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Zenyatta BM version + Zenyatta extreme BM version
Pass into the anus
Experience tranquillity bitch
You are your own worst enemy you little shit 

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original, sarcastic peridot who was a gem to be feared and an expert in her field of technology, but who still acted immature sometimes as she was still getting used to earth, and who lost control of her robot-fingers when she was stressed:

new, infantile peridot who knows literally nothing outside of camp pining hearts, is purely a comedy relief character, and screams so much you could probably get laryngitis just from watching it:


New bionic fingertip lets amputees feel different textures

On Tuesday, researchers from École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Italy announced a new prosthetic that can mimic touch for amputees — in real time.

Dennis Aabo Sørensen, whose left hand was amputated after an accident, had the artificial fingertip connected to nerves in his arm (it wasn’t a part of a bionic hand attached to him). As a machine moved the fingertip over rough and smooth surfaces, the fingertip sent back electrical signals that imitated “the language of the nervous system,” sending the feelings to Sørensen’s actual nerves. According to the researchers, Sørensen was able to distinguish the difference between rough and smooth surfaces 96% of the time. This is huge for the future of prosthetics.

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anonymous asked:

if you had to have a robotic limb that does not have any function other than a regular limb (no cool lasers or anything) which limb would you choose and why? and if you could have a weapon in it, what would it be?

i’d want a robotic finger i could use as a lighter…never would i have to dig through my garbage for one again

"Rusty" A Broadway Musical
Thaddeus S. Venture
"Rusty" A Broadway Musical

♪♪The Dreams I buried♪♪
♪♪With robot fingers♪♪
♪♪They linger♪♪
♪♪Why Rusty♪♪
♪♪The Man of Action♪♪
♪♪Like muscle mothers, not brothers♪♪
♪♪On grand adventures♪♪
♪♪They pushed me with them♪♪
♪♪For mayhem♪♪
♪♪Who’s Rusty♪♪
♪♪I’m Rusty♪♪

RWBY Chibi

This was a blast to work on!
Thanks to all you who liked and re-blogged the work in progress pictures while I took my time with this
My computer problems are over the hurdle so I should be able to start getting things out quicker again