robot butlers

What do you call a fanfiction that you wrote with people hella close to you?

A famfiction

a family doesn’t have to be a mom, a dad and a kid. a family can be a parent, their android son, their robot butler, a very helpful man in a cowboy hat, a nosy reporter, a clockwork detective, a master of disguise with a pompadour wig, a cosplaying raisin, a manchild mercenary, an irish brawler, an android secret agent, an android doctor, an android knight, a macbeth-obsessed super mutant, a vengeful robot, a depressed hunter, a salty bandit, and Dogmeat


spent the last few days scribbling ideas for a couple of characters i’ve had floating around my head for a lil while

this is bonnie, she’s one of a pair of characters i’ve been scribbling recently
she has a lot of money and a fleet of robot butlers and servants at her disposal
she’s also a bit short tempered and very strongly bound to her principles
but obviously the important bit’s the money >:]

a coming of age story about overcoming any obstacle, no matter what limbs you have!
features epic heroes such as:
-bean sprout
-bean sprout’s robot butler
-long yaoi
-the Hawk Eye Ball
-mister hoe
and nefarious villains, like:
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang

The Batman Comic DC Doesn’t Want You To Know About

That’s right, folks! I’m gonna tell you all about the greatest Batman story you don’t know about. 

Batman: Digital Justice.

100% computer generated, in writing and artwork. Created by Pepe motherfucking Moreno, the greatest comic creator to ever grace this earth. know why you’ve never heard of him? Because his work is so flawless that it’d blow your god damned mind into a million little pieces. But enough about him, let’s talk about Batman.

Bruce Wayne? A punk ass bitch. Azrael? Punk ass bitch. Dick Grayson? Punk ass bitch. Damian Wayne? Punk ass bitch. Helena Wayne? Punk ass bitch. Terry McGinis? Punk ass bitch. Cassandra Cain? Not a punk ass bitch, but not good enough. You know who is good enough?

James motherfucking Gordon. This is Barbara Gordon’s son, the baddest bitch in Gotham. He became Batman in the year 2090, long after all of Gotham’s shitty vigilantes kicked the bucket. Dude eats nails for breakfast. He can do more push ups than you. He can kill you with his amazing hacking skills that he inherited from his mom. He’s got a god damned robot butler. That’s how cool he is. And because he’s so cool, he kicks ass through the internet.

With the help of a digital fucking batman. But that’s not his only ally. You really think he’d just have one? James fucking Gordon is swimming in allies. And while you’re all out there, trying to get DC to cast Ryan Potter as Tim Drake, you’re ignoring the best fucking Robin of all time.

Robert motherfucking Chang. He’s Chinese-American. He’s gonna steal your girl. He’s got a god damned hoverboard. Fuck Tim Drake, get Ryan Potter to play Robert Chang. But you know who else James works with? You’re thinking Catwoman, right? Wrong.

Motherfucking Gata. Shiela Romero is like Selina Kyle, if Selena was a cat themed pop star who’s never been whitewashed. You wish you were half as cool as her. And as for our villain, we’re not going down that BS route Batman Beyond did with Joker coming back to life. That pasty faced bitch is dead, and he stays dead. This is our villain.

The motherfucking Joker Virus. ‘Nuff fucking said.

Go read Batman: Digital Justice if you want a real Batman comic. Keep reading DC Rebirth if you’re a punk ass bitch.


Return to the Falls, a Gravity Falls fanfiction

Before heading back to Gravity Falls for the summer, Stan and Ford make a quick stop at an old haunt.  However, they are surprised to also find a familiar face waiting for them.

(Prologue of “Return to the Falls”, a Gravity Falls fanfiction.  The up-to-date entirety can be found here.)


The old man opened his eyes and blinked, confused.  He was in the living room, in the old recliner, the best seat in the house.  He must have dozed off while watching “Duck-tective,” but that didn’t seem right.  That show engrossed him far too much to put him to sleep, even if he’d seen the episode a hundred times.


The TV was turned off, but that in itself wasn’t odd.  If he’d fallen asleep with it on, his brother would have shut it off.  That old nerd hated wasting energy and had gone on a big power-saving kick after getting the house back in working order, insisting that the rest of the family keep their lights off and devices unplugged when not necessary.  Of course, that all seemed pretty rich coming from the guy who built a giant universe portal that ran exclusively on raw nuclear waste.  It was a miracle the thing hadn’t rendered the whole town uninhabitable when it went to pieces.


