Robonaut 2 prototype by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center on Flickr.

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NASA Government Invention of the Year!
If you ever visit NASA’s Johnson Space Center and get to meet the Robonaut 2 prototype, be sure to shake the robot’s hand, since it can do that, and congratulate it. The actual Robonaut 2 (R2), the first humanoid robot in space, was recently selected as the NASA Government Invention of the Year for 2014. While R2 resides aboard the International Space Station, many of the technologies developed for R2 are being adapted for use on Earth, helping to give it the distinction of an outstanding government invention.

R2 is recognized as an invention that exemplifies one of NASA’s missions: to transfer advanced technology to U.S. industry. The robot was chosen from among many other valuable innovations by the NASA Invention and Contributions Board, NASA General Counsel and the NASA Administrator, Charlie Bolden. These entities evaluated R2 in the following areas: Aerospace Significance, Industry Significance, Humanitarian Significance, Technology Readiness Level, NASA Use, Industry Use and Creativity.

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Team 118 Robonauts 2015. They musst have named this thing Multitasker. Now I am very excited to go to Dallas!

#FRC #SVR #Robotics Regional Winners!! I’m SO SO SOO proud of the 1967 Janksters and shoutout to the #CheesyPoofs (254) and #Robonauts (118) for being our alliances 👊💫 We kicked some butt out there! Now that my team shirt is filled with sweat and tears, 💦 its time to go to World Championships in St. Louis. Jankster pride! 😏🙌


GGWP 118


First thing I thought when I saw this game, “this is right up the robonauts’ (FRC team 118) alley..”

Simply Amazing. 

NASA now has a humanoid robot working aboard

WASHINGTON: NASA has a humanoid robot on board the International Space Station. Robonaut 2 is the first robot inside a human space vehicle operating without a cage and first to work with human-rated tools in space.

Robonaut 2 was selected as the NASA Government Invention of the Year for 2014. It was chosen after a challenging review by the NASA selection committee that evaluated the robot in the areas of Aerospace Significance, Industry Significance, Humanitarian Significance, Technology Readiness Level, NASA Use, Industry Use and Creativity.
Astronauts are testing to see if Robonaut 2 - which looks like a cross between C-3PO and the Michelin Man - could be used to perform medical tasks in space, guided by doctors on the Earth, Quartz reported.

The Robonaut, which can apparently take selfies, was built by NASA and General Motors to perform tasks on the space station, as well as in the automotive industry.

“One advantage of a humanoid design is that Robonaut can take over simple, repetitive, or especially dangerous tasks on places such as the International Space Station,” NASA said on its website.

NASA’s Robonaut programme dates back to 1997, when scientists believed they would be able to test a robot in space by 2005. Their dream was realised in 2011, when Robonaut 2 joined the crew bound for the ISS.

Astronauts on the ISS have been testing how the Robonaut performs in minimal gravity.

NASA says its aim with the Robonaut is to free up astronauts from doing repetitive tasks, to give them more time to spend on research and critical work on the ISS.

Dexterous humanoid space robot wins NASA award | ZDNet

Robonaut, which is currently assisting astronauts on the International Space Station, is a humanoid that’s dexterous enough to use precision tools, making it highly attractive for future terrestrial applications.

First Humanoid Space Robot Earns NASA Invention Award

Humanoid robots working with astronauts may sound like part of a science fiction movie. Yet, they are slowly being implemented in the real world. Case in point- the first humanoid robot in space, Robonaut 2, has recently been picked for NASA’s Invention of the Year award for the year 2014. Robonaut 2’s home is ISS, where it works side by side with human astronauts. The technologies needed to make this space robot aren’t just useful to space exploration, as those technologies will be adapted for use on Earth.

Robonaut 2 was judged by six different criteria

R2 was chosen for the award by the NASA General Counsel, the NASA Invention and Contributions Board, and NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden. It was rated in six different areas: Aerospace Significance, Industry Significance, Humanitarian Significance, Technology Readiness Level, NASA Use, and Industry Use and Creativity. It is interesting to note how heavily usefulness to people on Earth was weighed during evaluations for this award. Due to its number of possible Earth tech applications, Robonaut 2 did very well in those areas.

Who was behind development of the space robot?

R2 was developed together with General Motors through a Space Act Agreement. The original prototype, R1, was built as a ground prototype meant to examine the potential uses for a humanoid space robot. R1 was envisioned to help astronauts conducting spacewalks by preparing their worksites and providing a precise set of mechanical hands for helping to perform maintenance and repair objectives. R2, predictably, is a better version of R1, upgraded to be faster and more dexterous than the original. It features greater mobility and a safety system that permits it to work alongside astronauts and potentially be of great help.

