I’ve been thinking about Bucky’s robot arm a lot (hi have we met), so I figured I might as well collect all my thoughts in one place, since they might be interesting/useful to other people. I organized this as a q&a, but obviously these are just my answers based on what we’ve seen in the MCU. I’d be really interested in what other people think, or if anyone has other questions they want me to speculate on.

Edited 15 October 2014.


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robosexual - because there's something about a mechanical lover. ღ

01. superconductor - beautiful small machines 02. automatic - the pointer sisters 03. stronger - sigma 04. supersonic - she 05. in tokyo - studio killers 06. dirty robot (tofu 1.5 remix) - arling and cameron 07. electric feel - mgmt 08. superhuman touch - athlete 09. 22h39 - danger 10. robot - t.a.t.u. 11. accelerator (ft. jaded little pill) - hybrid 12. robotron 2000 - freezepop 13. electric girl - she 14. too long / steam machine - daft punk 15. robosexual - savant

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“You monster”

I’ve actually been having GLaDOS feels for the past week or so, and finally decided to do something about it. GLaDOS was the first villain I fell in love with and remains my favorite. ‘Bout time I did some (sort of) fanart.

friends, until I joined tumblr and, more specifically, the Transformers fandom, I don’t think I had interacted with anyone who fully understood my romantic and/or sexual attractions to robots. I feel like I’m understood here, or in the very least, among like-minded people. like some kind of getting-boners-about-robots family.

I feel like this is a safe place for robosexuals. therefore, I invite all and any fellow robos to doodle yourselves alongside me in the figurative robosexual support group that this fandom is.


we bros.