I guess I should  explain who those two are before anyone gets confused

(last pic)

Btw tried to do the WOY style but eh.

First of all Cia and Quintrell are childhood “friends” at least if you ask her. They live in a time far in the future where humans already got to other galaxies and started living there with whatever was there before them.

Anyway the lady there is Cia (a re-design of a really old oc of mine)

and this green guy is her little partner Woss who belongs to @cynwrig

art is also from her

me when any of the canon pc ships in cr are onscreen doin their thing makin sex jokes and the like:

me when there’s quality gen content with zero romance involved at all between the pcs:


Characters: Time tracer, Lofty: Wanderer
Rating: K
WC: 1196 
Category: fluff? i just wanted some time/wande interaction
Notes: disclaimer; hey kids, you shouldnt give others your medicine okay

It was grating on his ears.

All the coughing and hacking, all the time — it sounded like Wanderer’s lungs were about to come spilling from his lips any moment. Time hated it, wanted it to stop, so, so much.

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