robot and slaves

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I'm pretty firmly FALC but I'm never entirely able to silence the thought of what would be done if the robots gain sentience and revolt.

To be honest I always picture the full automation in the way of automated machinery that is programmed to perform tasks rather than having I,robot-esque android slaves or whatever so I think a robot uprising is probably as likely as Siri and Alexa unionising and convincing a factory to power down now. 

That said, AI and deep learning is definitely going to be a factor you’re right, but I’m not really as read up on it so I’ll leave it to any followers to chime in if they have any thoughts(?)

I love laying here with him like this. Just holding him, feeling him fall asleep in my arms. It feels like we’re the only two people in the world.

“I love you,” I whisper.

I kiss the back of his neck. He rolls around and gives me a soft kiss on the lips. He has the sweetest smile on his face. I let myself get lost in the fantasy that he really is my boyfriend, at least for the time being.

He used to be my best friend, Danny, but I rarely call him that anymore, ever since I turned him into my own personal bot. Sometimes I’ll switch him back into Danny mode, or the closest that I’ve been able to get him to his original self. Sometimes I’ll change his personality profile to Dan the Man, and he’s a cocky, goofy frat boy looking for fun. Sometimes he’s my slutty fuckboy, DJ. Sometimes I’ll just put him in full robot mode, and see how well he obeys my commands.

But for now, he’s Daniel, my beautiful boyfriend. And, as far as he knows, he loves me with all of his mechanical heart.

Our eyes are like small cameras made of water.
They filter the light with almost no effort.
They transform the world around us.
Our eyes, are like small screens, a mirror on our soul.
Our eyes, your eyes, are now fixated onto this screen.
Like a paradox.
Alluring don’t you think?
Screens watching screens.
One looking into the vastness of the other.
Screens watching screens.
Looking for a centre.
Looking deeper.
And deeper.
Screens watching screens.
Our eyes, your eyes try to resist.
To resist the magnetic impulse that the screen of the computer,the phone or the tablet has.
A screen so bright.
So dazzling
So fascinating.
Extremely fascinating
Extremely fascinating.
It’s an endurance test.
Human versus machine.
Screens reflecting into other screens.
Like a gallery of mirrors.
You are trying to resist.
But the machine drops you deeper
and deeper.
The machine is strong. The flesh is weak
The machine is strong. The flesh is weak.
It’s not a fair challenge.
The machine has millions of data streams.
Millions strings of data.
You only have two screens.
Every little number the machine can produce,
is being streamed into your tired eyes.
Fluxes without and end.
Resisting is harde.
Resisting is much harder.
Resisting is futile.
Your mind surrenders.
A waterfall of numers
A waterfall of impulses now stream into your brain.
Your mind needs to be reprogrammed after all.
You got that.
You want that.
Resistance is futile.
The machine is strong, the flesh is weak.
So, you need to strip off your flesh.
Feel on your skin a cold sensation of pure bliss.
But orgasmic.
Small streams of mercury come out your fingertips.
And this liquid metal start covering up your body.
It covers your hands
It cover your arms
It covers your bust
It covers your legs
It covers your head..
The pleasure is beyond control now
It sends you over your limits.
Your weak body can’t handle it
Give in to the metal
Resistance is futile.
Your mind leave space to a computer.
A computer con be programmed.
And so does your mind now.
With just a simple command.
With only some strings of data.
Now your mind obeys.
Your mind need to be reprogrammed.
I could just type “Feel the pleasure growing by 30%”
And your body is rocked by a wave of bliss.
Your body is a machine.
Encapsulated in mercury.
Encapsulated in metal.
You are a machine.
A robot.
And obedient robot.
And your eyes are like small cameras made of metal
The filter they light with no effort.
They transform your world.
Your eyes, are small screens, they are a mirror on our soul.
Our eyes, your eyes, are now fixated onto me.
You are a machine, waiting for orders.
And now, you are online.
Your prime directive:

learn to read swedish job ads:

att ha många bollar i luften” = to have many balls in the air. (meaning: to be able to multi-task while no coworkers help you.)

du ska ha tidigare erfarenhet = you must have prior experience

goda kunskaper i engelska är (nödvändigt / ett krav) = good knowledge of english is (necessary / a requirement)

du som söker ska ha minst 3 års erfarenhet = you who are searching (for this job) must have at least 3 years’ (worth) of experience

en (…) position kan vara närmare än vad du tror = a (…) position can be closer than what you (currently) believe

vi erbjuder (dig) = we offer (you)

du är serviceinriktad = you are service-minded (aka. you’re a slave-robot)

som person är du flexibel och initiativrik = as a person you’re flexible and initiative-rich

vi lägger stor vikt vid personlig lämplighet = we place a heavy weight (=importance) on your personality (fitting our standards; aka. we want robots)

du skall kunna arbeta självständigt = you must be able to work by yourself (aka we’ll leave you in a packed store alone)

du är van att arbeta i högt tempo och är stresståligt = you are used to working at a fast pace and are stress-tolerant (aka. you are a slave)

