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From Starbucks to where we are now (Elliot Alderson x Reader Smut)

Request: An imagine where reader (girls) is as socially awkward as Elliot and works at Starbucks. Elliot comes in one day and she notices him extra and then a few days after HE asks for her number but she says no but writes it on his cup. And then some relationship stuff and fluff, and maybe some smut at the end if you’d like.

A/N: I hope you like and enjoy this imagine, because I do! Leave your comments behind!

Word count : 2,032

“Next, please!“  You shouted and took care of the next customer in the line. Today was a very rough day at Starbucks. So many people came in and out and you barely had time to take a little break. Unfortunately, one of your co-workers fell ill so the whole work was waiting only for you and for another girl. It was pretty exhausting. You had to take orders and serve people at the same time, while your other co-worker prepared everything.

After a few hours, you were very tired and your feet began to hurt terribly. You took a look at your watch and noticed that only three hours had left for your end of work. Rolling your eyes, you pulled yourself together and continued your working.

As always, there were some jerks who tried to hit on you. You experienced such things every time at work. But you didn’t pay much attention, not even defend yourself. You were not the type of girl who socialized a lot. You were different. You rather spend some time alone instead of meeting people or going out. Besides, you barely had friends to hang out with and reject everybody who tried to spend some time with you. The only friend you had was Amanda, your co-worker. She was nice and funny. You could trust her.

Once you gave an old lady her order, a young man at your age stepped in front of you. You gave him slight smile. “What would you like to order?” He stared at the menu behind you, surveying it thoughtfully. Then his green-blue eyes gazed at yours. “What would you recommend?” His question took you off guard. Normally, you never got questions like this. Something told you that he was very different than other people, maybe even more different than you. Your eyes wandered at the black hoodie he was wearing. You always had a thing for hoodies in general. You almost had a collection of different colors of hoodies in your wardrobe. Admittedly, it suited him very well.

“Uhmm.. I would prefer Caramel Macchiato, sir.” You replied politely. His eyes still was fixed on you, which made you feel very uncomfortable. It felt like his eyes would pierce wholes through your body. “Caramel Macchiato it is then.” You wrote down his order as he took a place at the end of the room. You followed every single move he made, so mesmerized by this young man because you knew he was unusual. As he looked back, you instantly tore your eyes away from him and told Amanda to prepare his order so you could give it to him.

A few minutes later, you nervously walked to the young man of whom you did not even know his name. “Here you go!” You mumbled as you lay the cup of Caramel Macchiato on his table. “Thanks.” He said before you walked away with some strange feeling in your stomach.

It was not the only encounter with him. He would used to come every day from now on, always ordering the same drink and sitting at the same spot, while he used to tip something on his laptop. You wondered what he did.

Once in a while, he would stare at you, observing every move you did. You must say, you kind of liked his attention. He was very handsome and the most beautiful man you had ever seen in your life.

“Hey..” You heard someone mumble behind you. As you turned around, you saw him, clothed in his usual black hoodie you fell in love with. Sometimes you wished he would give it to you so you could add it to your collection. “Hey..” You answered. It was Sunday and the store wasn’t as much as full as it used to be. He handed you over some money. “The usual, please.” You nodded and started to prepare his order.

“C-can I have your number?” You almost got and heart attack and nearly dropped the whole macchiato on the floor. What was he asking? Your number?  “No!” You shook your head. How could you give him your number? You didn’t even know that guy. You turned around only to look at his sad facial expression. “What a pity..”  You thought about it. Maybe giving a try?

He wanted to grab the cup in your hand but you pulled it away from him. You sighed, grabbed a marker and noted your number on the plastic cup, which made him smile widely. After he went out of the store, you hoped inwardly not to regret the choice you made. And you didn’t.

Only a few hours later, he called you only to tell you that he wanted to meet you. And since you had no other plans for the week,  you agreed at his offer.

You spent your first “date” in his apartment. His name was Elliot Alderson, a very wonderful name, and he was working for AllSafe. As you suspected, he was pretty different. You found out he suffered from anxiety, depression, paranoia and delusions. Besides, being touched made him feel very uncomfortable but he made an exception when it came to you. He didn’t mind you touching or hugging him, no he felt better.

You always used to play with Flipper, because you loved dogs with your whole being. And Elliot loved watching you when you played with her. You told him about your hoodie collection, that you loved long walks, dark rooms and coffee. That’s why you also worked at Starbucks. The rest of the night you used to cuddle a lot, watching films on Netflix while eating Popcorn.

From that day on, you both were dating each other. He would take you out for long walks as you used to like and sometimes spent the whole night with you awake and surrounded by the dark, talking to you about different stuff. And you grew to love him every single day. He created feelings in you that nobody had before. He may be awkward or unusual but he was interesting too and you loved him.

