My childhood crushes:

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[Fry and Bender walk into the ‘Holophonor Teacher’ building together]

FRY: “Uh, hello, Mrs. Mellinger.” [waves]

MRS. MELLINGER: “Hello, Phillip!” [looks at Bender] “You must be Mr. Bender! Phillip’s told me so much about you!”

[there’s a beat of silence, Fry smiles and looks at Bender, eyes lidded]

MRS. MELLINGER: [squinting] “Is it true that you’re a robot?”

BENDER: [leans into Fry, grinning lazily, optics lidded] “I prefer the term ‘love machine.’”

ME:  👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀

So, a thing I am asking politely that robot porn artists maybe stop doing? Ejaculating oil

mmm yeah baby squirt those toxic petrochemicals all over/inside me! –said no one ever

seriously it’s kind of a noxious mental image and it also breaks suspension of disbelief so hard bc I can totally understand fuckable robots, I cannot understand robots that jizz the fluids they need to work properly

who hooked that up there? 

why would they?

please stop? asking for a friend

I mean if not okay but plz consider


   it’s exactly what you think it is

digital love daft punk ♥ 2 player game infusion ♥ strict machine goldfrapp ♥ nobody move nobody gets hurt we are scientists ♥ safe and sound capital cities ♥ sad machine (anamanaguchi remix) porter robinson ♥ say my name odeza ♥ madness muse ♥ move for me kaskade ♥ this boy’s in love the presets ♥ love lockdown kanye west ♥ tessellate ellie goulding ♥ something about us daft punk ♥ honeybee steam powered giraffe

   somewhat unofficially dedicated to my robOTP and also to all the people i’ve met who are also robosexual/roboromantic
   (hi5 guys, we’re clearly the best)