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What do you love the most about her?

Everything. I cannot pinpoint one particular quality she possesses. What I admire most about her is her strength. She loves fiercely. When she feels broken, she comes out stronger than before. I don’t know how she does it but I love her for it. Her strength is beautiful, much like her outward appearance. 

I am very lucky to have her in my life and I am slowly learning what it means to love and be loved. 

I love you, @mollyhooperxxx

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Cheers to my 301 wonderful followers!

Wow, nearly a year ago, I had never even heard of Tumblr!

But, after a major restructure robbed me of my place in an organization to which I had sacrificed 8 years of sweat, blood and tears, I found myself adrift and seriously questioning my confidence, skills, etc. Especially after experiencing the soul-gutting cycle of countless job applications, interviews with no feedback, and just plain more rejection.

That was when my good friend, who is a very englightened young man, and my former colleague and employee, recommended that I finish watching MFMM to help boost my spirits. I had started a few eps, but never had the chance to return to it in the midst of my former workaholic life.

So…I binged-watched them on Netflix…and found a new purpose and meaning to my existence that had been seriously wanting. After Phryne flew away in the rusty plane, I couldn’t bear it! I had to find more ways to feed my renewed zest for life and brimming obsession somehow. So, I started to Google episode reviews for lack of any other ideas.

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Hello there! I was wondering how you were, if you were feeling better, and if Sherlock was still getting good care of you! I hope he is!

Oh, hello! I am feeling much better, thank you! Sherlock has been taking such good care of me. He’s very…attentive lol! And very sweet as well <3

We dressed in our Sunday best and went over to John’s yesterday to celebrate Easter with Rosie. Sherlock and I put a basket together for her! Her favorite part of it was this adorable little stuffed bear, customized with a deerstalker on its head haha! Sherlock claims to be annoyed by it but I know he secretly loves it!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

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‘All The Things You Said’ Chapter 7 is up!

I’m not sure if I’m satisfied with this but I hope y’all enjoy it!

prompted by @robinv-ellacott

#6, things you said under the stars (from this list)

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Molly asked, a sigh of contentment leaving her lips.

“Yes,” Sherlock breathed out, but he was not staring at the stars. Molly was unaware of this.

“I love the way they shine,” Molly continued.

“So do I,” Sherlock replied, watching her eyes look up at the night sky.

“Have you ever seen anything so gorgeous?” Molly asked rhetorically.

“Yes,” Sherlock whispered, trailing his lips down her neck, finally grabbing Molly’s attention.

“Sherlock,” Molly gasped and giggled at the same time. “You haven’t even been looking at the stars.”

“Don’t need to,” Sherlock murmured against her skin. “So beautiful.” Molly rolled over on her side to face him regardless of the blush that had spread over her cheeks.

“Are you at all interested in stargazing?” Molly laughed. “If you weren’t, you could’ve just told me.”

“Of course not,” Sherlock replied. “But I am rather interested in watching a certain pathologist stargaze. It’s much more fascinating to see the stars that way.”

“You weren’t even looking at them,” Molly teased.

“The way they reflect in your eyes makes them shine more than usual,” Sherlock commented. “You put the stars to shame, Molly Hooper.” He leaned in for a kiss but Molly pulled away when a droplet of rain hit her nose. One drop turned into ten and not a moment later, it was pouring.

“Of course it would rain,” Molly smiled.

“Ruined a perfectly good night,” Sherlock huffed. But Molly wasn’t listening. She had hopped off of the blanket and ran in the slick grass in her bare feet. She was spinning around in circles, her arms extended out from her sides. “Are you insane?” Sherlock shouted over the sound of the falling rain.

“Absolutely,” Molly giggled. She held her hand out. “Come on, it’s just a bit of water.”

“It’s completely immature,” Sherlock grumbled, though he couldn’t deny how carefree and adorable she looked dancing in the rain. Adorable, Sherlock sneered in his mind. Where did that come from? His feet betrayed him as they moved toward Molly. Before he processed how he was suddenly in her arms, they were dancing a waltz in the pouring rain and Sherlock allowed himself to let loose. They were quickly laughing together like two teenagers.

