robot chicas

Oh ye some FNAF sketches that I almost forgot about lmao

Just trying to find a better way to draw them cuz for some reason I’m bad at drawing animatronics.(especially Freddy and Bonnie *cri*)

Anyways, hope you like it!


Un dibujo de Chowder con rotulador verde 

Johnny Bravo,Coraje,Dexter y Bellota 

XJ9 con puro marcador azul 

Mulán a todo color y bien kawai 

Rectora Cadence de MLP:Equestria Girls 

FNAF Freddy’s Lament will be returning…


From gramma’s, at a little cousin’s request. While watching Pokémon sun and moon on Disney XD bc all they got at her house is cartoons and Spanish channels xD but I’ll settle for the animes all day long