robot and girl

Meet Fiona. Basically she is a human brain in an artificial body, which was done against her will. She is a creation of the brilliant author Peter Mennigen, with whom I have the great pleasure of working together. Those of you who know the first three volumes of our story know how it all happened. ;) Fiona is an investigative journalist. A tough detective. She is part of the MALCOLM MAX team.

anonymous asked:

Even before I had any idea what my romantic orientation was, I was a social outcast because I was "too much of a prude" and always got told that I needed to get laid. Only straight people who've never been around asexuals think we're anything like them. We get called out for being different. We're dehumanized for it, too. I certainly was. Never ending jokes about me being a 'robot girl' followed me for years. We aren't straight. We never have been. Why can't people just see that?

Real answer? Because accepting that we’re not straight would upset the model they’ve constructed about…the entire world, more or less, and force them to reevaluate and revise their worldview and the models through which they understand it, and that’s a scary prospect, so people who are unwilling to do it instead cling desperately to their old ways of thinking despite the overwhelming and mounting evidence that they’re wrong.


Brain: Hey let’s make a new character. Like a normal person character. Not some super mecha pilot or amorphous blop ghost or crazy anime sword warrior.

Me: Okay I hear you, lets do that…

Brain: Great okay how about we doodle some hair and clothing and see what wor-