robots enthusiastically giving consent though

robots who understand and initiate sexual contact with a human

robots who don’t even get anything physically from it either but they just love making their human so happy

humans who really want to make their robot feel good too

humans learning about wireplay and asking if it’s okay for them to try it out

robots who trust their human enough to let them expose and manipulate their inner machinery

robots who severely underestimate the amount of research their human has done on the subject and they end up coming so hard their voice glitches and they have to reboot

humans being extremely concerned that they did something wrong when this happens

robots coming back online and, still a bit hazy from the afterglow, assuring their human that no, they did quite a lot of things just right

Now Come on Everybody do the Robot - Youdirtylittlegirl - Youtuber RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Googleplier, Markiplier, Reader, Male Reader
Additional Tags: Pretty sfw for now, will be smut, background mostly for now, more to come soon, Dubcon if you squint, Robot, Android, masturbation mentions, will add tags with next part as well

Male reader/Googleplier

My childhood crushes:

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It's writerly anon again, and I now have a side-blog (as thewriterlyanon). I want to offer this: Let's consider the Googlepliers, shall we? There's four of them and, because they're androids, they'd never get tired so long as their power source doesn't run out. And they have constant access to the internet and know your browser history, so they can find out instantly what turns you on. Just think on them doing things to you, taking turns teasing and touching you, then banging you all at once. :)

Google is by far one of the most under appreciated egos oml.

[Fry and Bender walk into the ‘Holophonor Teacher’ building together]

FRY: “Uh, hello, Mrs. Mellinger.” [waves]

MRS. MELLINGER: “Hello, Phillip!” [looks at Bender] “You must be Mr. Bender! Phillip’s told me so much about you!”

[there’s a beat of silence, Fry smiles and looks at Bender, eyes lidded]

MRS. MELLINGER: [squinting] “Is it true that you’re a robot?”

BENDER: [leans into Fry, grinning lazily, optics lidded] “I prefer the term ‘love machine.’”

ME:  👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