“This is amazing,” Molly smiled, looking up into Sherlock’s stormy eyes. “See, it’s not so bad being silly every now and then.” His lips were suddenly on hers, the rain adding a new element to their usual passion. The new sensation elicited shivers from both of them as they were wrapped up in each other’s arms. Sherlock lifted her up into his arms, causing a small yelp of surprise to pass Molly’s lips.

“Come on, wouldn’t want you getting sick now,” Sherlock told her with a smile that crinkled the corners of his eyes. He caught them a cab and they rode back to Baker Street in bliss.

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For the "ask me questions" post: all of them. I ask all 100 of them!

oh my goodness haha! here we go then!

1. What have you eaten today? scrambled eggs for breakfast, soup for lunch and pizza for dinner!
2. Who was your last kiss with? Was it pleasant? Sherlock <3 it was very pleasant ;)
3. What color shoes did you last wear? light blue sandals!
4. Who has made you laugh the hardest in the last week? Oh definitely Sherlock and Rosie! She’s so much like her mother because it’s like she can sense when he’s being irritable and ends up throwing things at him lol!
5. What is your favorite scent? how can I possible choose just one!? cherry blossom, vanilla and roses.
6. What is your favorite season? Why? Autumn. It’s so lovely with the leaves changing colors and the crisp air.
7. Can you do a handstand or cartwheel? Not a handstand but a cartwheel? yes!
8. What color are your nails? They were pink but it’s mostly chipped off.
9. If you had to get a tattoo on your face to save your life, what would it be? haha no idea! a butterfly maybe 
10. What is something you find romantic? when someone chooses to remember the little details about me. Sherlock says he has a room in his mind palace especially for me. It’s very sweet. I also find his handwritten love letters romantic <3 we like to write to each other for fun.
11. Are you happy? Very.
12. Is there anything in particular making you happy or sad? A bit of both. For the most part, I am happy with the Baker Street family as I like to call us lol and the fact Sherlock and I will be married in September. As for sad, I still miss Mary of course, her absence is felt everyday.
13. Dogs or Cats? I’m more of a cat person, though dogs are lovely as well :)
15. Which do you prefer:a museum, a night club, the forest or a library? Gotta say either library or museum.
15. What is your style? Not sure how to describe it lol. Practical and casual for the most part, though I do love to dress up for special occasions.
16. If you could be doing anything you like right now, what would it be? Hmm, that’s a tough one! I’m not really sure!
17. Are you in a relationship or single? Engaged to @thesherlockholmes221b <3
18. What makes you attracted to the person you like right now? His good heart, brilliance and sense of humor. I love his eyes especially.
19. If you could replace your partner/best friend with a celebrity of your choice, would you? Who with? Oh no, I would never replace Sherlock. He’s a bit of a celebrity himself anyways :p
20. Are you holding on to something you need to let go of? If so then what? I am. Sometimes I have this fear in the back of my mind that I know is silly to have but it manages to just stick.
21. How did you celebrate last Halloween? I went to Meena’s Halloween party! I dressed up as Alice from Alice In Wonderland.
22. Have you recently made any big decisions? Yes! Sherlock and I have discussed starting a family of our own. Ever since becoming Rosie’s godfather, he has really warmed up to the idea of having children of his own. He said and I quote, “Molly, there is nobody else I’d want to be the mother of my children.” <3
23. Were you ever in a school play? A few in Uni. There was A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Sense and Sensibility and Phantom of the Opera!
24. What movie would you use to describe your life? Oh gosh, ummm…Pride and Prejudice probably lol
25. Is there something you have dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it? Yes but I am on the road to achieving it :)

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‘All The Things You Said’ Chapter 10 is up!

