Caption This: Giraffe at the Door

Last week we asked you to use your imaginations, tasking you to caption this surprising image by Your Shot member Robin Moore for our new series on the National Geographic Facebook page. Your brainstorming paid off. From the 1,800 comments submitted, we picked three favorites:

  • “The day Doris found out how wild her husband Harold’s veterinary school days really were.”— Adam Dodgin
  • “Noah says it’s time to go.” — Sullivan Rick
  • “The stork called in sick. They sent me instead.”—Lars Anker-Rasch

And asked the editorial team to vote for their favorite. Drumroll…

“Noah says its time to go.—Sullivan Rick

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Note: New ”Caption This" photos are posted on Monday, and the captioning closes Friday at noon.

Long Lens: Robin Moore, United States

In our Long Lens feature, we ask our members about a long-term project or photo essay they are working on. We want to encourage and discover the passion behind a portrait series or an essay that tells a story or highlights a social issue.

Robin Moore had the good fortune to realize his passions for science and art at a young age. However he was torn between them and chose the path of science. It wasn’t until later on that he realized he could combine his love for biology and art by using photography as his voice. As an International League of Conservation Photographers fellow, he finds that the camera is a very powerful tool to get his message of amphibian conservation across, saying “It’s very hard to get a science message out there sometimes, if you don’t know the language to speak to the audience. I think visual storytelling and photography has a massive role to play to communicate these ideas and concepts, and engage people.”

Two years ago he had a creative yearning to do something conceptual. He met conservationist Gabby Wild and set about creating a series of images to highlight amphibians that would grab people’s attentions. He launched a Kickstarter campaign and with the help of many, including an Academy award-winning makeup artist he used Gabby as the model and transformed her into the frogs she would share the photos with, and the Metamorphosis series was born.

Check out Robin’s new book, In Search of Lost Frogs where he directed a global search with 30 teams to 20 countries to find amphibians species not seen in decades.

See more of Robin’s photos in his Your Shot gallery