My first casefic attempt: “Someone we don’t fool” (a.k.a. Miss Fisher vs Mrs Archibald Jones)

So…voila! Here it is! My very first casefic attempt is now on Ao3 entitled: “Someone we don’t fool” (a.k.a. Miss Fisher vs Mrs Archibald Jones).

I’m just about finished, but decided to venture forth (with much encouragement from @robinv-ellacott, (a.k.a. @comeaftermejackrobinson on Ao3) to start posting it so I’m not tempted to hide it away forever!

Fic Summary:            

“Having perfected our disguise, we spend our lives searching for someone we don’t fool.”
― Robert Brault

Phryne is hired by an art and antiques dealer friend to look into a case that happens to coincide with an international smuggling case involving Egyptian antiquities. She goes undercover to investigate during a premier antiques exhibit at a large estate home, only to run into Mr and Mrs Archibald Jones.


Set not too long after S2 x 7, Blood at the Wheel, I was inspired to (very loosely) base my story on a real-life Interpol one. My version also includes a dead body because it stars Phryne and Jack after all!

Also, since this is my first attempt at a case fic, please do suspend your logic and forgive me for any crazy plot holes!

Let me know what you think (if you don’t like it, throw soft-filled cushions shaped like cupcakes)!