Stan looked around, frowning.  Had he imagined that sound?  Maybe his hearing aid was on the fritz.  The house seemed to be quiet, after all.  The kids must have been outside.  Or … what time was it?  Afternoon?  Night?  The fact that he’d dozed off didn’t help him much; he could fall asleep in the armchair no matter the hour.  Oh well, he felt no need to worry.  Right now, all he wanted was a nice cool drink to counteract the heavy summer air.

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Ivory Icon V Marvel of Millennium

So I’ve been meaning to get on Tumblr for a while, and the main reason I think I put it off was that I wanted a really solid first post. A statement of intent. Something deep, something on the problems in superhero comics, and where we need to go for a viable future.

So naturally, I figured I’d talk about why I think Tom Strong is better than Supreme.

Most of you probably don’t need the background, but for completion’s sake: Supreme is the 20+ issue Alan Moore run on Superman the world always wanted. Taking an existing 90s Superman pastiche by Rob Liefeld and sweeping everything that had already been established off the table on the first page of his first issue (a condition for taking on the character as he was, in Moore’s own words, “Not very good” – a request that didn’t disqualify him, because when Alan Moore wants to write your comic, you let him write the comic), it’s a tribute to all the weird fun that had been essentially discarded from the actual Superman books since John Byrne’s revamp in 1986. Rebuilding Supreme’s world from the ground up with Joe Bennett, Keith Giffen, Rich Veitch, and later Chris Sprouse, Moore filtered in a new origin, tone, and context for the character, along with analogues for Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Supergirl, Jimmy Olsen, Krypto, Perry White, Superboy, Batman and Robin, the Justice Society and Justice League, the Legion of Superheroes, Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Bizarro, Metallo, Mxyzptlk, the Fortress of Solitude, Kryptonite, and Kandor. It’s basically Alan Moore doing Silver Age Superman fanfiction, and just as you’d expect from that description, it’s an absolute blast.

Tom Strong’s a little more obscure, which is a shame, since it was clearly built as an evolution on the same formula Moore applied to Supreme. A sort of Doc Savage meets Tarzan born on the island paradise of Attabar Teru to a pair of scientists at the turn of the 20th century, Strong was reared in a gravity chamber to become a physical and mental superman, and raised by the island natives after his parents untimely death (he ends up bringing electricity to the island as an adult – while Moore clearly tries to dance around the ‘white savior’ problems of the 20s and 30s pulp stories he’s homaging, he doesn’t fully succeed). Journeying out into the world at large to fight crime with brains, brawn and an extended lifespan courtesy of Attabar Teru’s mysterious Goloka Root (he’s nearing his 100th birthday by the series’ opening without looking a day over 50), Tom ends up building a family with his wife Dhalua, including daughter Tesla, robot butler Pnuman, and talking gorilla Solomon. With Supreme collaborator Chris Sprouse handling the pencils (with additional artists like Dave Gibbons, Gary Frank, Kyle Baker and Jerry Ordway backing him up), it essentially ends up being Moore’s final word on superhero comics before giving up on the subgenre altogether, and it’s phenomenal.

They’re both justifiably considered some of the best superhero comics of all time, and both are huge personal favorites. That I say Tom Strong is better is in no way a put-down; Supreme was one the first comics I ever read, and along with one of Moore’s other Superman stories, The Jungle Line, was a huge formative influence on my taste in superheroes. But I think in the end Strong comes out ahead, and while I could argue that it’s because of the more consistently gorgeous artwork, or that since it’s a few years later Moore had refined his craft a bit further, it really comes down to something far more fundamental.

Supreme is the best celebration of superhero comics’ past that I’ve ever read. But while Tom Strong’s roots reach even further into history, it’s also one of the best basic models I’ve ever seen for how to take superhero comics into the future.

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Reaction to Transformers: The Last Knight

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I enjoyed this one a lot more than the 4th film, and I felt like it redeemed itself bit more from the last one too. Sir Anthony Hopkins and his robot butler were by far my favourite characters, and I loved the Autobot interactions with each other. The animation of the Transformers and their facial expressions were flawless! The action scenes were pretty top notch too 👌🏻 I did think it was a little long, and some little things here and there could be improved, but overall I thought it was actually really good, and a good stopping point for Michael Bay to let someone else direct the films for a change 😂😅 

Does anyone have a link to that really dark Russian cartoon about the helpful butler robot that survives a nuke and continues on as if nothing is wrong even though the family whose home he was in has been reduced to ash?

I can’t remember what it’s called.