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I need a moment. Today at Tampa Bay Comic Con, I had a little girl run up to me screaming “STARFIRE STARFIRE MOMMY OH MY GOSH LOOK!” She told me all about how I was her favorite Teen Titan and how much she loved my show. She kept looking into my eyes and telling me how beautiful they were. I was wearing green sclera contacts, you can see them in he video I recently posted. She also played with my hair and I thought I was going to melt because of the cuteness. When I said I liked her Wonder Woman outfit, she said I should put stars on my shirt since I was from “space and stuff like that.” I told her I’d have to ask Robin first, and she literally squealed. “You have to because Robin’s the leader!! Is he here today too?!” I told her yes, but he was on a secret mission and hiding somewhere.
Moral of the story - whenever you talk badly about the new Teen Titans Go, remember who it’s geared towards. Yes, I miss the titans I grew up with, but I adore the fact that little ones will grow up loving the same characters I do today.

Been thinkin, and , the Teen Titans, when they first meet up in the show- where do they go after? Like- there wasn’t a Titan’s tower. Were they homeless? Did they live in a motel for the like, year it would take for them to build their Tower? What about Money- sure Batman would probably help out, inevitably- but they still need to buy food and shit.
Also, clothing- costumes?
Is it during this tome period that Cyborg realizes he doesn’t have a penis and can just walk around naked?
WhaT happens after the origin episode?
WhAt happens after the origin episode?

Not the best picture of me AT ALL, but I have to tell this story. So this kid and his dad walk past me, and I can tell the kid is avoiding eye contact. I notice that the dad’s wearing a Nightwing shirt, then I see that the kid has a full cosplay, bolas and all. Naturally, I smile and wave. The dad automatically notices me too and says “You’re getting a picture with Starfire.” The kid starts nervously refusing, but the dad kept insisting - “Boy, you are getting a picture with Starfire.” As we’re posing, I start asking him things about how he constructed his cosplay & things of that nature. He blushed insanely the entire time, but could I expect any less from boy blunder himself?