It was a rainy day as you came back from work, paying Elliot a visit. Actually, you spent every day in his apartment, he even asked you if you’d like to move in with him. You clothes were wet from the rain because you were too silly to take an umbrella with you. All you wanted was taking a nice shower, wearing some of Elliot’s comfy clothes and cuddling with him on the sofa.

He greeted you with an amused smile as he opened the door, giving you soft kiss on your cheek. “Save your silly comments, El!” You warned him and entered the apartment. On your way to the bathroom, you took of your jacket and shoes, Elliot watching you. “I’m taking a shower, babe.” You told him. You were too busy with taking off your clothes so that you not noticed that you hadn’t locked up the door.

And of course, Elliot took the advantage of sneaking into the shower. He was waiting for this moment a long time. As you stepped under the shower and turned off the water, you were greeted with hot warm water, that instantly calmed your tensed muscles. You sighed contently, feeling the exhaustion washing away from your body.

Suddenly, two strong arms were wrapped around your waist and you flinched at the sudden contact. You were almost screaming if there wasn’t Elliot who held his hand over your mouth. “Shh.. baby.. It’s me. “He whispered seductively in your ear. “Elliot! What are you doing here?!” You hissed, as he pulled away his hand. “Wanted to shower with you. What else?” You slightly felt nervous because it was the first time he would ever see you naked. You were very self conscious about your body, and didn’t like it very much. “Elliot, please go out.” You pushed him away but it was useless since he was stronger than you. “No..!” He whined. “I want to shower with you!” You turned to him, looking lightly sad. “Elliot, please. I don’t want you to see me like this.” He stared at you confused. “Like what?”

“My body.” You gulped. “I don’t want to see you my body like this.” He pushed you against his well built chest, stroking your wet hair lovingly. “What’s wrong with your body?” He asked. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, kissing his tender flesh. “I don’t like my body, El. I feel fat.”

“That’s nonsense, (Y/N). You’re not fat. You’re perfect.” You smiled a little bit at his statement. “And besides, I don’t care what you’re look like. You’re beautiful to me. Inside and out.” You pressed your body against his, mumbling an “Thank you,Elliot.” He kissed your forehead. “May I show you how much I love you?” You exhaled nervously, knowing exactly what he meant. It was your first time and he would take your virginity in a bathroom. Not really the way you imagined your first time, but hey it could be very exciting. You nodded your head in determination. “You may..” You softly spoke.

Elliot pushed you carefully against the wall, his lips were pressed against yours, kissing you with hunger and lust. His hands were trailing all over your body, leaving shivers wherever he touched. As he nibbled on your neck, a low moan escaped your lips and you could feel yourself getting wet between your legs. Elliot found your sweet spot with no difficulty, sucked and licked the tender skin.

You wrapped your hands around his body, your nails digging into the skin of his back. He pressed you more against the wall, loving the way you made him feel. You could notice his erection against your stomach, biting your lip. “Jump.” Elliot panted and you did as he ordered, wrapping your legs around his waist. He continued to pleasure your neck until there was nothing more left than hickeys. Although they would be visible at work tomorrow, you could care less. You were too much into this moment and enjoyed Elliot’s amazing mouth on your neck.

One hand wrapped around your waist, his other hand trailed down to your sensitive area, his thumps teasing your clit. You rolled your eyes in pleasure, moaning out his name. “Elliot!” He continued to tease your entrance and later on inserted one finger into you, pumping his finger in a slowly and agonizing way. “Mhmm, Elliot.”

Elliot could get used to the sweet sounds you made because of him. He looked at you in admiration, how you bit your lower lip, trying to muffle your moans and how your eyes fluttered with lust. He couldn’t wait any longer and slowly slid himself into you. His already hard erection was filling you completely, stretching your walls. Deep and low moans escaped your lips and after Elliot gave you time to adjust to his size, he began to move. First very gentle and carful, later wild and passionate.

“(Y/N)!” Elliot groaned, pressing your foreheads together, losing himself in this intimate moment. Thrusting harder, he hit one spot you craved for the whole time, making you yelp. He kept thrusting  that spot, making you see the stars. Slowly, you felt something build up in your stomach and knew that your high was approaching. “I-I’m going t-to cum, El!” You panted. Elliot nodded his head. “I’m c-close too..”

You buried your face again in the crook of his neck, feeling your high coming closer and closer. Suddenly your walls clenched around Elliot’s member and you arched your back, screaming his name. Elliot rode you through your orgasm and after his thrust became sloppy, he came himself. You were on birth control, so you didn’t mind him releasing into you. You both took a moment to calm down from your highs. Elliot pecked your lips, sliding out of you. “I love you, (Y/N). It was beautiful.”

