♦ Robinwitch 

So this is the town I’ve been working on, an even more edited version of Sleepy Meadows (roads removed, lot and district changes etc.) in a maxis match/english literature vibe (hence the name and the little burrow) :3

I’ve so far got the small shopping district down with many lots shamelessly stolen from Awesims worlds and most of the residential. All I’ve got left really is the beach and the main career lots to place, I was closer to completion but when I installed UL I had the overwhelming urge to place ALL the arcades, comic book stores, coffee shops and bowling alleys I could c:

anonymous asked:

Are you still working on Robinwitch? I remember tracking the tag a few months ago and drooling over all your updates so I was just wondering. :)

I am… and I’m not. I decided to scrap the world I had it in previously, the map was large and I wasn’t using even half of it so it seemed silly to keep it there and have lag where I shouldn’t have it. So I’m in the process of moving everything over to a new world, this one is on a medium island map and has everything I need but it’s just a case of adjusting terrain paints, trees and popping everything down to a point where I had as much done as before.

I haven’t got a lot of free time on my hands at the moment, despite finishing uni I now have a job and work experience six days a week so not a lot of free time to get anything done but yeah… I am still working on it - just very slowly and after all the drama I received from posting about it last time I’ve just stopped updating about it.

I’m flattered you were actually tracking the tag :D