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I had ordered a signed and doodled in copy of the raven king months before it came out but as the release date crept nearer, I came to the realization that I would have to wait for my copy to be shipped from the states. Unwilling to wait the extra week, I bought a copy the day of and with nothing else to do with it, I decided to add my own illustrations. These are a few of my favourites.


Here are some Ki-Bo transparents!!

This is my first time making transparent sprites, I think they look good!
God I love Ki-Bo so much, I just had to do his cute sprites, I’ll probably do more tomorrow.

[Please do not post them to the Danganronpa Wikia. I will post them myself. If you want to use them, go ahead, but please don’t claim that you made them yourself.]

Have you made your calls today? In the wake of Comey’s firing, it’s a good day to use your political apps, my fellow phone phobes! There are two I use: Stance and 5 Calls.

Stance will robo call your reps with a message you record, so you never have to speak to anyone. It also figures out who your reps are for you!

What to say?

“Hi, I’m _______, a constituent at [full street address, city], and I am calling today, because I am outraged at the firing of James Comey. I urge [Rep/Sen] _______ to call for the appointment of an independent special prosecutor to investigate Russia’s involvement with the Trump team. Trump’s firing of Comey shows the lengths Trump will go to kill the investigation into the truth. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.”

5 Calls also has this issue at the top of the list today, and the beauty of this one is that it helps you call not only your reps, but also the US Department of Justice, so you can let Mr. Rosenstein know you won’t stand for this attack on our democracy.

Does anybody remember a show from the early 2000s about a boy and a robot made cubes or blocks.

I forget the name but I think it was called robo cube and its set in the future and its about the boy getting to robot after moving to a new town but his dad does not like robots so he has to hide him but after some episodes his dad accepts the robot and he become family or something.

The boy also had friends who worked or hanged out at a robot repair shop and there was a evil guy who made evil robots who attack the city the kids lives in so it was up to him, his robot and his friends to stop him.

That about all I remember about it so does anyone now about it? I think it aired on Cartoon Network but am not sure. It also used 3D animation but it was early 2000s kid show 3D animation so its probably not aged well.



Anonymous said: Kaga, How did you manage to create Robo-chan as the first perfect replica of a human being?     

Kaga: …In any case, disclosing that information is simply unacceptable. Someone would replicate Robo-chan and use her against me, or try to prevent me from taking over the world.

First episode of Samurai Jack in years. Two and a half minutes in. Horrendous robo-gore.

We’re home.

I wouldn’t call any of this fight heroic. But fifty years is enough to beat and mold and shape even the most resilient being into something else.

On a lighter note hey Jack, you finally learned how to operate future machinery. Good job.



Hoo boy, uh, hmm. Jack’s had a time. Yep.


 For the Next Eighteen Years

Bucky Barnes X Reader X Dad!Tony 
Request: “
Yay! Can you do a cute bucky x reader were the reader is like 6months pregnant and he is very overprotective of her and can the reader be tonys daughter she is like 22 yrs old thnxs if ya can 💙💙💙 “  @lovely-wagner

Your hair was pulled back and twisted into a messy bun. Your face was resting on the toilet seat, one set of fingers curled around the flusher. You couldn’t ever remember feeling so sick in your entire life. Not in fourth grade when you had that really bad flu or even the time you got severely dehydrated after backpacking the entire length of the Great Wall of China with your dad. No, somehow creating the gift of life had made you literally sick to your stomach. It was great, truly.

“How you feeling, Darling?” You husband, Bucky, was standing in the bathroom doorway. Despite how hard he tried to hide it, you could read the concern all over his face.

“I’ve been better.” You mumbled from your position on the soft bathmat. “Don’t worry, I’ll be well enough to go to dinner tonight at Dad’s.”

“Perfect!” He smiled. A sarcastic tone evident in his voice. “I’m so glad we won’t have to cancel what will no doubt be the highlight of my week!” You opened your mouth to spout off some snippy remark but something far more foul came out. You turned your head just in time to avoid ruining your bathmat.

