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What do you love the most about her?

Everything. I cannot pinpoint one particular quality she possesses. What I admire most about her is her strength. She loves fiercely. When she feels broken, she comes out stronger than before. I don’t know how she does it but I love her for it. Her strength is beautiful, much like her outward appearance. 

I am very lucky to have her in my life and I am slowly learning what it means to love and be loved. 

I love you, @mollyhooperxxx

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Wow, nearly a year ago, I had never even heard of Tumblr!

But, after a major restructure robbed me of my place in an organization to which I had sacrificed 8 years of sweat, blood and tears, I found myself adrift and seriously questioning my confidence, skills, etc. Especially after experiencing the soul-gutting cycle of countless job applications, interviews with no feedback, and just plain more rejection.

That was when my good friend, who is a very englightened young man, and my former colleague and employee, recommended that I finish watching MFMM to help boost my spirits. I had started a few eps, but never had the chance to return to it in the midst of my former workaholic life.

So…I binged-watched them on Netflix…and found a new purpose and meaning to my existence that had been seriously wanting. After Phryne flew away in the rusty plane, I couldn’t bear it! I had to find more ways to feed my renewed zest for life and brimming obsession somehow. So, I started to Google episode reviews for lack of any other ideas.

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‘All The Things You Said’ Chapter 7 is up!

I’m not sure if I’m satisfied with this but I hope y’all enjoy it!

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#6, things you said under the stars (from this list)

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Molly asked, a sigh of contentment leaving her lips.

“Yes,” Sherlock breathed out, but he was not staring at the stars. Molly was unaware of this.

“I love the way they shine,” Molly continued.

“So do I,” Sherlock replied, watching her eyes look up at the night sky.

“Have you ever seen anything so gorgeous?” Molly asked rhetorically.

“Yes,” Sherlock whispered, trailing his lips down her neck, finally grabbing Molly’s attention.

“Sherlock,” Molly gasped and giggled at the same time. “You haven’t even been looking at the stars.”

“Don’t need to,” Sherlock murmured against her skin. “So beautiful.” Molly rolled over on her side to face him regardless of the blush that had spread over her cheeks.

“Are you at all interested in stargazing?” Molly laughed. “If you weren’t, you could’ve just told me.”

“Of course not,” Sherlock replied. “But I am rather interested in watching a certain pathologist stargaze. It’s much more fascinating to see the stars that way.”

“You weren’t even looking at them,” Molly teased.

“The way they reflect in your eyes makes them shine more than usual,” Sherlock commented. “You put the stars to shame, Molly Hooper.” He leaned in for a kiss but Molly pulled away when a droplet of rain hit her nose. One drop turned into ten and not a moment later, it was pouring.

“Of course it would rain,” Molly smiled.

“Ruined a perfectly good night,” Sherlock huffed. But Molly wasn’t listening. She had hopped off of the blanket and ran in the slick grass in her bare feet. She was spinning around in circles, her arms extended out from her sides. “Are you insane?” Sherlock shouted over the sound of the falling rain.

“Absolutely,” Molly giggled. She held her hand out. “Come on, it’s just a bit of water.”

“It’s completely immature,” Sherlock grumbled, though he couldn’t deny how carefree and adorable she looked dancing in the rain. Adorable, Sherlock sneered in his mind. Where did that come from? His feet betrayed him as they moved toward Molly. Before he processed how he was suddenly in her arms, they were dancing a waltz in the pouring rain and Sherlock allowed himself to let loose. They were quickly laughing together like two teenagers.

“This is amazing,” Molly smiled, looking up into Sherlock’s stormy eyes. “See, it’s not so bad being silly every now and then.” His lips were suddenly on hers, the rain adding a new element to their usual passion. The new sensation elicited shivers from both of them as they were wrapped up in each other’s arms. Sherlock lifted her up into his arms, causing a small yelp of surprise to pass Molly’s lips.

“Come on, wouldn’t want you getting sick now,” Sherlock told her with a smile that crinkled the corners of his eyes. He caught them a cab and they rode back to Baker Street in bliss.

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