Robin/Raven: Gotten

I’ve been saving
These last words for one last miracle
But now I’m not sure

I can’t save you if you don’t let me
You just get me
Like I’ve never been gotten before

Top 10 ships that never happened/most likely never will happen:
4. Raven & Robin - Teen Titans

Robin: It’s more than that. I can tell. You’ve been inside my mind, remember? Let me inside yours.
Raven: Robin, you know me better than anyone. You should know there are places in my mind you can’t go - where no one should ever go.
Robin: I’m willing to try if you’ll -
Raven: I can’t.

This is unexpected right? Well, this show was like my favorite thing when I was in like 4th-5th grade, and of course I was totally in love with Starfire/Robin and Raven/Beast Boy, but last summer I was flipping through the channels one night and it was on TV so I kind of started watching it again. Now that I’m older, I realize how strong and special the bond between Robin and Raven truly was. Like Raven said, he knew her better than anyone. He always protected her, no matter how much she fought him about it. He literally went to Hell to save her. He always believed in her, and wouldn’t give up fighting for her. Though SR and RB were endgame, I will always believe in RR.