“I love you, too Elliot.” You responded. “And yeah, I agree with you. It was beyond beautiful.” You washed each other before you stepped out of the shower. From now you were definitely a fan of bathroom sex.

Tired Teacher

3 hours. The meeting started three 3 hours ago. Still, Genos couldn’t bring himself to shrug off the comforting weight of his sensei and get ready. He had been absolutely mortified to wake up and find that he’d fallen asleep during dinner, and in the middle of Saitama’s story no less!! He had quickly moved to try and find the older man only to be weakly held down by a light weight. He turned to see what said weight was and almost short circuited.

“S-sensei?” He mumbled to himself.

It was odd to see the bald man asleep this late in the morning. It was a little known fact, and by little known it’s meant only Genos, that Saitama was a very restless sleeper. Saitama only slept for a few hours a night before being awoken by strange, off the wall dreams and then going to train. The most Genos had ever seen Saitama sleep was 4 hours, but looking at the clock it had been almost 6! A new, and definitely improved, record! Genos decided that it was imperative to let his friend sleep. But that had been 3 hours ago and now the meeting was probably over, he was probably in trouble - not that he cared - and he was beginning to worry about Saitama-Sensei, someone doesn’t go from sleeping an average of 3.46 hours a night to 9 in ONE DAY.

“What should I do, I don’t want to wake him, but I’m worried. Sensei what would you do..?” He whined to himself.

Genos contemplated for another half hour before deciding it was best to make sure Saitama was alright. He took a deep breath and steeled himself.

“S-sensei!” He stammered out, in a manly totally non cracking voice.

Saitama inhaled violently as he whipped his head up and looked around in a confused manner.

“W-what? You- you good Gen? What up man?” He grumbled as he wiped drool from his face as if he was confused as to how it got there.

“I’m fine Sensei, I was just beginning to worry about you, you’ve been sleeping for almost 10 hours!”

“10 HOURS!?! GENOS WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME??” He cried quickly jumping up and rushing to get ready.

“DON’T YOU HAVE A MEETING TODAY?? YOU’RE GONNA BE LATE DUDE!!” He scolded while trying to pull on his pants.

“We’ve already missed it Sensei… I’m sorry” the Cyborg mumbled quietly.

Saitama paused. He felt bad, he didn’t mean to make Genos feel like he’d done something wrong, Saitama just felt partially responsible for Genos and wanted to make sure he was successful at whatever he tried to achieve.

“Genos, you’re not in trouble, I’m sorry I was yelling. I just want you to do well y'know? I care about how things turn out for you.” He mumbled honestly, going a little pink in the face.

Genos smiled coyly, “I know…Saitama-San.”

Saitama blushed fully now, it was hard for him to feel fully attracted to Genos when he called him ‘Sensei’ it was a turn off for him. But hearing the younger male call him by his name was one of the most exciting things for him. He cleared his throat.

“Well if the meetings, already over, we have no reason to go out today. Let’s just go back to bed.”

Genos nodded. Saitama changed back in to his pajamas and laid next to the blond. In just a few seconds Genos had him wrapped tightly in his arms, as strong at he was, he liked feeling protected too. They laid silently like this for a few minutes before Genos broke the silence.

“Why did you sleep so well last night?” He asked gently.

“I guess because I didn’t get any sleep while you were gone?”

It was Genos’ turn to yell.

“WHAT?? SENSEI THAT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEART!!!” He held Saitama a few inches away while he said this.

“Sorry, I just kinda forgot how weird it felt to sleep alone, it felt wrong without you here.”

Now it was Genos’ turn to blush like a beat.

“I-I see.” Was all he could muster. They returned to their close position holding each other and within a few minutes their breathing had synchronized. Just as he was about to nod off Genos mumbled out,

“Please take care of yourself.”

And he could’ve sworn he heard a mocking

“Yes sensei”

LOOK HOW  CUTE BEE IS!  just going “nope I can’t let you through here, no nope” and he just keeps a smile the entire time

anonymous asked:

I'm in dire need of some Hobi and Jin fanfics - so if you could recommend some of your own written fanfics, which would they be? (:

i’m sorry I am replying so late!

For Jin:

Machine - robot!au with fluff and angst.

Lilac Butterflies - if you want something extra fluffy.

Teddy Bear - if you want some vampire Jin.

Massage - if you want to read smutty masseur jin. (nsfw gif included, beware lol)

Some Things - if you want witch!jin.

For Hoseok:

View From 4-B AU - if you want something smutty with some kinks.

Nobody Like You - if you want something super angsty. this is probably the saddest thing i’ve ever written. haha ;__;

Brave Hearts (with Yoongi) - if you want some mild angst with a happy ending because friendship is all that really matters.

