I’m definitely taking part in DRFanMonth, it’s too fun not to! And if anyone thought I wouldn’t be doing Kuzudams I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll probably be taking a crack at this weeks other two prompts too, because I love any excuse to draw these two, but here is the Talentswap prompt for now.

Kuzuryuu is the SHSL Gamer, while Gundam is the SHSL Visual Kei (equivalent for Ibuki’s SHSL Light Music Club Member/Musician). This talentswap AU is a collaborative effort with @robokatar so credit for Kazoo’s design and the idea behind SHSL VK go to her. (If you can’t tell that’s a light gun in Kazoo’s hand.)

Of course the only video game worthy of Gundam’s time would be a GuitarFreaks/Guitar Hero/Rock Band one. Bonding over rhythm games is the superior method of obtaining hope fragments really.

Tumblr it’d be nice if you could make these picture sets look nicer.