Today, I OWNED IT!

NOLA W3D6 called for 4 miles.  I didn’t do 4 miles.  I did 7 miles in honor of Robin’s Birthday.  Today, I got better and here’s why:

Mile 01-   12:41
Mile 02-   14:22
Mile 03-   14:33
Mile 04-   15:45
Mile 05-   15:11
Mile 06-   13:15
Mile 07-   14:38
Total-      1:40:23 (A 7 miler PR too)

Today, I used Gu Gel at the 30 and 60 minute marks.  The second Gu really kicked it into high gear for me.  I was feeling amazing.  My calves were really starting to feel it around mile 6 though (as it usually does).  It’s all good though.

The first 5K was around 43 minutes when I looked down at my watch.  I PR’d my 10K by 3:30ish.  Hells yeah.

Today, I pushed myself.  I have runners high and there was no race.  I feel ontop of the world and it feels amazing!

PS:  I was really scared that I was going to have a case of the smits today.  First time ever because my stomach was no bueno this morning.  I was also afraid of taking the Gu because of that.  But, I can assure you all I didn’t get the smits FTW!

10/35 miles done for Robin’s Birthday!

A smile and a frown....

Got home from work and was anxious to run. Forgot that my wife was leaving for a girl’s night/dress up in PJs and drink wine night out. Her first in 4 years. I never mentioned my run, just kissed her goodbye and told her to have fun. She always says no to these invites so that I’m not “stuck” with feeding/watering/bedtime the boys by myself. I insisted weeks ago she say yes to this one. Then, I promptly forgot about it. I’m happy she went, though. She needs some girl time.

Tomorrow… tomorrow is mine come hell or high water.

Checked the mail pile, and there was a package for me. Inside? All of the awesome things I won in Robin’s St. Jude giveaway/raffle! I won the cycling package. It had an insulated water bottle (which the 15 month old instantly staked a claim on):

There was also a bike gear bag, which was awesome, cause I was really needing one. The 4 year old grabbed it and asked what it was for. I was only half listening to him and said, “You put your junk in it”. I looked over a little while later to see this:

I snapped a pic and asked him why he was doing that. “I’m putting my junk in it”, was the reply. Oooof… Nikki teaches him to say “private parts”. I have no idea where he heard “junk”. I’m going to go ahead and blame my wife for that one anyway.

There were other things in the package, too, but the one that brought an unexpected smile to my face was this:

She didn’t have to do this. But she did. She took the time to send us a card and 2 stickers celebrating my wife and my half marathon at Soaring wings. I was touched.

Robin is a sweet, thoughtful woman and I am so glad my wife and I were able to meet her in person. 

So, although I was disappointed I didn’t get to run tonight, this unexpected package cheered me right up. A big THANK YOU to Robin. You are awesome…..

running for...

I told myself (and no one else) I wanted to run  5K today. I got out to the path and got started. Within a few tenths of a mile I really felt the Chick-fil-a fries I ate at lunch (it was my month to use the coupon, so this is not secret fast food) and the running I did with the kids.

Instead of slacking off my pace, I remembered Robin’s run this morning. Then I thought of what (actually whom) I run for. It’s something I hadn’t actually thought of before.

So then I kept pushing and ran for Robin

for you

for my Jeremy

for those just getting started

for those who can’t

for my students

for all those here who have called me inspiring

for my friends and coworkers that might be inspired

for the pregnant woman who might consider choosing Jeremy and me to care for her unborn child

for our future children

for their children

I thought of all of these people.

Unfortunately, I was forced to make a stop after 2.1.

But instead of heading to my car afterwards, I went back out to the track and ran 1 more. I pushed with every ounce of energy I had left. I honestly don’t think I have ever pushed that hard for that long.

2.1 in 17:20 (8:15 pace)

1.0 in 7:38

The combined 3.1 in 25:08 would’ve been a PB. I’m not there yet.

But I will be.

Tonight's Run was Dedicated to Robin and the kids of St. Jude

I just want to start out by saying, that I kicked my ass at the gym tonight.  I met up with my friend Fatima and she actually started to show me strength training.  So, I did some lifting and some machines.  We concentrated on upper body.  I have no upper body strength.  Whoa!  Don’t ask me what I actually did but I can tell you I did this:

Then Fatima and I parted ways.  She has leg and knee issues so she did the elliptical while I made my way to the treadmill.  I put it on 4.5mph and started going.  I was feeling good 5 minutes into it.  So, I was like “go for the mile, no stopping."  I did.  Mile 1 was done in 13:20.  As I came closer to finishing the first mile, I started thinking about Robin’s post today.  You know, this one.  Earlier when I read it, I got choked up.  Regardless, the post came to me as I was running.  I decided before the mile one was up, that I was going to run for 2 miles straight.  No walking.

