Top 10 Howard Stern Bits Ever

Howard Stern, along with Steve Austin and Al Bundy have molded me into the man I am today. Unfortunately… some… welll… most would say I guess.

If I’m not watching wrestling then I’ll spend most of my down time listening to older Stern bits on youtube or or dailymotion. Howard now is a shell of his former self. I couldn’t imagine beginning to listen to him now. The show is nowhere near where it was a few years ago. It really started to go downhill when he joined and ruined his legacy on Americas Got Talent and before that when Artie Lange left. 

The following are my favorite 10 Stern bits, clips or shows. I’ve listened to them all multiple times and if you are a old Stern fan you’ll appreciate these and if not I’m sure you’ll find some entertainment in the majority of the clips. With no hyperbole at all I could EASILY do 100 clips if I wanted to but since like 5 people will see this I’ll keep it short. My Stern knowledge is unmatched, hopefully one day I can do some trivia on the show and make money or something.

A lot will be multiple parts so if it says part 1 just follow the links when the video is finished to hear the rest of the audio.

10. Gary’s Apology Tape. They gather up a bunch of money and have viewings to screen a tape Bababooey taped trying to get a girlfriend back. We’ve all been there before but this was absolutely pathetic, they clown him relentlessly- Playlist here.

9. Gilbert Gottfried busting Beetlejuices balls. I’ve probably listened to this more than anything. Beetle is the man and Gilbert is probably the funniest guy alive. Hes been on the Stern show more than any guest, I’ve got every appearance on mp3 and the majority are on youtube. Always hilarious when he teams with Artie and ruins Robins newsaws well.

8. Gary Roast. All of the roasts are hilarious and worth checking out. Ralph, Ronnie the Limo Driver, Daniel Karver. Its between the Artie and Gary roast for the best one though. Arties set destroying Sal here though put it slightly ahead.

7. Eric the Midget is in the Whack Pack. Again no hyperbole, I could come up with a top 50 Eric the Midget moments. My Favorite member of the show who isn’t in the studio. Here they have a scientific breakdown of why Eric is in the Whack Pack, bust his balls and he just goes off the entire time from his wheel chair talking shit.

6. Suttering John Gets Fired. I hate Stuttering John so loved him being fired from his radio show. Him ruining Howard’s vacation was a great clip too I couldn’t find.

5. The SS Mund Saga. Ronnie the Limo Driver stays fucking up. He has dozens of awesome freakouts on Youtube, I just randomly grabbed one because they are all so similar. Ronnie is the best.

4. Big Foot becomes a WhackPacker. Artie absolutely losing it here is my favorite, most genuine laughter ever. I Can’t find Big Foot bringing in his band and singing otherwise that would have been in the top 10 as well.

3. Eric the Midget’s demandments. Eric is a 3 foot tall person in a wheel chair. So much self entitlement. He has me blocked on twitter for asking how much he weighs. Here he tries to make 10 assinine demandments in order to continue appearing on the show.

2. Gary Throws First Pitch out at Mets Game. Classic ball breaking, Bababooey always put himself out there as some sort of super athlete and throws one of the most embarrassing pitches of all time. I’m still waiting on the Omaha Storm Chasers to have me out to throw a first pitch.

1. Howard Stern show on 9/11/01. Tremendous radio as thy are just a few miles from where the Towers are. Howard stays on air and broadcasts 9/11 in realtime. Even calling out Osama days before anyone else. This is Howard at his very best and how he handled this along with humor is one of the reasons he became one of my hero’s. The show starts with him talking about almost hooking up with Pam Anderson as they get the news real time and you are there with him and the crew as the gravity of how huge the day becomes plays out. The next day on 9/12 is great radio as well.

Wow, I definitely could have come up with a top 100. Leaving so many great things out, Artie freaking out on Sal, Artie freaking out on Teddie, Sal falling off the Stage, Win Johns Job, Miss Butterface, Artie Drunk in Vegas, Cabbie clips, Jackie Martling clips, Ralph is a shitty house guest, Eric the Midget 0.0 call, Eric the Midget orders a hit. You can probably find any of those by just keying them into a YouTube search. If you listened to any of these and enjoyed some stuff drop me a message and let me know on twitter @hypegotti


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