robinwikia replied to your post “whos……… big stinky”

i dont hate her, i just hate IS for screwing her over.

Honestly I feel the same way. It feels like there’s not much to hate besides intsys reusing their worst character archetypes? At any rate I wouldn’t put her in the same category as Tharja

robogays replied to your post “@robogays it leads her to be dismissive of others besides alm in some…”

apparently she loses avoid for getting an a support with him holy shit

are you serious?? why the fuck would they do that– is that something that can happen with other supports or what???

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problematic fayve

Your Fave Is Problematic: Faye

  • same shit as always
Kaden & Keaton S Support!

Here’s another heavily requested support! And S Support for Keaton and Kaden, written by @robogays with edits made by @dingzhu. These two are pretty cute together! Hopefully people are satisfied by my humble offering of gay furries. 

This convo will be available in a future update. You can watch a video directly below or read the full thing under the “Keep Reading!”

Here are these two’s dual Wolfskin-Kitsune daughters!

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robogays replied to your post “the thing about adding panne and yarne to heroes is that there isn’t…”

in my opinion, beast units shouldve been there since the beginning considering theyre a main stay to fire emblem games since the tellus series and not including them creates the problem of adding a new class of units that work mechanically different than the rest rather than having the framework already there

I guess? It definitely would have been necessary if they’d actually had Tellius characters in the game at launch– you can leave out the fe13 and fe14 beast units easily enough since there’s only six between both games, but leaving out the laguz while having beorc characters would be really bad.

… maybe that’s part of why there weren’t any tellius characters at launch

robogays replied to your post “btw for the april lunatic quest for 5 orbs, Paralogue 4-1 has two…”

honestly i just had my level 1 ursula just sit there while the rest of my team did the work for the 4-2 quest. though that probably depends on what units you have available

yeah, it’s hard to plan it because i really don’t know how strong they’re gonna be. plus two of the units are ranged and the map kinda forces you to either fight them at range or hide in a corner until they expose themselves, and i don’t have many good ranged attacks, so…

… i mean, i have nino kagero and rebecca. so theoretically it could work.