I took this a lot further than I originally planned but I really love how it turned out! Enjoy!

requested by @robinv-ellacott

#12, things you said when you thought I was asleep (from this list)

It had been a long night. The events of Sherrinford had taken a toll on Sherlock and everyone he knows. He had gone to Molly’s flat to explain but she didn’t want to talk about it right away. So, they didn’t talk at all. The two of them sat in uncomfortable silence for a bit and she assumed he would want to use her bedroom for his usual bolt hole. She had gotten up from where they sat on her bed to sleep on the sofa but Sherlock’s scarred hands reached out for her waist to stop her.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To sleep on the sofa,” Molly replied.

“Please stay,” Sherlock pleaded. So she turned off the lamp and curled herself under the duvet, facing away from the consulting detective. Her attempt at being cold did not deter him. If there was anything he learned from Molly’s love for him is that people who wrap a cold shell around themselves just need to be warmed up. So he inched closer, carefully, and wrapped his arms around her, burying his face against her neck. Molly stiffened but soon relaxed, her breath becoming even.

He listened for her breaths and knew immediately she was asleep. There were things he wanted—needed—to say to her; things he hoped she’d let him say. He nuzzled his nose against her neck affectionately. She didn’t stir a bit.

“Molly,” Sherlock whispered. “I am so sorry. I wish it never happened that way but it did. It is what it is. I’m no good at this, but I wish I knew how to make it all better. I don’t want to lose you. So, if you still refuse to talk to me after tonight, this may be my only chance to say it…” He took a shaky breath. “I love you, Molly Hooper, so very much.” He placed a soft kiss against her neck. “It seems it was just yesterday that you asked me out for coffee. Sorry for being so rude to you then. I should’ve taken you up on that offer but I was a bit of an emotionally repressed arse then. I still am a bit of an arse and I’ve no idea why you love me, but I want to thank you for loving me. Where would I be without you?”

He snuggled in closer, if it was even possible. He saw but did not observe. Molly blinked, her eyelashes wet with tears. She had been awake the whole time and did not want to alert him to her state. Molly knew he meant the ‘I love you’ now if the things he said while he thought she slept were any indication.

“Please stay,” Sherlock pleaded once more before attempting to sleep.

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‘All The Things You Said’ Chapter 9 is up!

taking it back to THAT scene from ASiB.

requested by @robinv-ellacott

#10, things you said that made me feel like shit (from this list)

“I see you’ve got a new boyfriend, Molly, and you’re serious about him,” Sherlock deduced.

“What? Sorry what?” Molly asked, flustered.

This can’t be happening. He hasn't—no, oh God, Molly thought.

“In fact, you’re seeing him this very night and giving him a gift,” Sherlock continued.

“Take a day off,” John pleaded.

“Sherlock, have a drink,” Lestrade insisted.

Thanks for trying.

“Oh, come on. Surely you’ve all seen the present at the top of the bag, perfectly wrapped with a bow. All the others are slapdash at best. Must be someone special then,” Sherlock further deduced.

Sherlock, please don’t do this.

“Shade of red echoes the lipstick; either a subconscious association or one that she’s deliberately trying to encourage. Either way, Miss Hooper has love on her mind,” Sherlock teased.

I love you, you git.

“The fact that she’s serious about him is clear from the fact that she’s giving him a gift at all. That all suggests long-term hopes, however forlorn,” he rambled on.

Most definitely forlorn, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

“And that she’s seeing him tonight is evident from the makeup and what she’s wearing, obviously trying to compensate for the size of her mouth and breasts—” Sherlock trailed off after opening the tag on the gift.

Dearest Sherlock

Love Molly xxx

“You always say such horrible things. Every time. Always. Always,” Molly reprimanded him. She refused to cry though it felt like a scalpel to her heart. He looked ashamed, not knowing how to proceed. Then he was stepping closer.

“I am sorry. Forgive me,” Sherlock apologized. He moved closer then. Molly’s heartbeat sped up, unsure of what was about to take place. Should she dare to hope?

“Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper,” Sherlock spoke softly before leaning forward to place a gentle kiss upon her cheek. She closed her eyes to savor the moment, for she’d probably never get this again.

Then that blasted text alert went off. Things got pretty awkward real quickly.

