This is NOT okay (aka yet another Career of Evil post).

So Prince William and Kate Middleton are happily married, and Matthew’s engagement ring is back on Robin’s finger. 


I’m completely crushed. 

Let’s play devil’s advocate for a second and try to look at things from Matthew’s point of view. 

I’m perfectly willing to accept that the situation was tough on him, that he was understandably hurting and overwhelmed by it all, and that Sarah found him at his weakest and most vulnerable. 

But using that as an alibi for inflicting further pain on poor Robin? Especially when his affair with Sarah went on for months behind Robin’s back? Hey, it was just a moment of weakness, when he finally came to his senses he cut all contact with Sarah Shadlock, didn’t he?

No, he didn’t. He took the unknowing Robin on double dates with Sarah and her probably-just-as-unknowing boyfriend, he kept reciprocating Sarah’s flirting and he basically joined her in throwing accusations at Robin… accusations of infidelity, of all things. 

The saddest thing about this is, it’s still so easy for Robin to fall back into the trap of losing sight of her self-worth. When Strike sends her home to protect her (and possibly to protect himself from her), she feels rejected and she clings back to Matthew. It’s so unsettling. 

Meanwhile, Strike has basically admitted to himself that he loves Robin, unsuccessfully trying to delude himself that it makes no difference.

And the crazy limb-cutting serial killer is still out there and has elected Robin to be his next victim. 

So far, this book may be the best in the series but it’s exhausting to read. There’s violence everywhere, both physical and psychological. 

I just finished JKR (aka “Robert Galbraith”)’s “Career of Evil”, third book in the Cormoran Strike series, a little while ago. I loved it even more than the previous two and I’ve been itching to draw the main characters since I first started the series.

So here’s Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott as I picture them.

Do you know what I want from the fourth Cormoran Strike book? I want Robin to make a goddamn friend. A proper female friend in London who is unconnected to either Matthew OR Strike.

In Career of Evil, everyone in Robin’s life was so damn NEUTRAL about her split with Matthew - it’s like they were trying so hard to let her make up her own mind, and to not cause offense, that they didn’t offer any real advice or support at all! Do you know what a difference it would have made if Robin had had a girlfriend who said, “Listen, you deserve better than this asshole. Do NOT disrespect yourself by going back to him. Let’s get drunk and you can crash at my place until you sort your shit out”.

It’s not like I’m trying to say that Robin can’t make up her own mind, I’m just saying that everyone needs someone in their life who is willing to actually be honest about this shit!

When Robin admitted to herself that Strike was her only friend in London, I was super sad - because while I ship them (I ship them HARD, I am TRASH), relying on Strike to perform any sort of emotional labour at this point is a TERRIBLE IDEA for a host of reasons. I’m hoping that he grows as a person and becomes a better source of emotional support for Robin, and I think this needs to happen before anything romantic happens between them - but even if he does grow in this way, it’s STILL a horrible idea for him to be her ONLY source of friendship. It’s a terrible idea for anyone to rely SOLELY on their significant other to meet their emotional needs.

ANYWAY I have a candidate for Robin’s future BFF - Detective Sergeant Ekwensi.

I know that she only appeared a couple of times in CoE, but each time she did the narrative made a point of stating that Robin found her presence comforting and reassuring. She seems to be intelligent and capable, and she and Robin might share an interest in detective work that they could bond over! We know almost nothing about her, but that means that there are so many interesting directions in which Rowling can go with the character!

In short, this series NEEDS a strong female friendship, and I desperately hope that Rowling gives us one soon.

omg i literally just finished “career of evil” and i so canNOT DEAL WITH THAT ENDING i’m so ridiculously invested in cormoran’s and robin’s relatiONSHIP??????? 

So my headcanon is that Strike and Robin are working a case and the plan is for Robin to ply information from a reticent bartender at a club or something (Operation Lowkey Honeypot).

They’d planned on meeting there, and Strike checks his watch cuz it’s not like her to be late. But then he looks up and freezes, his drink halfway to his lips because there she is and she’s wearing the dress. The dress she had tried on in Vashti to get information from a vital witness. The dress she’d been wearing when he first caught a glimpse of useful, how brilliant, how invaluable she would become to his business (and his life). The dress he had given her as a parting gift, but thank God she had stayed.

And he did not remember her looking this good the last time he’d seen her in it.

No wonder Matthew had hated him.

He knocks back the rest of his drink as he watches Robin scan the crowd. When she finally spots him, her eyes light up and she brakes into a rueful grin and the thought flitters through Cormorans head i am so fucked.

Career of Evil. The End. Spoilers.

I’ve finished Career of Evil.

I’m speechless.

It’s all so devastating. 

The way Robin - who is usually so orderly, focused and methodical in following procedures -  acts recklessly to try and save little Angel from that pain she knows so well. 

The way Matthew decides for her and blocks Strike’s number on her phone.

The way Strike has Shanker drive him all the way to Masham just to see Robin - and he’s late and he looks a mess and Robin looks at him while saying “I do”.

Please, please tell me that the priest had Robin pronounce her vows first and she’s not Mrs Cunliffe yet.

… it looks like Rowling likes Book 3 to be a turning point in her series.