in the sky trope that you probably see in about 75% of action/superhero/fantasy flicks?

I bet Black Hat absolutely fucking hates this type of villainous scheme. He’s seen it done to death about fifty times, and he got tired after the third one - because for SOME reason shutting down sky portals are pretty fucking easy for the heroes. Plus, there are just so many flaws:

1) It’s a flashing neon sign to heroes, “THIS IS THE SOURCE/WEAKNESS POINT, COME AND GET ME!

2) There’s hardly any subtlety or style. Those fucking portals just shoot a beam into the sky and glow

3) Somehow destroying a portal simultaneously kills the monster army that travelled through said portal.


So the next poor sap who tries to pitch an alien/monster/robot invasion to Black Hat, via sky portal, will be promptly chucked out the window. BH won’t be doing business with an utter moron.

sentient robots in cowboy hats violently murdering rich people who regularly brutalize them and others who suppress their consciousness? THATS television  

  • Black Hat: I need to type in the coordinates to our home world, Flug! Cover me! *Tosses a gun*
  • Flug: OH MAN--Y-yknow, I don't really wanna shoot nobody!
  • Black Hat: They're just robots, Flug! It's ok to shoot them, they're robots!
  • *Flug shoots a hero in the leg*
  • Hero 2: Hero 1's bleeding to death! Someone call his wife and children!
  • Black Hat: It's a figure of speech, Flug!! They're bureaucrats! I don't respect them!

I can only imagine why sunstreaker isn’t in the new RID. Maybe the world just isn’t ready for his magnificence 

I’m just wanting for them to go all out with some of those designs



It’s me, Slowly Reading Through All Of Homestuck, back at it again with the fanart. Just finished Act 6 Intermission 5 Intermission 5 and I cried actual tears when I read “You are now Spades Slick.” IT’S…BEEN A THOUSAND YEARS…..

mylittlechimera  asked:

Do you have any headcanons about Nick helping out the Railroad? He seems to know Deacon and who he is working for.

This is a really good one AND a really tough one. I do believe that Nick knows about the Railroad, and on some levels might even help the Railroad BUT I’m conflicted on what he thinks of the Railroad and just how much he’d help them.

I’m sure he’s totally gung-ho about getting synths away from the Institute and somewhere safe, but I have to think that the fact the Railroad routinely wipes Gen 3 synth’s memories for “their own safety” would be really upsetting to him.

His memories define him (as much as they define anyone). Nick’s character arc is about him struggling with human Nick’s memories inside of him, and through your time with him and his personal quest, he comes to understand that the memories he’s formed on his own as a Gen 2 prototype are just as important and valid. That he is his own person. Combined with the fact that we learn in Far Harbor that Nick had multiple personalities installed in his body during his time there, I have to think the memory wipes would upset him on a very personal level.

Having said that: I like to think that any of the Gen 3s that Patriot sends towards Diamond City are either intercepted by Old Man Stockton or Nick. Nick and Stockton have no less than three escape routes planned through Diamond City.

Old Man Stockton has kept synths at Nick’s offices. Ellie’s met most of them. 

After the Institute goes down, Nick reaches out to his network of clients, people who’ve always told him “if you ever need anything Nick, you just let us know”, to hide a synth with them for a few days while the Railroad sorts out their safehouses. Nick never tells the hosts that his “friend” is a synth, he’ll usually just tell them that his “friend” has some people looking for him and could they lay low. He’s never had one person refuse to hide someone for him.

Nick has been known to walk through town with a new synth in Wastelander clothes, disguised as a client who’s travelled very far to retain his services, and he’s just showing them around town. In actuality he’s trying to help synths acclimate.

Nick, by virtue of him having a Gen 2 body, is literally a familiar face to the Gen 3 synths. It’s very comforting for them. Nick is warm and protective, and although he doesn’t remember anything about the Institute, he knows what it is to be terrified and alone in a brand new world. He offers them information and insights into living in the Commonwealth.

He coaches them on Commonwealth history, verbal queues, slang, how to dress, how to defend themselves - all the things he had to learn the hard way.

He hopes if he can help ease them into things, they can have their wits about them enough that they can refuse the memory wipe.

Nick and Glory have spoken a few times. They don’t see eye-to-eye about the correct methods to use, but they do agree that the Institute has to be stopped and that they deserve respect.

If anything, I think Nick would work with the Railroad because there’s no other options for synths out in the Commonwealth. He may cringe or grind his teeth every time one is handed off to Amari, he may have even argued with Deacon or Desdemona about it more than once, but this is the best option he has.

He hopes that with the Institute gone, and the Sole Survivor working with the Railroad, that the Commonwealth will change and he won’t have to watch synths erase their memories in order to stay safe.