robocop premiere

Greg Taylor @GregcatAylor : At the #ROBOCOP premiere - you’ll never guess who’s here. Only JEREMY RENNER! Sneaked in quietly, sitting at the back…

Francisco @chiicoft : Jeremy Renner - The Hawkeye!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!

Irene Acton : @chiicoft Hi can I ask where the pic was taken with Jeremy? Thanks

Francisco : @ireneacton386 Hi, it was taken in London at robocop world premiere


Luke Jones @ManAboutTown_UK : Robocop Premiere after party and look who turned up, my mate Jeremy Renner (so pleased to see me)

Luke Jones @ManAboutTown_UK : Well chuffed to meet Jeremy Renner tonight! Him, on me… Not so much [Picture 1]

Cut The Cap Cigars @eray0108 : Yep this just happened! Jeremy Renner I got my ‘hawk’ eye on ya [Picture 2]