My childhood crushes:

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[Fry and Bender walk into the ‘Holophonor Teacher’ building together]

FRY: “Uh, hello, Mrs. Mellinger.” [waves]

MRS. MELLINGER: “Hello, Phillip!” [looks at Bender] “You must be Mr. Bender! Phillip’s told me so much about you!”

[there’s a beat of silence, Fry smiles and looks at Bender, eyes lidded]

MRS. MELLINGER: [squinting] “Is it true that you’re a robot?”

BENDER: [leans into Fry, grinning lazily, optics lidded] “I prefer the term ‘love machine.’”

ME:  👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀

Reminiscing in Retrograde

“Do you remember when the sky first changed?” She asked, staring up at the violet sky. “It feels like it was so long ago…”
I did remember. It wasn’t long after she first called me Katrina. Only, it seemed like only yesterday. Like it’s been one long day.

The earth had been dying for years, but no one could have expected this. I had access to thousands of files from scientists, NASA employees, and internet bloggers alike. She was happy we got as many as we did before the internet went out. I couldn’t say one way or another how I felt about it. On the one hand, everyone was suddenly scared. Alone. Aware of how alone they were. But then they started reaching for each others hands instead of for their phones and computers and I suppose that’s a positive. She seemed to think so. She had painted it so many times. I always liked watching her paint. Strokes against white canvas while she popped pink bubblegum.

“Do you remember when the sky first changed?” She asked, leaning against the white of her car. Cadillac, I think she called it. The insides had as many colours as her hair, I couldn’t always remember the names. “It seems like it was so long ago…” A once lavender sky had turned to a dark violet. It would be peaceful if not for the orange glow of fires in the distance. So many fires we left behind. All those people just became angry when they saw her and I together. I couldn’t understand it.”Katrina,” she said “Hold my hand”, taking mine in hers before I could answer.

And we ran. We ran until I had to pick her up and continue running. I kept going until I was overloaded and hot. The places I touched her turned red and I was scared she would yell at me the way those people did. She didn’t. She called me her little joy, and I did my best to smile for her. She had built me to smile for her after all. I helped her take her boots off and we walked onward. I tried to copy her movements as best as I could. The eyes I could hide with glasses, but my movements weren’t… right… people could always tell.

“Do you remember when the sky first changed?” She whispered, huddled up to me as the fire began dying. I rested my hand on her hair and stroked it gently as she shuddered. “It feels like it was so long ago….” There was red there now. A blood red that covered the sky unless the moon or the sun was at their peak, then you’d see flashes of the violet we once had become accustomed to. I rested my head against hers, remembering as best I could. Remembering the sky, remembering the jukeboxes and record players she had around her studio. I really only ever remembered her painting. I thought I remembered her hair being less… white. 

I remember seeing her form for the first time. It wasn’t long after she put the finishing touches on my arm. She looked at me with the same glow in her eyes she’d give her paintings when she knew in her heart they were finished. She had given me human-looking parts, but kept my chest cavity clear. She wanted to be able to see “My heart” she said. She had been trying to get me to work right for years when my heart fell from the sky. She found it and said it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. And she gave it to me, she said. 

I always replied that it truly belonged to her. 

That was what I would say before she would touch me with all of her body instead of just her hands. Sometimes she would make sounds. She told me they were good sounds, so I was careful to make sure she kept making them. I Never wanted to forget what she sounded like, as though I felt I might forget if I were to ever leave her side. I kept feeling like if I ever was away from her, even for a second, I would forget her. I couldn’t smile unless she smiled, I couldn’t make music with her unless she did first. I couldn’t hold her hand and run if she wasn’t at my side. All of these things… she was all of these things for me. I wondered if I was ever more than an artists dummy for her sometimes. But the way she felt in my arms… I didn’t think it mattered.

I looked over at the car, rusting now. It barely worked right as much as I tried to fix it. The radio stopped singing to us and nothing I did could repair it without the parts the articles in my memory said. Anywhere we could go with those parts was long gone, the signs and posters and advertisements bleached white like her hair. At least there wasn’t as much fighting or fires anymore.

“Do you… remember?” She asked as she clung to me with her fading strength, gasping for air. I held her tightly as the ground beneath us shook and moaned, the sky felt like it would fall on top of us. “So long ago….”

There were so many colours. As many colours as her hair used to have, maybe even more. There was heat, and sound, and everything at once. And then their was nothing. I looked at her, but she didn’t look like herself anymore. She was silent. Her face didn’t look right. I had only seen pictures of the vacuums effects, I didn’t think I’d ever see it with my own… eyes she called them. I held onto her tightly, curling my body around her to protect her from the debris. I was so scared she was going to disappear. I felt what little oil remaining in my system try to make it’s way to my eyes.

“Not as much progress as I’d have liked by now,” One of the figures in white said, thinking I couldn’t hear them. “It still won’t let go of it’s dead pet.”
“Leave it. It will let go when it’s ready.” the other replied. “The thing did manage to give it a protective shell, it might not have survived the hatching if it hadn’t.”
“Only the strong ones survive the incubation. Now we have a weakling in the genetics. I’m not going to let it reproduce if it can’t learn to grow it’s own form outside of that metal husk.

I stayed silent, holding her. I would never let her go. I had kept hoping I’d look at her and see her. See her colours, see her smile… Just to hear her say it again. 
“Do you remember when the sky first changed? It feels like it was so long ago… Katrina?”

So, a thing I am asking politely that robot porn artists maybe stop doing? Ejaculating oil

mmm yeah baby squirt those toxic petrochemicals all over/inside me! –said no one ever

seriously it’s kind of a noxious mental image and it also breaks suspension of disbelief so hard bc I can totally understand fuckable robots, I cannot understand robots that jizz the fluids they need to work properly

who hooked that up there? 

why would they?

please stop? asking for a friend

I mean if not okay but plz consider


   it’s exactly what you think it is

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   somewhat unofficially dedicated to my robOTP and also to all the people i’ve met who are also robosexual/roboromantic
   (hi5 guys, we’re clearly the best)