Molly walked home in the snow from the hospital. Sherlock knew Irene from not her face. The answer was obvious to the pathologist. So she came to terms that she wasn’t they type of girl for Sherlock Holmes and she was okay with it. Deciding to love him from afar was a tough decision but she couldn’t help it. She loved him so much and she would do anything for him. Anything he needed, she would be there. Just because he didn’t see her that way didn’t mean that she cared for him any less. Yes, the things he said tonight made her feel like shit but he also gave a heartfelt apology. Sherlock Holmes didn’t do apologies. Ever.

Something changed in that moment. A shift in their friendship was apparent. But what did it mean? Everyone, including herself, was shocked at the apology. Then the kiss happened. Sherlock Holmes did not partake in physical interaction if he could help it. Molly would feel the ghost of his full lips on her cheek for a very long time. She allowed herself to cry silently to sleep that night. She refused to cry again over the consulting detective from the next morning on.

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I wander all the while - Chapter 3 - comeaftermejackrobinson, MissingMissFisher (bokchoynomad) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Woweee…thank you sooo much for the flood of awesome comments and feedback for the first few chapters of our collaborative writing efforts, dear friends!

Fret not, for we have been working hard to bring you this next installment that we hope will help to calm those nerves, save more fingernails from a chewed demise, as well as blood pressure rates to resume normal regularity.

Hope you enjoy this next part…all on Dr Mac’s orders!

Lots of love from us, @missingmissfisher and @robinv-ellacott (a.k.a. @comeaftermejackrobinson on Ao3)
I wander all the while - Chapter 2 - comeaftermejackrobinson, MissingMissFisher (bokchoynomad) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
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Phryne goes to visit Mac in her continued attempts to decipher what is going on…and finds some help from a welcomed quarter.

Yes, the plot thickens…just remember that things are never what they may seem. Especially when it comes to Miss Fisher! Trust us! 

Lots of love from, @missingmissfisher and @robinv-ellacott  (a.k.a. @comeaftermejackrobinson on Ao3)
I wander all the while - Chapter 9 - comeaftermejackrobinson, MissingMissFisher (bokchoynomad) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
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We have been simply overwhelmed by all of your amazing and supportive feedback for this story that has indeed taken on a life of its own as @Comeaftermejackrobinson mentioned. 

We thought initially that it would be a brief sketch, and are so pleased that it has grown into 9 chapters already. 

We hope you enjoy this next installment and will continue to let us know what you think!

Lots of love from us,

@missingmissfisher and @comeaftermejackrobinson (a.k.a. @robinv-ellacott)

*sending lots of Phryne’s forehead kisses to you all*
I wander all the while - Chapter 11 - comeaftermejackrobinson, MissingMissFisher (bokchoynomad) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
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In efforts to soothe all of your fears, we have been writing like mad to bring you this next chapter! The final one is also nearly completed so you can start collectively breathing and dancing again too when Phryne does! Because, of course, she does (well, maybe not when she’ll be too busy snogging a certain someone…but more of that to come…we promise)!

Meanwhile, maybe stock up on some more tissue boxes…just in case!

Lots of love from us,

@missingmissfisher​ and @comeaftermejackrobinson (a.k.a. @robinv-ellacott​)

I was tagged by the lovely @sarcastic-doodle and @stephanniesissues! Thanks, y’all!

List 5 things you love about yourself and tag 10 people. So, in no particular order…

  • my eyes - I just love the dark brown irises I have; reminds me of chocolate lol
  • my intelligence - I probably sound conceited here haha but I love being a smart cookie.
  • my kind heart - giving to others and caring for others gives me immense joy.
  • my creativity - I love my ability to apply my creativity to writing, dancing, musical theatre and more. I like to dabble in all sorts of different kinds of art, even if I’m not sufficient in it.
  • my strength - I admire the strength I have because of the things I’ve been through. In those moments, I thought I’d never heal but I came out stronger than before and I am proud of myself for it.
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I wander all the while - Chapter 4 - comeaftermejackrobinson, MissingMissFisher (bokchoynomad) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
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Summary: Jane sheds some light on Phryne’s puzzling situation.

