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Robot Food arrived at the peak of the global financial crisis. Five years later, we’re toasting success with our very own anniversary rum. To celebrate these five fantastic years, we’ve had special rum bottled, in a limited edition of fifty. It’s aged five years in oak barrels, with a label that speaks of ‘a depth and complexity far beyond its years’. Each bottle has been hand numbered and finished with a branded wax seal.”

Robot Food was started in a dining room in Harrogate, in January 2009, by Mike & Simon who met and became friends while studying art & design at college. We would love to say that we refined our model while learning from our employer, taking a wage – that we broke away, bringing clients with us on our journey, but we didn’t. We had a vision, developed creative concepts and PR’d them as if they were real, gaining exposure in major international design press. We then hit the phones and sent out branded promo. Many of our clients today became aware of us back then and have watched our growing determination for success.

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"For Christmas 2014, we gave our clients something fun, festive and worth making room for on the mantelpiece. We’d hesitate to call ourselves a traditional agency but we do love a traditional Christmas. So we gave our clients, family and friends a festive wooden nutcracker. With a robotic twist. Robot Roy is hand-painted in primary colours and he’s packaged in an impressive bespoke black box made from Ebony Colorplan, with an in-house illustrated design. The 50 limited edition boxes are finished in a luxurious gold foil and sealed with a numbered sticker. Cracking."

Bold, brave and beautiful. That’s the blueprint for Robot Food’s design. Making noise is good. Being heard is better. What they do is turn up the volume on strategic creativity. They focus the messaging. They do away with clutter. They craft every detail. Simply put, they’re hellbent on great ideas that bring solid commercial results.

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Robots and Donuts

Eric Joyner has made a name for himself over the past few years with his signature Robot and Donuts series of paintings.

In his works, he depicts retro robots exploring and participating in a variety of activities… but somewhere in the painting donuts are incorporated. So, why Robots and Donuts? In his interview with Electix, Eric says:

“Upon deciding to become a gallery artist, I had to make some rules, or guidelines. They were as follows: 1 – I will only paint things I like, 2 – The subject(s) had to be something that I could paint for 30 years, and 3 – That people like it. Donuts & robots together make no sense. I find this interesting.”

Redditor downvotedagain shared this photo of an incredibly awesome Gingerbread Optimus Prime that was made by 3D and compositing artist Caroline Eriksson for a gingerbread contest put on by Melange, a Norwegian company which produces a margarine-based spread.

The contest winner will be awarded with a travel gift card worth about $6500. Good luck Caroline!

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[via Geekologie]

Robot Serves Up 360 Hamburgers Per Hour

No longer will they say, “He’s going to end up flipping burgers.” Because now, robots are taking even these ignobly esteemed jobs. Alpha machine from Momentum Machines cooks up a tasty burger with all the fixins. And it does it with such quality and efficiency it’ll produce “gourmet quality burgers at fast food prices.”

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