robot giraffe

but have you considered robot sneezing?? like, something small gets lodged in their air vents or they accumulate too much dust and need to get it out so theyre suddenly randomly puffing air out of their air vents and they jerk around a bit like humans do when they sneeze but ahhh i just love robots


Walter Worker Instructional Video: Breakfast

Drew a Steam Powered Giraffe yesterday.  For, you know, no reason at all.

I also watched the band Steam Powered Giraffe do a live youtube concert yesterday, it was pretty nifty!  I hope it’s something they continue to work on, it wasn’t perfect, but I really admire them trying to get the feel of their shows to those outside the US.  Keep at it, you fantastic folks!

Right but you know the drawing and that instance are completely unrelated. Like totes. 



Walter Worker Instructional Video: Bed