We are so thrilled by your response to this story that we have begun fearing you… No, not really. We love you all, and the beautiful, encouraging comments you have written for this story. We are posting this now to soothe your fears, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed writing it.

Thank you all once again, you are truly wonderful.

Lots of love,

@missingmissfisher and @robinv-ellacott (a.k.a @comeaftermejackrobinson on Ao3)

I'm baaaaack!!!

Happy Union Day to all my fellow Brits, by the way! And so pleased that for once it’s not actually raining on May Bank Holiday here in the U.K.! 😎

I just got home after being away for a month! Barely survived the red-eye flight back from Toronto during which I managed to write over 2k words for our body swap fic. So we shall post it after @robinv-ellacott has had the chance to beta it!

Have really missed you all and will be with you in spirit when you’re at the Con in a few days! Can’t wait to see all the photos and hear all about it! Please get me some souvenirs!!!!!!!

Big jet-lagged hugs from me! 🤗
I wander all the while - Chapter 13 - comeaftermejackrobinson, MissingMissFisher (bokchoynomad) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
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So… here it is! The final chapter! 

We hope you enjoy it, and that it was worth the tears and the suffering. This is our way to make it up to you for all the cliffhangers!

We thank you all for walking with us along the way, encouraging us with your wonderful comments. We are sorry for all the angst and for all the tears we caused, but we’re not THAT sorry. 

So we’re happy to let you know that we will be posting a new collaboration soon! To be continued…(if you dare!)

Lots of love,

@missingmissfisher and @comeaftermejackrobinson (a.k.a. @robinv-ellacott)
Never expected - By MissingMissFisher Chapter 22 | Archive of Our Own
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Chapter 22 Summary:

Mr and Mrs Jones have afternoon tea with Miss Miriam Rothschild at Tring Park mansion where they learn more clues pertaining to their case.


Today is my final, full day in my Canadian hometown of Sarnia, Ontario before I’m off to Mexico next week for my cousin’s wedding.

So, I had to leave you with something as I’m not sure when I’ll have the opportunity to post anything whilst I’m away (hopefully, @robinv-ellacott and I can still get you another installment or two of our body swap trope fic before then too!)

Thank you so much again for your encouraging and lovely comments for this story, I’m nearly finished writing it and can’t wait to continue sharing it with you. 

Hasta luego for now, mis amigas!
I wander all the while - Chapter 5 - comeaftermejackrobinson, MissingMissFisher (bokchoynomad) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
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As the implications of her situation sinks in, Miss Fisher is determined to enlist assistance from a certain detective inspector…


As ever, thank you for all of your wonderful feedback! Hope this next installment continues to redeem us *cough, @quiltingmom, cough*!

Lots of love,

@missingmissfisher and @robinv-ellacott (a.k.a. @comeaftermejackrobinson on Ao3)

P.S. Can’t remember where I found this gorgeous still shot (is it one of yours @izzyandlouie?), but thank you for capturing this wonderful moment!
I wander all the while - Chapter 12 - comeaftermejackrobinson, MissingMissFisher (bokchoynomad) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
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OK, you’ve all been bringing us to tears ourselves with your touching comments regarding our last chapter! As always, thank you so much for your incredible support and encouragement, we are humbled that our words have been able to evoke so many deep emotions.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…Phryne’s triumphant return!

And since her return would, of course, be quite momentous, we’ve decided to split it into TWO chapters for your reading enjoyment. Hope this next installment brings you some long-awaited smiles and fluffy feelings!

Lots of love,

@missingmissfisher and @comeaftermejackrobinson (a.k.a. @robinv-ellacott)
I wander all the while - Chapter 10 - comeaftermejackrobinson, MissingMissFisher (bokchoynomad) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
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OK, all we’re going to say about this chapter is our continued mantra throughout this story: TRUST US!!! And to remember that we are both “happy ending” girls (especially happy Phrack endings!)

Lots of love,

@missingmissfisher and @comeaftermejackrobinson (a.k.a @robinv-ellacott)

P.S. Oh, and, maybe stock up on a few more boxes of tissues!

P.S. 2: TRUST US!!!