I DID IT.  THIS IS FOR YOU ROBIN AND THE CHILDREN OF ST. JUDE.  The struggles that these kids go through is courage in itself.  They were dealt hands that nobody should ever have to deal with.  But, they have no choice.  So, they must be strong.  For them, I was strong tonight.  I wanted to throw up before the end.  But I didn’t.  If you keep pushing yourself, you’ll get everything you want and then some!

2 Miles.  26:40 (13:20 pace).  To you.

And at some point, the excuses and fears will get bigger (too old, too slow, too hot, too heavy, too far off the lead, too unfit). If anyone digs deep enough, they can find an excuse for anything. But only you choose to listen. The only way I’ve gotten ahead in this sport (or life) is to ignore all of that and go after it.
—  Elizabeth “Liz” Waterstraat

“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”
—Sarah Williams

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.” Og Mandino

To Robin, Audrey, and all those who seem to be walking in darkness, keep your head up and your eyes on the stars. Things will work out.

I love y'all.

Today's 7 Miler with 2 Wardrobe Malfunctions and a few Garmin Malfunctions

When I turned on the car this morning, it was 16 degrees out.  Thank God I went to the stores last night.  Thank God I bought the ear warmers.  Thank God I bought the headband.  When I got home, I was just soaked in sweat.  It was great.

I’m not going to bore you.  So, if you’d like to read… take a peek!

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michaeldoeslife replied to your post: Fact

I thought Robin was British.

Robin is a mystery to me. I used to think she lived in Arkansas, because she is close with Rach…but I have more recently figured out that she maybe lives in MS? No idea where….but I don’t really know where anything is there anyways. And she is a student, but she also seems to have some kind of career already. But I could be totally wrong on all counts. And she is really into plants. I think.

 mikeywantsitall replied to your photoTime to rehearse Haydn: The Creation…


What? I actually kind of like it. Had never heard it before going into rehearsal (I know…I should have been more prepared) Unless you are booing that fact that rehearsal is happening at a really annoying time…but that is basically the only time orchestra rehearsal happens for me. Always evenings…

 markicksass replied to your postFact

I thought Drew was Shortmom’s husband. What does this all mean? …

I don’t even know who Drew is…or do I? Hmmm…

Pretty much only posting this for David. Everyone else is pretty cool, though.

In response to Reluctant’s crushes (who is notably absent from my own, but I digress):

“I actually made a crush list that wasn’t my boyfriend’s!”

You’re #1, dude. NUMBER. ONE.

Hey, look what I got yesterday!

It’s the iPod shuffle from Robin’s raffle from her St. Jude fundraising. I asked her not to enter me, but she did anyway, and I won! I can’t wait to use it. (I didn’t get it until after my run, and I’m still figuring everything out.)

Thank you, Robin, for your generosity!

  • runwithrach…thanks for taking all the photos at the MacArthur Park 5k!
  • lifewithkim…congrats on your PR and your medal!!
  • rfgr26…just as amazing in real life as in tumblr life (possibly even more)
  • regainingmymoxy…when is Daisy going to become your vacation cat?
  • robindoesrunning…I see a TRI in our future…or at least a DU
  • josethompson…yay Philly!
  • rivercitysinger…he just ran his first two races ever, in the same weekend
  • jbizzle329…I had to ask Claire what her real name was, and then she told me she really just goes by jbizzle
  • tridad…about to share some pizza and gin, in about 30 mins actually
Marathon Training W5D3

This run is brought too you by St.Jude and Robin!! Yes 140.6!! :)

Thank you so much!! :D This made my day! You guys, I’ve having a crappy week at work and between yesterday and today you guys lifted my spirits! I was on the fence about running tonight!

Tonight Run

3 miles/4.8km





I accidentally hit the stop button near the 2.9 mark. I went to hit the 10mph button and then the treadmill died.. Messed up my pace.

Edit: thank you too everyone in regards to my 1 year post :)