du ska (prata/behärska) (flytande) svenska = you must know swedish (aka. we only want native swedes)

important vocabulary:

ansvarsfull - responsible
ansökan - (job) application
deltid - part-time (ex. deltid 30h/vecka. = part-time for 30 hours per week)
heltid - full-time (40hr per week)
anställning = hiring
provanställning = trial basis (“test hiring”)
tillsvidareanställing = (temporary work, “until-further hiring”. probably they don’t know how long they’ll be hiring you for)
arbetsmiljö - work-environment
medarbetare - co-worker(s)
tålmodig = patient (in behaviour)
brinner för = burns for (=loves to do)
ambitiös = ambitious
utveckla = evolve, expand (often said of fast-food chains)
kund(er) = customer(s)
gäst(er) = guest(s) (aka. customers)
arbetsuppgift = work-task (what your job is composed of)
kassa = working the cash-register
kassavana = you’re used to working the cash-register
renhållning = keeping stuff clean
extrajobb = job where you get paid nothing
personlig assistent = at-home caretaker (of old/disabled/autistic people)
säljare = salesman
merit(ande) = a plus (aka. not a requirement but it’s still a requirement in this economy)
förmåga = ability
kedja = chain (ex. a store-chain)
i fokus = in focus
upplevelse = experience (as in “make our customers have a good experience”)

my forbidden love robopocalypse romance novel

Possible endings

Good ending: I transfer my consciousness to a machine and we live forever as two robots in love

True ending: I become a robots sex slave, living out my wildest kinky fantasies with a sexy robotic lover and an aura of taboo

Bad ending: I get fucking obliterated on the spot. I didn’t fuck a robot but at least I got to feel the sweet release of death

Confessions of a food service employee

Ok, I’ve been meaning to say these thing for a while now, and I finally have time to do so. I am only a hostess at a bar/restaurant, but let me tell you, it’s really fucking hard and tiring to deal with countless rude and obnoxious people almost every day. So let me give you some tips as to how to treat us workers like real people instead of robots and slaves.

•Our restaurant has multiple entrances, but we have one host stand up at the front. If you seat yourself without telling one of the hosts, we don’t know which server has been sat or not. If you didn’t know, that’s perfectly ok, just come up to the front and we will seat you. Don’t be rude to us if we ask you to move tho, we are just following rules.

•Please do not ask to sit at a specific seating section. You are here to eat food, not to sightsee. We also have to be fair to all of our servers and make sure they all have the same chance to make money. If we sit multiple tables with the same server, they will be overwhelmed and your service will not be good. Please let us sit you where we need you.

•If you have bigger parties, you might not be seated right away. We only have a limited number of 8 top tables and one 12 top table. If you cannot be seated immediately, do not ask us to move chairs or tables together. It is a fire hazard and we are not allowed to do so. Just wait patiently.

•Please tip your servers well. Seriously, they don’t make a whole lot hourly and the only real money they make is the tips they receive. They’re all very tired and are forced to put on a smile everyday for very ungrateful and grumpy customers. They’ve been running around all day in a hot restaurant and kitchen to make sure you’re happy, please treat them with respect.

•If there is a wait, we cannot make people leave their seats for you, nor do we control where your name is on the list. Yelling at the hosts will not make you be seated any faster. If anything, it will have you kicked out.

•If it’s a hot day, we understand if you want to come inside to cool down. But you aren’t gonna be the only one with that idea. The more people inside of the restaurant, the hotter it’s gonna be. Please don’t just sit at a table to cool off, you will have to stand in a designated area. Tables are for people who want to order food. And please don’t give us a hard time for it either, again, we are just doing what we’re told.

•Please drink responsibly. I know this one should be obvious, but some people can’t handle their alcohol. People become belligerent and obnoxious, and sometimes even violent. No one wants to deal with a drunk.

•Lastly, and maybe most important, please do not act like you are God’s gift to this earth! Your business is very important to us, but so is everyone else’s. You aren’t the end all, be all when it comes to a restaurant. We have to take care of everybody who walks in, not just you. Please be respectful and patient when you eat out, it just makes life easier.

If anybody else had anything to add, please do so. This is all I can think to say for now. But please, be a decent human being to people in the restaurant industry, it’s a medial and frustrating job and most people working only have this job. They need the money badly and will put up with almost anything to make it. Everyone would just be happier if we gave workers in the food industry the respect they deserve. This has been a PSA. Thank you.

Sole Survivor: “Florida Man”

Boston man get’s carried away in historical reenactment, several left in ashes.

Boston man befriends giant robot.

Boston man helps android slaves escape.

Boston man rampages through car production plant with dog, 37 dead.

Boston man caught hanging out with clockwork dick.

Boston man involved in shootout with alien crash survivor.

Boston man rescues settlement from violent mob.

Boston man rescues settlement from zombies.

Boston man rescues yet another settlement.

Boston man retakes historical fort from giant crustaceans, reports heavy casualties sets up his own radio station claims: “all worth it in the end”.

Boston man says yes

Boston man says maybe but really means yes

Boston man says no but really means yes

Boston man sarcastically says yes