Princess Robotina, one of the stars of the Robot Theme Park, RoboLand!

I’ve been wanting to do lots of marker work lately after having not used them in a long time. Those of you who are familiar with this character probably noticed that I renamed her. Done with color pencils and a combination of Prismacolor, Copic and Touch markers. Too bad traditional art doesn’t scan as well as I would hope!

A graphic to go with my artist description on the Classic Game Fest site. I decided to go ahead and use my lil’ robot princess as a mascot! Since it’s for a game-centered convention, I decided to go with a retro, GameBoy color-style sprite. I spent about 2-3 days just on the sprite alone. Pixel art is super hard and I really respect people who can do it well on a regular basis.

A theme park robot! Emperor Coil plays the big bad guy in the Robopia Kingdom section of the RoboLand theme park, but offstage/after hours, he’s actually kind of nice (if not a little awkward.) He’s very dedicated to acting and makes sure to get all his lines right. The Robot Witch and Hostess of the Spooky Chateu Haunted House, Bronzibella, acts as his right hand.