Costume - if you want a smutty hybrid au.

Sleepy Eyes & Sighs - if you want an internet friend au with fluff.

Guarded Hearts - if you want a dance teacher hobi and singlemom!reader au

i hope that helps anon! these are the hobi and jin fics that I’ve written that I really like. ^_^


Stretching your arms above your head, you made your way back to the couch. Seeing Elliot already on it made you smile and you were happy to see him relaxed for once.Pushing your hair behind your ear, you fixed your pajama bottoms then sat on the couch curling into his side. Humming in pleasing, you rested you head on his chest as he slowly wrapped his arm around you.

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Taehyung Scenario: Steel Hearts Part. 2

Request: can you please make a part 2 for the taehyung robot scenario??? (:

Genre: Fluff / AU.

 Part 1 / Part 3

You never knew robots could be so real, until your parents gave you Taehyung.

-Why can’t I go with you? I can go and keep you company-  

You shook your head. -You have to wait here-

He cocked his head to the side like puppies do when they are curious. -Why?-
Sighing you gave your hair a last retouch with your flat iron, you were getting ready to go to class and Taehyung was having a hard time grasping on the concept of you going somewhere without him. -Taehyung wasn’t programmed to stay away from Y/N- 

You glared at him through the mirror, he was looking at you with the cutest face, pouty lips and adorable eyes, if you didn’t know any better you would have sworn the boy standing behind you was a real human. -Why are you speaking on third person?-

-I’m sorry owner- he said quickly. -I was programmed to not be away from you-

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Enjoying my rps a little too much. On one hand, Ceaser’s being passionate with Suzy, on the other, he’s held captive by Dio. On an other mutant hand he’s teasing the shit out of JoJo.

-nods happily- And then my robot fluff is talking to Jotaro and my salt mine robot is happy. I feel content and hope this streak of muse continues.

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How would you want the first Fitzsimmons kiss to happen?

Signs of Life

A/N: If you asked me back in s2, I would have answered with this

Listen, the musicians and the poets, the novelists and the playwrights, they rarely get it right.

Reality is not beautiful. It’s unretouched, blunt, and there’s no swelling music or cursive lines of metaphors when his lips on yours is the climax to an epic saga.

There’s just you on the empty rooftop of a building somewhere not on the maps, the night as fractured and frail as you are. You’ve long learned to chart constellations from the scars on your flesh instead of stars, but there are times when you just want the world to be softer because you’ve fought hard enough.

(And God have you fought hard. Hold your hand over your chest and know that your heart is a fist covered in blood.)

“I checked on you, but you weren’t in bed. I got worried.” The boy is panting when he finds you here in your solitude. He always finds you, twenty footsteps or entire galaxies apart.

He loves you. It hurts how much you love him too.

It hurts, for you know in another universe everything could have been kinder to you both, and you’re sorry he’s stuck in this one with someone who’s more ghost than girl.

“I’m scared of falling asleep” is what you say instead. I’m scared of my own mind.

“Then fall asleep with me. I can’t chase away your nightmares but I promise to be there when you wake up.”

He’s trying to help and it’s a desperate kind of hopeful. He’s looking at you and it’s a million tiny miracles pulsing from his veins to your heart.

(Sometimes you need it to fight. Other times just let it be a heart, let it remind you that you’re alive.)

So you kiss him. Even though life has woven itself into the notches of your spine and it cracks messily every time you breathe, even though tears are in your eyes and the dull ache never leaves your lungs, you still kiss him.

You kiss him, and you taste salt against his lips, it’s melancholic and clumsy, and the night is silent save for his revered whisper of your name.

It’s not beautiful, this kiss, but yours is not a story for spilled ink and timeless love songs.

Yours is a boy who smells like coming home, like a safe place to fall apart and to build each other up again.


I’m opening up commissions! I’m planning on opening my shop soon so I need to save up some money to get it started! 

[WHAT I’LL DRAW] Humans/Humanoid, gore, fluff, robot/androids, monster-like creatures.

[WHAT I WON’T DRAW] NSFW, complicated robots (like Transformer type complicated), furries or animals. 


Abstract pieces - $10 USD - If you want a larger abstract image (Like a large canvas size drawing) I may bump up the price by a few dollars.

Sketches - $5 USD - You can pick two colors and one character - Additional colors raise price by $1 - Head-shots are $3 | Waist up is $5 | Full body is $10

Full Color - $20 USD - Specific or Complicated Backgrounds (such as a large library) raise price by $5-$10 - Head-shots are $15 | Waist up is $20 | Full Body is $25 

Additional Characters + USD $10

Simple Specific Backgrounds + USD $5

Complicated Specific Backgrounds + USD $10

Contact me via askbox or my email