Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave ya read The Cuckoo’s Calling yet? You should read it. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead ittttttttttttt.

This is kind of how I pictured Robin and Strike–Robin loosely based off of a mix between Joan from Mad Men and Amy Pond, and Strike based off of John Goodman and a grizzly bear (No, I actually did look at ref pics of grizzly bears).

So my headcanon is that Strike and Robin are working a case and the plan is for Robin to ply information from a reticent bartender at a club or something (Operation Lowkey Honeypot).

They’d planned on meeting there, and Strike checks his watch cuz it’s not like her to be late. But then he looks up and freezes, his drink halfway to his lips because there she is and she’s wearing the dress. The dress she had tried on in Vashti to get information from a vital witness. The dress she’d been wearing when he first caught a glimpse of useful, how brilliant, how invaluable she would become to his business (and his life). The dress he had given her as a parting gift, but thank God she had stayed.

And he did not remember her looking this good the last time he’d seen her in it.

No wonder Matthew had hated him.

He knocks back the rest of his drink as he watches Robin scan the crowd. When she finally spots him, her eyes light up and she brakes into a rueful grin and the thought flitters through Cormorans head i am so fucked.

I just finished JKR (aka “Robert Galbraith”)’s “Career of Evil”, third book in the Cormoran Strike series, a little while ago. I loved it even more than the previous two and I’ve been itching to draw the main characters since I first started the series.

So here’s Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott as I picture them.

I’m a third into Career of Evil and fuck Matthew Cunliffe. 

Thing is, it’s obvious by now that Matthew is horrible, considering how he’s described as not usually imaginative, and let’s face it, the only other character JKR ever described this way is Vernon Dursley.

But fuck, I did not expect that.

On another note, it’s 2015 and I’m reading JKR and having my heart ripped out of me. Nice to know some things don’t change