April 12, 2015
Sunrise as we leave West End, Grand Bahama headed to Great Sale Cay.

Had a good “motor sail” crossing from Florida. Left Marathon Friday 10 April at first light in company with Tom and Karen on Chinook an Island Packet 380. Motored straight into east wind up Hawks Channel and jumped into Florida Straights at Alligator Reef. Seas ran 2 to 4 feet and winds stayed ESE allowing us to use the main for stability. Got up to 8.5 knots in the stream, close to a 3 knot boost. Total crossing was 180 nm. Arrived West End Grand Bahamas 11 am Saturday. We were able to clear customs at Old Bahama Bay Marina, bought our first loaf of Coconut bread (mmmmmm!) and picked up a SIM card for one of our unlocked iPhones. We washed the salt off of ourselves (enjoyed the pool!) and Robinsong and got some sleep.

shavostars asked:

Prince jerkass(Timothy!)

AH YES my precious yet horribly-excluded-from-my-blog fella

Full name: Timothy Chambers

Age: I’M NOT ENTIRELY SURE LMAO somewhere between like 18 and 21

Occupation: He works a bunch of jobs to keep himself out of debt but I guess the most apparent is waiter

Family: Sofie (mother), Alecks (father)
Best friend: Robin! 
Love interest/Ideal partner: He doesn’t really think about it often, but anyone really grounded in reality, and makes him feel relaxed.
How they met: He…doesn’t…lmao no romance in the main cast really
Favourite food: Basically anything to do with breakfast, especially bacon
Hobby: He plays the flute pretty well, and carries his camera with him always
Person they look up to: It’s a secret!
Biggest wish: To stop doubting himself all the time

I wish I could talk about him more, but in-canon he’s really cagey so if I talked about his innermost secrets it would defeat the point a tad aha.

Thanks for asking shavooo :>

phlavours asked:

omg incoming storm of these may come in from but uhh ✕ how does Robin handle Rejection?

Since Robbie’s kind of an odd ball she’s frequently excluded by anyone her age, who just avoid her and try to spare her feelings, though some are more vocal about calling her a nutjob. Even adults are pretty dismissive of her from the get-go.

Generally she chooses the completely healthy method of entirely isolating herself from everyone. That way she doesn’t feel like she’s bothering anyone, and doesn’t even have to be rejected in the first place. She thinks she’s creating an ‘everybody wins’ situation, but doesn’t take into account the fact she’s stunted her emotional growth and ability to form structured relationships of any kind.

Robbie’s by no means a miserable loner, and still keeps a generally upbeat perspective, but she does take rejection badly as a whole - rejecting herself as much as everyone else does. If they’re the majority, and think she’s not worth anyone’s time, it must be true…right?

(I promise her story isn’t as miserable as this - but you basically picked her biggest character flaw lmfao)

April 18, 2015
Boats docked at Leeward Yacht Club in Green Turtle Cay. Of the dozen boats here three are Island Packet 40s like ours (Robinsong, Island Bound, and Tintean). First time we can recall having three of us together. It’s like having our on Rendezvous.