“Gross.” You whimpered. Bucky crossed the room and flushed the toilet. He knelt down beside you and rubbed circles around your back.

“Are you sure this is supposed to happen?” His eyes were filled with worry again. “I thought you said this stops after the first three months.”

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Morgan Stanley’s 16,000 Human Brokers Get Algorithmic Makeover
Call them cyborgs. Morgan Stanley is about to augment its 16,000 financial advisers with machine-learning algorithms that suggest trades, take over routine tasks and send reminders when your birthday is near.

Morgan Stanley is setting human financial advisors with ‘algorithmic’ help, which will soon become AI-based 

Call them cyborgs. Morgan Stanley is about to augment its 16,000 financial advisers with machine-learning algorithms that suggest trades, take over routine tasks and send reminders when your birthday is near.

The project, known internally as “next best action,” shows how one of the world’s biggest brokerages aims to upgrade its workforce while a growing number of firms roll out fully automated platforms called robo-advisers. The thinking is that humans with algorithmic assistants will be a better solution for wealthy families than mere software allocating assets for the masses.

At Morgan Stanley, algorithms will send employees multiple-choice recommendations based on things like market changes and events in a client’s life, according to Jeff McMillan, chief analytics and data officer for the bank’s wealth-management division. Phone, email and website interactions will be cataloged so machine-learning programs can track and improve their suggestions over time to generate more business with customers, he said.

“We’re desperately trying to pattern you and your behavior to delight you with something you may not have even been asking for, but based on what you have been doing, that you might find of value,” McMillan said in an interview. “We’re not trying to sell you, we’re trying to find the things you want and need.”

Faced with competition from cheaper automated wealth-management services and higher expectations set by pioneering firms like Uber Technologies Inc. and Inc., traditional brokerages are starting to chart out their digital future. It turns out that the best hope human advisers have against robots is to harness the same technologies that threaten their disruption: algorithms combined with big data and machine learning.

The idea is that advisers, who typically build relationships with hundreds of clients over decades, face an overwhelming amount of information about markets and the lives of their wealthy wards. New York-based Morgan Stanley is seeking to give humans an edge by prodding them to engage at just the right moments.


Morgan Stanley will pilot the program with 500 advisers in July and expects to roll it out to all of them by year-end.

Additional high-tech tools are coming: [Jeff] McMillan [chief analytics and data officer for the bank’s wealth-management division] and others are working on an artificial intelligence assistant – think Siri for brokers – that can answer questions by sifting the firm’s mountain of research. (The bank produces 80,000 research reports a year.) The brokerage also is automating paper-heavy processes like wire transfers and creating a digital repository of client documents, such as wills and tax returns. Established advisers tend to be older, so Morgan Stanley is hiring associates to train those who need help.


Morgan Stanley isn’t swearing off robo-advisers, either. It plans to release one in coming months, along with rivals Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. The technology was pioneered by startups Wealthfront Inc.and Betterment LLC and went mainstream at discount brokers Charles Schwab Corp. and Vanguard Group Inc. Robos could have $6.5 trillion under management by 2025, from about $100 billion in 2016, according to Morgan Stanley analysts.

An in-house robo-adviser and a learning machine that acquaints itself with rich clients might alarm advisers who plan to keep working for decades. McMillan is adamant that the flesh-and-blood broker will be needed for years to come because the wealthy have complicated financial planning needs that are best met by human experts.

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I thought it was kinda funny when you once called Balance Robo-Josuke. I love both Balance and Josuke, so it's awesome to see them acknowledged together (kinda)

honestly yuki ono seems to be such a great VA for both of these characters and I love him as balance so much 💖 💖


MTMTE -  Love like you (cygate)

In the depths of space, a giant death-skull  robo-samurai called Cyclonus fell in love with a big-hearted mini marshmallow named Tailgate. Please Cy, just tell him how you feel, it’ll be ok.

First time making one of these with still images. Please enjoy the Cy’s inner turmoil.