Robinsong, warrior of Fieldclan.

Son of Meadowfur and Batface, brother of Fawnheart.

Robinsong has a curious name, since Robin- is related to brown cats, but Batface and Meadowfur, who were originally from Reekclan before seeking shelter, named their kits with the Reekclan mentality that prefixes are related to personality, not pelt. Stoatstar allowed them to keep one of their kitten’s names to be unnaltered, Robinsong’s fate, but the other needed to be changed based on Fieldclan’s traditions, Fawnheart’s fate.

Although blind, scarred and having no tail, Robinsong is a fierce warrior who, in times of war, is known to shred enemies to little bits. However, they still are a kind and emphathetic cat to their dear ones, and can be very excited to hang out or learn more about others.

Fawnheart, warrior of Fieldclan

Son of Meadowfur and Batface, brother of Robinsong. 

Fawnheart is a kind but anxious cat, who always wanted to be a Curander but lost the place as an apprendice from Tornleg, and while they try to have their mind clear, they can’t stop from holding a grudge against the tom. 

He hates hunting, with their short legs, running is hard for him and he fears of being mocked, so he tends to stay in the camp and help with kits instead. Stoatstar sometimes thinks of making him a queen due to his talent with calming queens ready to kitting.