Robin Hood BBC season 3

I finished Robin Hood last night and I can honestly say it is one of the best complete series I’ve ever watched! I instantly teared up when Robin hugged Much goodbye and then was fully crying when Marian came when he died. My favorite season was the 2nd, because though it was started to be more intense it still had those little episodes with problems that didn’t go with the main conflict. You could really see the development through the 1st to last season, because though Robin was still fighting for the poor in the end it was on a big scale, where he fought for the freedom of all of England to stop Prince John. Gisborne’s character development was so amazing! I was so surprised when he died, but it was such a great scene. I teared up a bit. Allan’s death was horrible. It was so sad, because he died thinking that the gang still thought he betrayed them- those sort of things always kill me (when final words aren’t said)- but I guessed it was going to be the Black Knight and the return of the Sheriff in the end.    But all in all- It was so amazing. Much will always be my favorite character and Jonas Armstrong is now one of my many husbands.  I’m going to go back and watch some of my favorite episode again.

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Robin didn't even get to bury her in England, he'll never be able to see the spot where she is unless he goes back to the Holy Land. And she only pulled the blade out because she knew he couldn't. And they had just finished getting married! He couldn't use his own ring either, because even that was taken from him. Marian was finally free and the man who had caged her in in the first place and stalked her as well as emotionally manipulating her and using her took it all away because she was happy with someone that wasn't him. Plus, this is the second time in the end of the season she has died. Marian deserved better than this.

My favorites couples in TV show, book, films and animes. Order of the pictures.
- Maeve x Sinbad (The adventures of Sinbad) - Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanof (Avengers) - Eowyn x Faramir (The Lors of the Rings) - John Sheppard x Teyla Emmagan (Stargate Atlantis) - Yamato Ishida x Sora Takenouchi (Digimon 1 & 2)

Of course I like a lot of other couples, but theses one are real inspiration for me and make me happy.

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You can add - Marianne and Robin Hood (The new adventures of Robin Hood) but I don’t like the Robin Hood of the season 3-4 and I can’t choose between Anna Calvin and Barbara Griffin as the best Marianne so it’s hard to say. - Zorro and Helena (Zorro) but… They don’t really make me dream, it’s just when I watch the movie, after… Well anyway x) - Castiel and Dean Winchester. They are not official…. But they drive me crazy!!!!! Dhibisygjgvjhfhk DESTIEL!!!!