So heres the finish doodle!  

Like I said last night, I drew it while listening to the song “ I am a pirate, you are a princess”   and had a lot of fun with it.  I’ve been looking for a simplified version of my style and think this is a good balance.

Chrissy is the princess! and ta-da! Also my navigator!  She keeps me from getting lost and sets us on course for glory!  I’m the pirate, I swing around on ropes and do general swash buckling. 

 Kind of unhappy with the coloring but the weather here has been so sketch that it’d go from mad cloudy to hella sunny, and this was kind of the result.  Its in my sketch book, so I didn’t bother with a background cause I think the book wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

Anyway!  Here it is :3

I am a pirate,  you are a princess, we could sail the seven seas.