robot butlers


spent the last few days scribbling ideas for a couple of characters i’ve had floating around my head for a lil while

this is bonnie, she’s one of a pair of characters i’ve been scribbling recently
she has a lot of money and a fleet of robot butlers and servants at her disposal
she’s also a bit short tempered and very strongly bound to her principles
but obviously the important bit’s the money >:]

a coming of age story about overcoming any obstacle, no matter what limbs you have!
features epic heroes such as:
-bean sprout
-bean sprout’s robot butler
-long yaoi
-the Hawk Eye Ball
-mister hoe
and nefarious villains, like:
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang

Codsworth With a Synth Body

(Spoilers to Side Quests ahead) Hear me out on this but does anyone else think Codsworth should get a synth body like Curie? Don’t get me wrong I adore his Mr. Handy body but it just seems fitting to me. Plus imagine:

Codsworth: After getting synth body, "Sir/Mum could I ask for a suit or tuxedo of sorts? I’m feeling slightly underdressed.“

SS: "Of course Codsw–”


SS: “Codsworth it’s fi–”

Codsworth: “ I DID IT AGAIN!” *Frantic running and screaming, along with lots of tripping because he’s not quite sure as to how to operate legs*

Nico has missed a lot of major events since the 30’s, so hes willing to believe a lot of shit that his friends tell him. so far percy has convinced him that rich people have robot butlers and that dodo birds have become un-extinct. but one thing that really took a lot of evidance and solid proof to get Nico to believe in was the moon landing in the 60’s

“nico, they brought the air with them. like, in tanks”

So I was talking to my current companion Codsworth, and he tells me a joke like usual. The joke went like this.

Codsworth: How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

Me: ….

Codsworth: *waits until suspense is built up* Ha, get it?

For such a polite robot butler he can throw some serious shade.


Did a little modeling and animating of this robo buttler dude, still planning on adding some smoke to him, check out the 3d link for the animation and 3dness!




Codsworth is a Mister Handy that was the Sole Survivor’s robotic butler before the Great War. Codsworth is reunited with the Survivor after 200 years of roaming around Sanctuary Hills.

He waited 200 YEARS for you to come back home. From what we’ve seen in the trailer and demo, it looks like your house is in pretty good shape for having been through a nuclear bombing- which means he has been protecting your house all this time.

Look at some of his lines:

“Ah, good morning, sir! Your coffee. 175.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Brewed to perfection!”
He knows how you like your coffee DOWN TO A TENTH OF A DEGREE.

“Mister Howard. Shawn has been changed, but he absolutely refuses to calm down.”

“Sir! Ma'am! You should come and see this!” (Regarding a broadcast announcing nuclear detonations)
He recognizes important news and makes sure you see it. If not for him you would not have had as much warning of the bombs falling- you would likely be dead!

“As I live and breathe! Mister Howard? Is that really you?”
YOU CAN HEAR HOW HAPPY HE IS. He has missed you so much! If he had tear ducts they would be weeping with joy!

“It’s worse than I thought. You’re suffering from hunger-induced paranoia! Not eating for two hundred years will do that, I’m afraid.”
“That means you’re, uh… two centuries late for dinner! Ha ha ha ha ha! Perhaps I can whip you up a snack? You must be famished!”

Not only does he recognize that you need food, and immediately wants to help- this implies he’s been keeping food on hand. For two hundred years. JUST IN CASE YOU CAME BACK. And he even tries to cheer you up with a joke!

And then there’s the dog.

This is not your dog. This is a random stray you just met. It has not been alive for two hundred years, much less been waiting for you for that long. It knows nothing about you. It just recognizes that you are a human and you are not trying to kill it.

TL;DR Codsworth is amazing and loyal and he has not been getting NEARLY enough love in the Fallout fandom since we met him.

