Adventure Time!

Not the tv show, we don’t have a tv here! But today we did have some real life adventures. Kwao took some of the interns up a waterfall on a hike. It was probably one of the most physically demanding days of my life. Last year Hurricane Sandy did a lot of damage so we were unprepared to have to blaze our own trail up the mountain. All of us on the hike at one point slipped or fell. I fell off a branch and whacked my head on a rock. But I’m pretty sure the bruise on my butt is the biggest (it kinda broke the fall). None of the photos actually show the waterfall or too much of the hike because we were all focused on not falling instead of taking photos! The bottom two photos are after the most tiring part of the climb. It was so nice to sit down and just relax after such a long day. My butt and my head will be sore tomorrow.