robocop art

“If you can’t beat him alone, you work together!”

Krillins strategic fighting style = amazing
18 kicking a kamahamaha wave away to hold her husbands hand = amazing
Goku and Gohan still learning important lessons from their friends = amazing

This whole episode = AMAZING


Here’s some gijinka I drew! I based lapras off of Belle’s dress from Beauty and the Beast. I gave Salazzle an Overwatch vibe. Tsareena obvi a drag queen or just a dress to each their own. And electivire is the love child of Robocop and Judge Dredd… Enjoy!!!!!


Here are the first 20 (out of 50) from my new series, Pop Culture Popsicles! I will have two random popsicles exclusively at every convention I attend as well as some gallery exclusives. For the Lexington Comic & Toy Con, I will have ONE Art Proof of each available as well as the full editions of the con exclusives.