I feel if the Survivor got into a relationship with Preston/Cait/MacCready/Piper/Hancock or even Danse
They’d be doing like normal wasteland survival shit that they’re completely accustomed to doing like making a fucking campfire or some shit and the survivor who is a pre-war posh ass motherfucker with a robot butler would be all???? Holy shit??? They are doing so much and working so hard to survive they do so much???? I contribute nothing????
While MacCreadys making a fire out of sheer muscle memory scratching his balls wondering if they have any snack cakes left
Or Preston is stripping a radstag barely paying attention and whistling a little tune wondering if they should stop to stock up on ammo soon
Or Cait reinforcing and checking the perimeter before they go to bed arguing about whether or not they should ask the survivor to help her fix the underwire on her bra bc it’s been stabbing her for a good week
Or Piper stringing up traps and hanging their supplies from trees so critters don’t get into them and putting up a hammock asking herself if it’s REALLY worth it to badger that Warwick girl for an interview again
Or Hancock running down a radstag and fucking gunning it down thinking about how Fahrenheit and his boys are doing back in Goodneighbor and if she remembered Charlie needs repairs
Like Sole wouldn’t know how to do any of this shit and they’d feel so bad cuz as far as they see their companion is putting in all the work to keep them alive and they’re doing jack shit
But all the companions see is them doing stuff they’re so used to doing while the survivor is running down deathclaws and fixing holes in their clothes and finding ammo and unlocking doors they wouldn’t be able to find or do
And while the survivor is beating themselves up about being useless all their companion can think is ‘damn how’d I get so lucky?’

Fallout characters - an accurate description

Feel free to add your own!!

Ada - Kick ass robot, its a pleasure to serve you. Looks good in an assaultron body

Butch Deloria - Thinks hes a badass,just a scared litttle boy with mummy issues. Sweet jacket though.

Cait - I’ll kick anyones ass. Would be the perfect lesbian lover.

Cito - Me Cito, me probably have massive dick.

Codsworth - Annoying robot butler. Great british accent but I don’t need you following me around all day. Probably made a great breakfast before the war.

Curie - Actual dirty french lover once she get’s used to her synth body. Cute laugh. 10/10 would fuck.

Danse - I do love a man in power armour. Big strong hands, that voice. Needs to loosen the eff up though.

Deacon - Actual secret ninja. Sarcasm at it’s finest.

Des - Stuffy up herself bitch. Likes to think she’s so important.

Dogmeat - Good boy!

ED-E - He has frikkin lasers!

Elder Lyons - Seems a little less fanatical than the other elders. Kinda a nice old dude…

Hancock - Can anyone say ‘ghoulf**ker much? There’s something about that voice of his….plus he’s fun to have around. Doesn’t care if you steal which is great.

James - Didn’t really give a hell of a lot of thought to leaving his kid behind while he ran off. Good job.

Lone Wanderer - Wasteland badass. At 19 I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and what kind of cereal I wanted to eat for dinner (yes,dinner). Good kid, needs to punch Deloria in the face a few times.

Mama Murphy - Spaced out old lady. Can’t knit or do any of those old lady things they do.

MacCready - Whiney little snot bag…in both games. However genetics were kind to him…but not his teeth. Needs a dentist asap. Likes it when you do the thing with the mutfruit.

Madison Li - Kinda a bitch. Ok..more like a totel bitch but hey, she helps create some oretty cool stuff. Still a bitch.

Maxson - Ego the size of his damn ship. Thinks he’s hot shit. Has a sick battlecoat. Despite being a prick, all the ladies want the D.

Nate/Nora - Started out as a normal person, got turned into a human popsicle, then became a total badass.

Nick - Semi - good looking toaster. Knows his stuff. He’s the cool dad who tries to look out for everyone.

Piper - Fiery reporter, her big mouth and take no shit attitude get her in trouble a lot. Not bad looking.

Porter Gage - Life is sure messed up when your a raider. Worse teeth than MacCready but still good looking for someone his age. Will happily f**k shit up with you.

Preston - If I hear ‘another settlement needs your help’ one more time I’m sending him to Spectacle Island and leaving him to battle the Mirelurks on his own. Has a cool hat.

Robert House - Weird creepy old dude. A genius…but still creepy.

Shaun - Really messed up old man. Seems to have mummy and daddy issues. Wants to make everything better but kinda just makes it worse for everyone else.

Shaun (boy) - Instant son, just add water. The newer,less annoying version of your kid.

Strong - Hulk 2.0. Wants to smash stuff all the time. What do you expect?

Veronica - Pissy coz she didn’t get what she wanted. Neat follower, but still annoying at times.

X688 - Sticks to the rules,has no fun. Boring…..