What are some technologies employed by R2 that may be useful in Earth applications?

Robonaut 2 is truly cutting-edge. It is the first robot ever in a human space vehicle operating without a cage, and also the first robot in space to work with tools designed for human us. Technologies originating from this project have given way to 39 patents issued, with more being reviewed. A few examples of the important technologies showcased by this remarkable space robot are a robotic glove, a robotic exoskeleton, and certain telemedicine tech.


Robonaut 2 DEFINITELY isn’t as cute as this little robot.

اختيار أول روبوت يشبه البشر في الفضاء ليحمل لقب اختراع العام من وكالة ناسا

تم اختيار الروبوت Robonaut 2، وهو أول روبوت آلي شبيه بالبشر في الفضاء يعمل مع الرواد خلال عمليات السير في الفضاء المكشوف، ليحمل لقب اختراع العام لوكالة ناسا عن العام 2014

وقالت وكالة ناسا: “في حين أن الروبوت R2 يقيم على متن محطة الفضاء الدولية ، فإن العديد من التكنولوجيات المتقدمة التي استخدمت في بناءه تم تجهيزها لتناسب أيضا الاستخدام على الأرض، مما يعطي هذا الاختراع التميز الذي يستحقه”.

ويمثّل الروبوت “روبونوت 2″ بداية مرحلة جديدة، ستكون للروبوتات فيها اليد العليا، ويقضي برنامج استخدامه إنجاز التجارب العلمية المعقدة ضمن حقل جاذبية بالغ الضعف، بالإضافة لتجارب أخرى تتعلق بعلم المواد والتكنولوجيا البيولوجية.

وقد تم اختيار هذا الروبوت من بين العديد من الابتكارات القيمة الأخرى ليحمل هذا اللقب من قبل “إدارة ناسا للاختراع” و”مجلس ناسا الاستشاري”، والمدير العام لناسا “تشارلي بولدن”. وقيّمت هذه الجهات الروبوت من عدة نواح، منها أهمية الاستخدام في الفضاء، والأهمية الصناعية والأهمية الإنسانية ومستوى الجاهزية التقنية ومستوى الإبداع الفني.

وقال “رون ديفتلر”، مدير مشروع Robonaut في فرع تقنية النظم الروبوتية بمركز جونسون للفضاء التابع لناسا : “أنا فخور بفريق Robonaut بأكمله، الذي جعل هذا الإنجاز ممكنا”.

وقد تم تطوير “روبونوت2″ بالتعاون التقني بين وكالة “ناسا” وشركة “جنرال موتورز”، ضمن إطار اتفاقية طويلة الأمد وقعتها جنرال موتورز مع وكالة ناسا الأمريكية لتطوير الجيل المقبل من الروبوتات متنوّعة الوظائف وترقية التكنولوجيات المرتبطة بها لغرض استخدامها في وسائل النقل الأرضيّة والصناعات الفضائية.

وكانت النسخة الأولى من هذا الروبوت تسمى “روبونوت1″، وظهرت إلى الوجود قبل عقد من الزمان، وخلال هذه الفترة اكتسب مهندسو ناسا خبرات كبيرة في بناء الروبوتات من أجل التطبيقات الفضائية التي ستفتتح عصراً جديداً من الاكتشافات.

ووصف خبراء وكالة ناسا “روبونوت2″ بأنه الروبوت البشري ذو اليدين الأكثر تطوراً على الإطلاق. وتعود فكرة بنائه لبضع عقود سابقة عندما شعر مهندسو الفضاء بالحاجة الماسّة لروبوت مرن يشبه الإنسان ويمكنه استخدام يديه لإنجاز أعمال دقيقة تتصف بالخطورة على حياة الانسان ، مثل العمل تحت درجات حرارة بالغة الانخفاض، أو في النطاقات الفضائية التي تكون فيها قوة الجاذبية ضعيفة للغاية.

ويعد “روبونوت2″ أسرع وأكثر مهارة من النسخة الأولى، حيث يتميز بأجهزة استشعار عن بُعد أكثر عددا، وهو أصغر حجماً، وذو قدرة أكبر بكثير في مجال استشعار الظروف الفيزيائية والحركية السائدة في البيئة التي يتحرك فيها، بفضل المجسّات ذات التنوّع الكبير التي تم تجهيزه بها.

المصدر: بيزنس ستاندارد

تابعوا جميع اخبار ليبيا و اخبار ليبيا اليوم